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Transcript: High water flux for both membrane types Improved fouling resistance Nanofiltration membranes, much more efficient than ultrafiltration to obtain water from textile effluents Next Steps 2 Melt extrusion (non-solvent system) Compression molding Solution casting (mostly used) The Importance of Highly Branched Polymers * Step 2: * Molecular weight control with GPC * Wastewater containing dyes : Color and potential toxicity * Dye removal from colored effluents * * * Order of monomer addition for instance, A over B or B over A ...move on to highly branched polysulfone... The film formation ability was checked out. LPSf (12 wt %) was applied with ~ 5x5 (cm) area. * * Reaction time Polyamide Type Top Layer Thickness Measurement 2 * Infinite molecular weight * Various hyperbranched structures * Low molar mass products before the gel point * Multicyclization products Polysulfone and Functional Polysulfone Membranes in Water Treatment A : B = 1:1.1 Procedure of Sequential Interfacial Polymerization 2 * * Poly(N-vinylpyrolidone) better than poly(ethylene glycol) * DMAc more suitable than NMP Sequential interfacial polymerization Filler Addition Advantage A : B = 1:1 * A compact intrinsic structure * Functional terminal groups * Low viscosity * High solubility * One-pot approach, stepwise polymerization Comparison of the rejection performance 3 Polymer-assisted method of membrane formation Membrane Preparation Difficulties Novel Polyamide Bilayer Membrane ...move on to highly branched polymer... Two polymers are needed. Physically compatible but immiscible polymers in a common solvent What if we do not control the branching? 2 Polyamide and Polyethersulfone Membranes in The Nanofiltration of Reactive Dye-Salt Mixtures Thank you January, 11 2016 A + B Approach To Highly Branched Polymers Step 1: 3 Further Steps Interfacial Polymerization Membrane Types Control: Absorption intensity of carbonyl polyamide group using the equation as follows: * LPSf with Mn: 42742 g/mol was synthesized. Also, membrane thickness is important for PSf. The Importance of Controlled Branching 2 Membrane Preparation Difficulties and The Solution To The Difficulty Macrovoid formation * When a more porous top layer is obtained, the macrovoids formation is suppressed. 3 Advantages of Nanofiltration and Ultrafiltration Membranes . 3 3 th * Merve Biçen * * Suppression of macrovoids * Enhanced mechanical strength & lifetime * Enhanced interconnectivity of the pores: Superior permeability Microporous membranes : Suitable for ultrafiltration & microfiltration Preparation: Phase Inversion

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Transcript: The current student generation find Facebook really interesting. We will use that in our advantage where I will create a Facebook page about the course and make it interesting for the students to participate in. This will create an online community and open lines of communication and feedback. Start ZenWealth Workflow 1. Understand the basic concept of time value of money 2. Be able to calculate present and future values of single amounts and annuities 3. Understand why this concept is important 4. Understand how this could affect their future financial well being Lesson Aim: 1. Introduction 2. Future Value 3. Present Value 4. Annuity 5. Assessment 6. Feedback Lesson Contents: Students will use YouTube to watch videos about Present Value, Future Value, and Time Value of Money. I will create a YouTube channel and get the students to subscribe to it. In the channel, I will compile good videos that talk about the subject in addition to a video recording of the class for students to review. During this phase, students will be introduced to the use of spreadsheets (MS Excel) to calculate time value of money from present value to future value and vise versa. Students will also be introduced to the difference between single amounts and annuity. Time Value of Money Lesson End Learning Outcomes: For students to understand and apply the concept of Time Value of Money To assess student's understanding and open a two way communication stream, I will use Google Drive to share a set of real life situational problems with the students. The students will need to calculate the values required and submit their workings back through Google drive. Facebook MS Excel students will be introduced to Zenwealth online calculator and practice using it after understanding the underling calculations. M. Aljaber

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