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Process Flow

Transcript: *Sunrise Ultimax Asia generates Serial Numbers for the Scratch Cards from the Server *Sunrise Ultimax Asia prints the Scratch Cards *Sunrise Ultimax Asia identifies Stockists in target market areas and distributes the Scratch Cards *Stockists will pre-fund their account that is worth 3 days of their projected sales *Stockists will retail the Scratch Cards to the Customer *Once the Scratch Card is sold, the Stockist will request activation of the Scratch Card from Sunrise Ultimax Asia *Sunrise Ultimax Asia then debits the Stockist's Bond and remits payment to CIS Bayad Center *Stockist will remit money to Sunrise Ultimax Asia to replenish their account 4. CIS BAYAD CENTER, INC. *Sunrise Ultimax Asia validates if the Customer has sufficient amount on his account to cover the Bill to be paid *If No, the System will send a message to the Customer saying: "Your Account does not have the sufficient amount to pay Bill Reference Number xxxxxx. Please reload your Account to enjoy the service. Thank you." *If Yes, the System will check the Amount and Bill Reference Number against CIS Bayad Center's Database, making sure this is a valid transaction *Once the transaction validation is complete, Sunrise Ultimax Asia's System will process the payment and send a message to the Customer saying: "Payment has been received. Your current balance is xxxx. Your payment Reference Number is xxxx." *Sunrise Ultimax Asia's system will mirror the transaction on CIS Bayad Center's C-Panel *CIS Bayad Center will deduct the payment from the Deposit made by Sunrise Ultimax Asia *CIS Bayad Center will remit the payment to the Billers *CIS Bayad Center will remit the Transaction Fee to Sunrise Ultimax Asia 3. SUNRISE ULTIMAX ASIA, INC. 2. CUSTOMER *The Customer downloads Mobile App on his Mobile Device *The Customer procures the Scratch Card from the Stockist *The Customer enters the Scratch Card amount and the PIN to his mobile device to load his account *The Customer chooses Bills Payment on the Mobile App and selects the Biller *The Customer enters the Reference Number and Amount to be Paid Sunrise Ultimax Asia, Inc.-Bayad Center PROCESS FLOW 1. SCRATCH CARD


Transcript: yes no Process Flow Map no KEY: Alternate Process Manual Original Input Expected Delay Automated Database Manual By Hand yes no yes yes no yes quips goes through database to look for model based on customer request no yes Description: First Step in Process. Customers are repeating customers Who reorder every specific time period? How to get more customers? WHO TO CONTACT CONCERNING OUR REPS, WHO TO CONTACT WHO ARE OUR REPS WHO ARE OUR CUSTOMERS CONTACT MORGAN FOR MORE DETAILS quips or micheal Customer/Q PAC interactions Customer/Q PAC Interaction Reps order through quips, a customer user interface for ordering fan arrays. They put in the fan's data into quips: -cfm-static pressure-width,-heigth-power See Customer Needs See Customer Needs Is Custom Part Possible? Is Custom Part Possible? Engineering will go into quest, an engineering tool, to specially design the customer's product based off the data the customer put in through quips Here, engineering will decide whether the custom part is possible. If it is not, the order cannot be done. If it is, engineering will inform the rep/customer order can be completed ***An extra fee associated with custom designs. Customers must decide whether they are willing to pay that fee or not. ***Time cost are necessary to factor in when custom designs are created. Time burden is biggest on production because it requires a physical alteration in their process. Engineering time burden can span from a couple minutes to a few days as their alterations are done through software Quips will analyze the data to see if it describes an already existing fan design. - If there is an already existing design, it is considred standard. -If quips cannot match the data to a fan, it will need to be custom made Standard parts are ideal because they save time and work. Custom parts cost time as the engineering team must consult with the customer to discuss their custom order. Is Order Custom or Standard? Is Order Custom or Standard ? Brief Description: How do customers contact our reps? COMMON PROBLEMS WHO TO BE CONSULTED FOR PROBLEMS. Accepted? Bid/Quote Accepted? Standard Orders: Quotes are created by quips Custom Orders: Quotes are created by quest, and the customer can see that quote through quips when it is available. Rep will create the bid indendpendetn of Q PAC, acceptance of bid is outside of Q PAC jurisdiction Bid/Quote Created Bid/Quote Created Sales emails the PO to Engineering ***Purchase order can only be sent to Engineering by Sales via email. Preferred for Customers to be able to do it directly through quips Sales Confirms Order to Begin Order Details sent from Sales to Engineering (To Address Concerns) Lead times: -Accountable- (Face, Mitchell) -Consult- (Matt) -Responsible- (Face, Mitchell) Sales: Micheal Spikes Sales Purhcase order from customer and submittal from Quips/customer goes to Engineering. Engineering will design arrays, configure control panels, and gather info for work orders (Fan model, number of fans, FLA, MCA) ***See Engineering Designs Engineering sends three emails: 1.) An email to sales entails the quips number, order number, and estimated delivery 2.) An email to the customer entails the navigation details, PO number, estimated arrival 3.) An email to production adds any unique notes (usually for custom orders). Examples include items that are not generally stocked like a backdrop damper While these emails are being sent, Engineering manually enters the order data into Global Tracking which contains all the information necessary to complete a work order (details of jobs, project name, tag, quantity, esd, etc). Work order also manually completed by Engineering which contains any information from Global Tracking and other information that only Engineering has worked with and only has a place in the work order so it never touches Global Tracking ***The Work Order has ten parts each denoting a part in the production process Engineering Finalizing Order Details Engineering Finalizes Order Details (To Address Concerns): Work Order: -Accountable- (Face) -Inform- (Dean, Connie, Edita, Megan, Leon, Mark, Frankie) -Responsible- (Face) Creating Schedule: -Accountable- (Mitchell) -Inform- (Dean, Face, Connie, Edita, Mega, Leon, Mark) -Responsible- (Mitchell) Engineering: Luis, Michelle, Mark Engineering Team Roles Sample Submital Sample PO Sample Engineering Designs Sample Work Order The work order is reviewed by a team in manufacturing. They finalize the work order populating it in accordance to valid input, adding any notes they feel are necessary, and add final touches before it is given to Connie to who will create wire links based on the work orders. Work Order Given to Harnessing Team Work Order Given Topic Some Companies may only order the fan and ask for the bulkhead to be stripped. A very small case scenario, but does happen. Bulk Head Ordered Bulk Head Ordered? Information needs to be double entered first into world tracking then quips. Solution: Reconfigure

Process Flow

Transcript: Online Engagement Measurable time value impact cost Construction related local general Define criteria Start How and where will we look? How will we keep track? Job details Client details L. Generate report (monthly) Win Estimate M. Analyze Report CSR conducts job completion survey Review existing posting documents Find Phone Schedule Online showcase sites Client Requests for estimate B3 Forums Schedule Guide, Schedule, info Workers implement/complete work Estimate Follow-up Process How to interact. The dos and don’t How can we bring value create a relationship? Kijji and other (Free) Create new postings Measurable time value impact cost Richie sends estimate to client content B4 Measure Seo and strategy coming Lost Customers 7.1 to 7.4 Define criteria A. Log in to CRM Interact Find Create email list Define criteria Handy canadian plus 5 more . Who do we want? Location? Type? Measurable time value impact cost Webpostings Call/Email response from lost customers Email Intro Process Flow CSR calls client to get clients feedback on estimate and respond to questions How to interact. The dos and don’t How can we bring value create a relationship? Define criteria Kijji and other (Paid) Interact Measure D. Copy the email template for intro Online directories How and where will we look? How will we keep track? Schedule Create google doc manual with platform specs Track End Define criteria Find Guide, Schedule, info Find Track How and where will we look? How will we keep track? Face book B6 Pick 5 platforms Log into CRM How and where will we look? How will we keep track? Define criteria Measure Consolidate existing posting documents Schedule Create logins Maps Business Directory submission Request for Referral How and where will we look? How will we keep track? Measure Mode of request Create email template Invoice Preparation Process Follow-up with existing clients for work assessment Email intro to our company Schedule Interact How to interact. The dos and don’t How can we bring value create a relationship? Response tracking Who do we want? Location? Type? Commenting posting Track Measure CSR acknowledges/answers the request and gather additional information How and where will we look? How will we keep track? K. Update google spreadsheet Website Create email list Annual Follow-up Update CRM Process H. Store updated list in google drive Key words and pictures package Who do we want? Location? Type? set up accounts How and where will we look? How will we keep track? Pick 5 platforms Create a list of all existing websites for posting Richie does estimate Win Estimate Survey Richie conducts visit to client/job assessment Find Mode of request J. Follow-up after 3 days dd How and where will we look? How will we keep track? B5 G. Update email list Mode of request Track open rates. Two a day Target Content Follow up Get the email list and email template from google drive Measurable time value impact cost Reddit local general Instant chat Create a procedure document Google adds Facebook adds Email Interact 10 Quotes Booked/week YAhoo local general How and where will we look? How will we keep track? How and where will we look? How will we keep track? Communication Strategy B2 Find set up accounts Blogs Track Referral system Why are we doing this? Track B. Get email list and email template Mode of request Admin prepares Contract Payment Monitoring Process Who do we want? Location? Type? End Paid adds Measurable time value impact cost 7.1 Web site C. Select the email address from the list for receiver 5.2 I. Monitor response Interact Content (original) How to interact. The dos and don’t How can we bring value create a relationship? How and where will we look? How will we keep track? F. Send email Who do we want? Location? Type? Interact Track 1.0 Created for specific company types -Video -Company specific note -Tractable Update CRM Measurable time value impact cost Find Job completion survey Process overview How to interact. The dos and don’t How can we bring value create a relationship? Who do we want? Location? Type? Schedule 3 E. Include link of TMR website How and where will we look? How will we keep track? Review existing posting documents Pricing Structure Standards Twitter How to interact. The dos and don’t How can we bring value create a relationship? Overall implementation Steps Strategy Clarity

Process Flow

Transcript: Back end support Invoice Generated PO generated Other support material Ordered placed Shipped in Accounted for Tags Written and kept in registration kit Promotion coupon upload Bug Fix Ordered Placed Shipped in Accounted for Tablet acrylic Standee Green acrylic standee Registration kit envelop Instruction kit Inlays Ordered placed Shipment received Accounted for Tablet prepared OS update Business app installed Other apps disabled Ordered placed and kept in stock Design made for the business Lead generation Cold call / mail Meeting set up Meeting done Follow up Enrollment Agreement PO raised Invoice Cheque Collected Process Flow Dongle Cheque received and deposited Business kit made Tag requirement Standee requirement Promotion offer requirement Event support Collection of damaged tags and replacement Report generation Retraining Trouble shoot CRM Art Work made Ordered given to print Material collected from print Inlay pasted Business kit requirement Design SIM Tablet configured Tags assigned to the agent Marketing collateral Employee - Customer end HR - Admin Collection of logo / count of tags n standee Business kit requirement raised Business kit received Deployed and installed Staff training Employee - Business end Order placed Accounted for Activated Inserted in Dongle Maintenance Accounts Marketing material Set up Tablet Tag requirement Design requirement Bug issues Tags Tag Requirements Tags assigned to the agent Tablet assigned to business Password entered Business key made Dongle prepared Sim cards inserted admin password changed SSID changed Password changed Marketing material

Process Flow

Transcript: 1 Start (1,1) One to More * 1...* or State Diagram Show the possible state of an object (0,n) Many (Zero or More) is an approach that can be used to model all different aspects of software development for object-oriented systems Zero to More Unified Modeling Language One or More Bachman Diagram Bachman Notation James Martin End One or More (Mandatory) (1,n) Class Diagram is a type of static structure diagram that describe the structure of a system by illustrating the system's classes, their attributes, methods, and the relationships between the classes. was a British Information Technology consultant and author. Martin was nominated for a Pulitzer prize for his book, The Wired Society: A Challenge for Tomorrow Activity Diagram Show the business and operational step-by-step workflow of component in a system One and Only one (Mandatory) Martin Notation Zero or More (0,1) Unified Modeling Language or Types: The model is named after database pioneer Charles Bachman, and mostly used in computer software design. One to One Charles Bachman Class Use Case State One and Only one (Mandatory) Zero or One In a relational model, a relation is the cohesion of attributes that are fully and not transitive functional dependent[clarify] of every key in that relation. a certain type of data structure diagram, and is used to design the data with a network or relational "logical" model, separating the data model from the way the data is stored in the system. Process Flow 0...1 One or More (Mandatory) Sequence Diagram Shows the sequence of possible interactions between objects over time is an American computer scientist, who spent his entire career as an industrial researcher, developer, and manager rather than in academia. He is particularly known for his work in the early development of database management systems. His techniques of layered architecture include his namesake Bachman diagrams. One to One Use Case Diagram Describe how the system behaves from the system's user point of view Sequence Activity Component Zero or One

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