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Business Proposal Presentation

Transcript: AI Integration into the Zillow App Overview Today we will discuss Integration of AI into the Zillow app with the potential benefits it could provide for users and the company itself and the potential challenges that need to be addressed in order for a successful implementation of AI. Benifits of AI Integration in the Zillow App Benefits Enchanced User Experience - Personalized property recommendations based on user preferences and behavior patters - Alerts for property listings that match users criteria Streamlined Property Search - Advanced search capabilites including intelligent filters to allow users to refine property searches based on location, price range, and property features and provide the most relevant and desirable properties Accurate Property Valuations - AI powered algorithims that use large datasets and market trends to provide precise property valuations - Updates on property values based on market fluctuations Predictive Analytics and Market Insights - Data-driven insights on market trends, investment opportunites, and property demand - Provide models that forecast market dynamics and property prices Successful Implementation of AI has already happened in real estate to provide accurate forecasts. Startups like Skyline AI have used the AI to build large datasets which are based on rent, vacancy, and capitalisation rates Potential Challenges Challenges Safeguarding User data - Preventing data breaches Algorithmic Bias - Addressing potential biases in the AI algorithms that may lead to unfair treatment, while insuring transparency and accountability in algorithmic decision-making Transparency - Provide explanations for AI recommendations or decisions, and providing an explanation on how algorithms work and what factors influence their outputs User Acceptance and Adoption - User resistance to AI Powered features will exist, Encouraging User trust will be crucial while also insuring a seamless experience with the AI that does not confuse or overwhelm users Implementation Complexity - Integrating AI into and existing system or infrastructure can be very complex and would likely require a phased approach to minimize disruptions. In my research, multiple articles listed one of the main issues of AI being that is lack the ability to understand human behavior which is crucial in the real estate industry in which personal preferences and sentimental value play a huge role in decision making Mitigation Strategies Mitigation Data Privacy and Security - Implement data securtiy measures that include encryption and regular securty audits to help ensure user information is safe and comply with data privacy regulations Algorithmic Bias - Conduct bias testing and audits on the AI models to identify potential biases. - Monitor the algorithmic outputs for fairness and accuracy Transparency - Provide explainable AI models that provide an insight into the decision making process of the AI, while also using different techniques such as interpretable machine learning models User Acceptance and Adoption - Implement user centered designs while also creating user friendly AI feautures - Provide an explanation as to how an AI could enhance user experience and provide the user with more value Implementation - Identify the integration challenges and then hire an AI consultant to guide the implementation process which would likely include a phase type of implementation to allow for a more seamless transition into the AI and reduce disruptions Next Steps By integrating AI technology into the Zillow App, the company can enhance the experience of its users, improve its property valuations, and provide predictive analytics. This would ultimately result in Zillow becoming a leading innovator in its market and transform the real estate industry. AI has the potential to revolutionize the real estate industry but there is quite a few problems that need to be addressed beforehand, such as prioritizing data privacy and security. The cost of such an implementation is also a challenge as it would require upgrades to the infrastructure, training for employees, and resource allocation to allow for the AI to be monitored and address potential issues that may arise The integration would allow Zillow to maintain a competitive position in its market and would also allow the company to leverage its benefits against its competitors Conclusion and Future Directions References Hao, Karen. “Ai Still Doesn’t Have the Common Sense to Understand Human Language.” MIT Technology Review, 2 Apr. 2020, Treleaven, Philip, et al. “Real Estate Data Marketplace - AI and Ethics.” SpringerLink, 20 Apr. 2021, “5 Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Real Estate Industry.” Integrio Systems, Accessed 5 June 2023. Citations

BUSINESS proposal presentation

Transcript: CANADIAN FINANCIAL INSURANCE :MANHAR SINGH BAATH OVERVIEW STRONG PROPOSAL HIRING MORE EMPLOYEES PAYMENTS OR PAYOUTS PUBLIC IMAGE CUSTOMER ORIENTATION SEMINARS INTRODUCTION OF NEW TECHNOLOGY IN INSURANCE STRONG PROPOSAL There should be a strong business proposal for the change of equipments as well as changes in the working system of the company. The proposal should be containing the ideas and changes that should be taken into consideration for the solution of back-log and customer satisfaction, issues. New employees should be hired. Claims department should be recruited with special prioritizing towards old claim . HR should be emphasizing towards the back log which should be cleared. Deadlines should made for the new recruits. Customers should be given priority in regards to the claims. Hiring more Employees A new concept should be introduced which should gave a percentage of amount as a claim payout. This amount should be given a prior help to the claimant who is in the need of an immediate help. PAYMENTS OR PAYOUTS With the introduction of these new changes, there must be a change in the public image of the company. Regular feed backs of the customer should be taken regarding the new changes and suggestions for further activities. PUBLIC IMAGE The prime concern of the company should be customers. Employes should be aware of the fact and should be given education for customer orientation. Regular seminars and meetings should be conducted. SEMINARS New Claim handling software's should be introduced. New method for Data entry should be used by the employee. Effective Techniques for claims and insurance entry as well as communication. NEW TECHNOLOGY Advantages: Company will be flourished with new Techniques and Educated Staff. New method will increase in the time for handling pending claims. Prior payment method will increase the Company brand image. Review and feed backs should be used as a learning methods. ADVANTAGE AND DISADVANTAGES Disadvantages Disadvantages: New technique will put financial pressure on company. Training for the use of new equipments. New concept and new Techniques will require more Man power and expertise. Prior payment method may lead to chances of fraud. Estimated Time for the new changes would be 5 months ESTIMATED TIME 1 MONTH INTRODUCTION OF NEW CONCEPT AND START OF NEW RECRUITMENT TRAINING OF NEW EMPLOYEES INSTALLATION OF NEW SOFTWARE'S AND EQUIPMENTS 2ND MONTH CHECK ON CUSTOMER FEEDBACK IMPLEMENTATION OF FEEDBACK CHALLENGES 3RD MONTH INTRODUCTION OF PRIOR PAYMENT METHOD 4 TH MONTH REVIEW : ON THE NEW INSTALLED SOFTWARE AND EQUIPMENTS. NEW EMPLOYEES AND THERE INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCES. FEEDBACK FROM THE CUSTOMERS 5TH MONTH The most important part of the plan to work is to have a regular check on the plan and gave it proper time to grow. An, authority should be assigned to have a regular check on the objectives of the plan. In case, there is something wrong with software and still there backlogs in the claim sate up, they should be controlled by a manages and supervisor. INSPECTION The end result should be monitored and taken into consideration. Results of this proposed plan is going to determine the future plans of the company. Finally, in case there is a success of this proposed plan, there will be a need for all the employees to be done with proper training of software and new equipments. FINALIZING COST: ESTIMATED COST OF THIS NEW PLAN WOULD BE 1 MILLION DOLLARS. 50% OF THE Amount Will Be Used for new employees and their training. 20% of the amount should be used for software and equipments. Rest 30% should be used for the new method of prior payments in case of severe accident. ESTIMATED COST

Business Proposal Presentation

Transcript: Business Proposal Production Manager Product Quantity Price Cupcakes 1 piece P12 3 piece P35 6 pieces P70 12 pieces P135 Cookies 1 piece P10 Mini cookies 12 pieces P25 Brownies 1 slice P12 Lollicakes 1 stick P5 Advanced promotion strategy Rizaly Luzada Realyn Mae Alvia Emil Philipp De Jesus Maricar Ibarrientos Rafael Jude De Vera Ma. Ina Michilla Felipe Antonin Careme, a Frech chef, was the first one to incorporate art to pastries Cupcakes Group Members Originated from the Mediterranean with paper thin, multi-layered baklava, and filo It was brought to Northern Europe by the crusaders and in the 17th and 18th century, chefs added new recipes Ground Floor of the Bonoan Building Target Market: Proposed Location: Emil Philipp N. De Jesus 1. Research shows that pastry products are widely patronized all over the world. 2. Everyone has a heart for sweets and can appreciate creativity. 3. Some of the researchers have passion for baking. To be Ateneo de Naga's place for sweets and pastries Purpose: Penetration Pricing Add drinks to product offerings According to Global Industry Analysts, global baked goods industry is expected to exceed $310 billion in 2015. * Initial contribution of each partner - Php 2000 Rafael Jude B. De Vera Brownies Partnership Chief Baker Products offered: Vision: Initial Expenses Ingredients P3,500.00 Rent P5,000.00 Packaging P1,300.00 Miscellaneous P2,200.00 Expenses Business Description History Teamwork between partners Means of Addressing Customers: Finance Director Products Cupcakes Brownies Lollicakes Cookies Annual survey of the Philippines Statistics Authority for 2010 about manufacturing establishments showed that 20.3% of manufacturing industries in the philippines produce pastry products. Ma. Ina Michilla T. Felipe Mission: Improved communication skills to attract customers Plans for Future: Operational Plan Rizaly V. Luzada Global Industry Analysts. (2011). Bakery and Pastry Industry Market Research & Statistics. Retrieved on August 6, 2014. No author. Retrieved on August 6, 2014. Philippine Statistics Authority. (February 2, 2013). 2010 Annual Survey of Philippine Business Industry (ASBPI). Retrieved on August 6, 2014. Snicket, L. (1895). The Blank Book. http:// Retrieved on August 6, 2014. Logo References Introduction Marketing and Sales Manager Ateneo de Naga Community Pricing Strategies: Logistics Manager Own pastry shop outside Ateneo Unique Selling Proposition: Core Competencies: So why invest in pastry products? Maricar Ibarrientos Social networking sites Flyers Joining Trade Fairs General Manager Expansion of pastry shop if successful Personal Cookies Quality of products offered Organizational Chart Preferred Business Organization: Realyn Mae A. Alvia Social Media Other innovations to maintain competitiveness To value customer's needs and lead in innovating the products Economy Pricing To serve customers with delicious and creatively designed pastry products To share baking and art skills of the owners Financial Plan Lollicakes

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