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Transcript: Phase 2 Once, we have setup our own fulfillment centers, in those areas, we can offer a prime membership. This would be a subscription service, which gives the members the following benefits: No Minimum Order value for free delivery 2-4 Hours delivery guaranteed Doctor-on-call (for basic medical requirements) Order is routed to the nearest pharmacy Phase 1 Secured platform Current Worldwide Prescription Drug Sales – 980 Billion USD. Worldwide Prescription Drug Sales Forecast to exceed 1.1 Trillion USD by 2017 Low manufacturing costs leading to increased foreign investments Scope & Growth Improved shopping experience Roll out to 2 metro cities, such as Mumbai/Bangalore/ Delhi. Enroll 1,000 stores in our network. Our own fulfillment centers Branding Existing Stores Phase 3 Customer orders the medicine using the application India has a huge middle class population which has grown rapidly from 25 million people to 153 million in the 5 years till 2010. Around a third of the population (34%) is expected to join the middle class in the near future. The middle class population is rapidly acquiring the purchase power necessary to afford quality medicine. Pilot Launched in Kolkata by September 2015 200 Partner stores enrolled. Initial target is to attract 5,000 users to order on our platform. Customer Acquisition Strategy Aggressive Social Media marketing. Deals such as "20% off on first order". Lucrative referral offers. Print Advertisement. Word of mouth. Why m-commerce is the next big thing for India! India is among the top 6 pharma producers in the world and accounts for 10% of global pharma production. Over 3000 pharma companies and 10,500 manufacturing units are present only in India. The Opportunity Internet penetration has increased by a CAGR of 30% from 2007 to 2012. There has been an increase in internet user base and such trend is expected to continue. A significantly high (81%) not using internet population of in 2014 is an indicator of the sector’s huge growth potential in India. Roll out plan Customer Flow The order is packed and dispatched Once we have an established distribution network (app and offline), we can look to further deepen our presence. The next step would be to reach the source of pharmaceutical demand. The doctors chamber. By creating a free application for doctors to maintain patient history as well as create digital prescriptions. We can integrate the prescriptions to link to our application, thus, the patient can order all his medicines, with the touch of a finger. Pharmaceutical Industry Business Model Source: PWC Analysis E Commerce Industry Business Model India's population is currently just over 1.1 billion and is projected to rise to 1.6 billion by 2050- a 45.5% increase that will see it outstrip China as the world's most populous state. Thank you M Commerce Industry Pre-Launch Mobile Internet connectivity Almost 90% of the pharmaceutical market is dominated by branded generics. Top 20 players constitute 61% market share in fragmented domestic market. Rolling out the platform will be done in three phases. The following slides explain each phase in detail. 2. The Middle class population In India The Vision India Market Size and Growth 4. Growth and shift in the Disease Profile Dhanwantary Continuous change in the disease profile With a robust distribution network, and our extensive data, we can market our own brand of generics, giving us a substantially higher gross margin. Existing E- Pharma companies Sasta Sundar 1. Population Explosion 2. Increase in order value 8 of the world's top 25 generic companies are in India. Founded: 2007 Projected Revenue 2015: $8 Billion Projected to have 100 Million users by 2018 1. Growth in Income According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), personal disposable income has grown by 15.8% annually from 2007 to 2012 reaching to USD 1546 billion in 2012. Source : PWC-CII Summit Report 2010; IBEF Finances 3. Internet Penetration in India To, better evaluate this model, let us analyze what our potential competitors are doing. Existing E Pharma Industry Exclusive Tie-Ups To become India's largest Pharmaceutical distribution platform Once we have successfully rolled out in additional cities, we then look to roll out pan India. Along with which, we introduce value added features, which allow us to increase our gross margins, and further enhance customer value. The features are detailed in the following slides: In the world Success Stories Mobile Commerce (M Commerce) is rapidly taking over E Commerce as the de facto mode for online transactions. 39% of mobile phone users in India use their cell phones to buy goods or services as compared to 26% globally The total value of transactions through mobile phones in India grew from Rs7,800 crore ($1.25 billion) in 2012-13 to Rs36,000 crore ($5.79 billion) in 2013-14, according to data from Google and Forrester Research. That’s a staggering increase of 383% in a single year. Once the Proof of Concept has

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Transcript: EFFECT OF HIGH TEMPERATURE AND WATER DEFICIT IN THE PHOTOSYNTHETIC REGULATION IN RICE, WHEAT AND CORN, AND ITS INTERACTION WITH THE BIOCHEMISTRY OF RUBISCO OBJECTIVES 1. INTRODUCTION 2. OBJECTIVES 3. MATERIAL AND METHODS 4. RESULTS 5. DISCUSSION 6. CONCLUSIONS 7. FUTURE STEPS 8. REFERENCES INDEX To evaluate the effects of temperature and drought stresses on the physiological and biochemical responses of the three most important crops world-wide: rice, wheat and corn. This general objective was addressed with the following specific objectives: 1. To evaluate the influence of high temperature and water deficit on the growth and biomass allocation patterns of the three species. 2. To determine the impact of high temperature and water deficit on the leaf carbon assimilation and energy dissipation, with special emphasis to the CO2 diffusion capacity of leaves. 3. To analyze the robustness of Rubisco activity and other related parameters to the effects of high temperature and water deficit, and its relationship with the CO2 assimilation. 4. To unravel the capacity of adaptation and acclimation of rice, wheat and corn to high temperature and water stresses, and its potential consequences in the agricultural productivity of these major crops under the frame of climate change. 5. To survey the effect of high temperature and water deficit in the physiological and biochemical parameters measured in the three species, also was evaluated the interaction effect of the two stresses, watching if these are additive or in the contrary produced independents effects on each parameters.

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Transcript: Assignment 3 Change Project Scope [write your vision statement here] Background In this section provide a 150-200 statement 'backgrounding' the sustainability issue that underpins your change proposal. Key word: Contextualise Useful resources: Thiele (2016, pp.142-) Chapter 7 Culture and Change Christen & Schmidt (2011) A formal framework for conceptions of sustainability UN Sustainable Development Goals Background Sustainability Challenge Sustainability Challenge Identify sustainability challenge (problem, issue) that your proposal is going to address (50 words) Issue examples: too many single use vehicles being driven over reliance on imported food sources Vision statement Write anticipated outcomes as a "to do statement" (create, design, implement...) As a result of this proposal...... alternative...... will be created to....... .... a design for....... ..... will be implemented to..... Vision statement Action plan [Insert a link to your GANTT chart OneDrive or Google Docs probably best choices- timeline of key actions to implement the action. ] On the GANTT chart include: activities to implement the vision statement time frames (estimated) "Why" explanation for action using principles of organisational change. Use the comments on the cell in Xcel - limit this to one sentence per action and use organisational change theory as your justification For example in my one you will see the comments on the first two actions are about collaboration and equity To add a comment in Xcel right click on the cell and add comment Action Plan Feasibility In this section use a SWOT analysis to consider the following: What information do I need? What is the current situation and what alternatives are there? What skills are needed? What do I bring? What else is needed? What people will I need? Who are the key players? (Project partners) What resources are needed? Synthesise your responses and put them into the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats sub-topics. As a result of this SWOT there maybe specific tasks to include in your action plan (GANTT chart) to address issues identified through this analysis. There are many resources online about how to do a SWOT. This is a simple one to get started. Feasibility Strengths Write the strengths of your proposal here Strengths Weaknesses Write the potential weaknesses of your proposal here Weaknesses Opportunities Write the opportunities of your proposal here Opportunities Threats Write the threats to your proposal here Threats Approach In this section describe the approaches that will be needed to achieve the vision statement. Use organisational change principles to explain your approach. (e.g. direct, indirect, individual, collaboration) 150-200 words Approach Stakeholders Identify the 'who' for your proposal to succeed. Identify the significant role these people and or groups will have. Check your SWOT analysis - who are the collaborators? cheer-leaders? fence-sitters? Stakeholders Final reflection Use a separate word document to complete a final reflection that justifies the decisions and choices made in the change proposal linked to literature and examples Conclusion

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Transcript: Industry expertise – not just an “order taker” Certifications Corporate Affiliations SSPC, AWWA, NACE Relationships Contractors Inspectors Technical experts Other manufacturers CORROSION TECHNOLOGY - UNDERSTANDING PERFORMANCE REAL PROJECTS Family owned and operated since 1947 Manufacture over 75 Unique products Wide range of industries with heritage in water and wastewater Dedicated representation throughout the country Focus on corrosion. We do. UV RADIATION WATER TREATMENT WASTE WATER TREATMENT In that order! If either is the wrong fit, your project will suffer. Real World Results More than 30 years in sewer pipe lining with no known failure Decades in water, wastewater, and chemical storage service with drastically increased service life Minor touch ups during maintenance painting rather than removal/replacement Extending the overcoat cycle – thus extending the life of the asset and lowering the total cost of ownership More value for you and your client YOUR CHALLENGE Dozens of Manufacturers, thousands of coatings. How do you choose? EXPERIENCE The penetration and expansion of iron oxide fractures the coating THANK YOU INTEGRITY NEXT STEPS WATER TREATMENT Your coatings partner should be willing and qualified to offer you: Inspection for Scope Design – Including stamped/sealed written reports Product Selection Specification review/writing Contractor qualifications Field/shop oversight The intact film releases from the substrate WE HAVE FOUND A WAY TO STOP THE CYCLE INNOVATION Induron proprietary ceramic epoxies are unique in our industry. The major components of paint Solvent – Keeps things liquid for application, and surface adhesion Binder – Epoxy resin Pigment – We focused here Ceramic Sphere Technology creates these best-in-class results. RESPECT 3rd Generation owner of an Industrial Coatings Manufacturer NACE Level 3 Certified Coatings Inspector SSPC, AWWA, STI/SPFA, DIPRA, IEEE Member BS in Biology, Hampden-Sydney College Adhesion and UV resistance have become commoditized. All major coatings manufacturers have them in equal measure. The amount you get depends on what you want to pay. You already know this. In your experience why do you repaint structures? HOW DOES IT WORK? TECHNOLOGY The sun breaks them down into loose pigments THE RIGHT COMPANY CORROSION OUR MISSION THE RIGHT TECHNOLOGY Put our people and technology to work for you. What projects are in your pipeline? Do you need field surveys? Can we provide specification assistance? Who are your other partners? We can meet with/present to Facility Owners, Contractors, and your peers. Feedback – what more can we do for you? Literally Grew up in the Paint Business Paint Maker & store clerk during summers Outside Sales Customer S How do protective coatings fail? To produce the right finishes for the best long-term results, and to honestly represent them in a technically correct manner. ADHESION RELIABILITY OUR CORE VALUES HOW DID WE DO IT? CORPORATE PARTNERS RUST! | 800-324-9584 INTRODUCTION ADDING VALUE Protecto 401 was successfully used in over 50 million linear feet of 4" - 64" lined ductile iron sewer pipe. OUR PRODUCTS WASTE WATER TREATMENT WATER TOWERS WATER TOWERS

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Transcript: ONBOARDING [All Modules] SALE QUOTATION SALES SALES ORDER/ORDER CONFIRMATION Sales PROFORMA INVOICE How sales works in TranZact and the process how we make your business grow 2x ADVANCED RECIEPT VOUCHER TAX INVOICE CREATE CHALLAN Sales Quotation Creation PRINT How sales works in TranZact and the process how we make your business grow 2x SHARE AMEND DUPLICATE Double click to Create OC CANCEL MARK COMPLETE GENERATE OC/SALES CONFIRMATION CANCEL Sales Order/Order Confirmation How sales works in TranZact and the process how we PRINT SHARE AMEND DUPLICATE ADVANCED RECIEPT VOUCHER CREATE CHALLAN TAX INVOICE PROFORMA INVOICE CREATED ORDER CONFIRMATION ADVANCED RECEIPT VOUCHER How sales works in TranZact and the process how we make your business grow 2x TRANSACTIONS SHARE VIA WHATSAPP/EMAIL PRINT CANCEL PORFORMA INVOICE CREATION How sales works in TranZact and the process how we make your business grow 2x SHARE VIA WHATSAPP/EMAIL PRINT CANCEL DUPLICATE Sales Quotation Creation How sales works in TranZact and the process how we make your business grow 2x PRINT SHARE AMEND CANCEL DUPLICATE CREATE CHALLAN How sales works in TranZact and the process how we make your business grow 2x PRINT SHARE AMEND CANCEL MARK COMPLETE Sales Order/Order Confirmation How sales works in TranZact and the process how we PRINT SHARE DUPLICATE AMEND CANCEL CREATED ORDER CONFIRMATION CREATE WORK ORDER PORFORMA INVOICE CREATION How sales works in TranZact and the process how we make your business grow 2x SHARE VIA WHATSAPP/EMAIL PRINT CANCEL ADVANCED RECEIPT VOUCHER How sales works in TranZact and the process how we make your business grow 2x TRANSACTIONS SHARE VIA WHATSAPP/EMAIL PRINT CANCEL DUPLICATE Sales Quotation Creation How sales works in TranZact and the process how we make your business grow 2x PRINT SHARE AMEND CANCEL DUPLICATE CREATE CHALLAN How sales works in TranZact and the process how we make your business grow 2x PRINT SHARE AMEND CANCEL INVENTORY > Problem Statement PURCHASE > Problem Statement REPORTS > Problem Statement PAYMENTS > Problem Statement

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