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Personal Introduction

Transcript: hodan garbiye queen victoria BERLIN travel diary Seventeen years old I have five people in my immediate family My Grandmother My distant relatives are too many to list. there are alot of people that I look up to, but too many to create a full list. A shiny day in school other LONDON as well as physical education. quick facts technology something sushi music GENEVA i will be in my last year of otherwise known as me. ;D I'm an only child sherlock holmes And my My Mother there are many things i could add here. but if i do, i know i'll get carried away. but i'll tell you, i am an aspiring co-novelist. i love reading, and i love it when it rains heavily but it remains peaceful. perhaps middle school graduation... william shakespeare someone I look up to five in five years. . . my family university. beethoven my biggest struggle in school February, 8, 1995 interests TOKYO Art literature AMSTERDAM around 1:30pm...on a Wednesday. EXTRA years i will be twenty - one. VERSAILLES uncle Born in Etobicoke, Ontario BANG food ROME is.. LIECHTENSTIEN VENICE History MOROCCO an ideal teacher doesn't exist, to be honest. nobody is really ideal. , I do appreciate patience in a teacher. as well as flexibility and compassion. OSAKA however BIG ancient asia I haven't travelled very much in my life. I've never even been on a plane. However, there are many places I'd like to visit. challenges the victorian era MATH shining school moments ideal teacher cake in yoshitaka amano is yet to come. My Uncle My Aunt

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