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Performance review

Transcript: Performance review: quarter 1 By : Asatta Glaspie Reading In this quarter my reading skills have stayed the same. My reflection on this skill is that mt grade went from a 64% in the begining of the quarter to a 77 only because of last minute work that I was eligible for. Goals related to this skill Goals related to this skill are to stay focus on what the class is reading. And to read because my grade depended on. Writing My reflection on this skill is that the first few weeks were difficult because I didn't remember everything I was taught last year so it took time for all of it to come back to me In this period my writing skills have improved because in freshmen year I had a very poor grade in the beginning of the quarter,but in quarter 1 my final grade was a 70. Goals related to writing Become more fluent to the lessons and practice as much as I can. Classwork In this skill I've been more organized and neater. My classwork skills has improved due to copying notes and labeling certain sections of my notebook with two different subjects inside.Notes that are readable and organized. Goals related to classwork Homework My homework skills in my opinion has not gotten better because some of my classes were low C's due to my homework not being completed or not attempted to do it at all which makes my grade go down. My reflection is that I have done a poor job of remembering or completing to do homework. Goals related to : Homework An important goal that I have for homework are to write what I have to do down so I wont forget , and to actually do it at home. Another goal for homework that I have is to ask family members to remind me or check if I have completed homework. Studying habits Reflection:My skills for studying has been better for me but only in the ending of quarter 1. I decided to study near the end of quarter 1, without noticing until I noticed that performance reviews would be coming soon Participation & Collaboration My participating & Collaborating skills have stayed the same in my opinion and takes time for me to understand inorder for me to participate.Also my collaborating with other students has not changed. Goals for: participating & collaboration Goals for participating are to project while in class so my classmates and teacher can hear me speak. My collaborating goals are to get the courage to speak out to others more for partner work. Professionalism My behavior has impacted my learning in a positive way by being able to pay attention since I don't converse while a lesson is being taught. Or bringing my emotions to class leading to disruption.Most of my teachers have noticed this. Humanity Humanity in my perspective looks like helping out another classmate with humility,and showing kindness to others who may or may not know by empathy. Courage Courage looks like standing up to challenges around you and face them with the best of your ability showing persistence and having resilience every time. EXCELLENCE Finally excellence looks like the process of diligence, for whatever your cause or goals are while being patient for the results good or bad. What does it look like for a high school student to embody each of our virtues? For a high school student to embody their virtues they would have to work hard, be humane,and strike up the courage to do what they have to do in order to be successful. One goal for myself for each of these virtues are to follow all them by the best that I can. My goals for classwork is to continue successfully writing notes and being organized.

Review Template

Transcript: Which of the following were stipulations of the deal for Florida? A cost of $5 million B Spain got to keep Texas C Both A and B. D Mexico got to keep Texas. Which of the following was the stipulation for settlers coming to Stephen Austin's Texas settlement? A moral and hardworking citizens B had to become Mexican citizens C had to become catholic D all of the above Which of the following were NOT famous men who died at the Alamo? A Daniel Boone B William Travis C Sam Bowie D Davy Crockett Who was the famous Spanish missionary who started the first California mission? What state was the first to grant women the right to vote? In what city did the Chinese population get so large it became known as Chinatown? What Indian tribe came east to ask about the Bible? Who was the leader of the Mormons that led them west? What was the name of the famous silver mine in Nevada? What was the title for the head of the sheep ranch? What material was used in the southwest to build houses instead of wood? What term meant that all property in a marriage was equally owned by both parties? What is the most widely celebrated Mexican holiday? What was the three part history of the territory of Louisiana? What were the three stipulations of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? What were the three motives that Lewis and Clark had for going on their journey? What were three characteristics of life in the mining camps? What were the Spanish names for the following items of the cowboy's wardrobe: - head - legs - rope What were the Spanish names for the following items of the cowboy's wardrobe: - feet - saddle - body (over garment) What country did NOT own land that was "destined" to be part of the United States? A Britain B France C Spain D Russia What were Protestant settlers from Northern Ireland called? Which of the following was NOT a concern expressed by Americans over the Louisiana Purchase? A It might cause a war with England. B It would be impossible to govern. C It cost too much money. D The act was unconstitutional. List two results of the Great Awakening. What sect was centered in the colony of Pennsylvania? US History Ch 15-17 Review What brilliant theologian became the leader of the Great Awakening in New England? A Samuel Davies B Jonathan Edwards C Gilbert Tennent D George Whitefield

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