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Themed Trip Presentation

Transcript: A PLACE JUST FOR YOU CLAIRE HOLTZCLAW Hidden Romance Romantic destinations are often unoriginal and overdone. A romantic getaway should feel exclusive and seductive, not crowded or cliched. Let me introduce you to some of the most underrated romantic travel sites–places that will be unique to your relationship and feel special for years to come. HIDDEN ROMANCE Otaru, Japan OTARU • Small harbor city in Japan, about half an hour northwest of Sapporo by train • Served as a trade and fishing port since the late 1800s Activity 1 Activity 3 The Canal Walk along the beautiful canal that runs through the city, or take a romantic boat ride. Explore the History Visit the museum, check out the historic railways and buildings, or stop by the local pub and try “Otaru Beer.'' Activity 2 Sow Light Path Festival Runs in early February and features hundreds of lanterns bobbing on the water, lining the canal, and decorating the city. Zanzibar, Tanzania •An archipelago located about 15 miles off the coast of Tanzania. •Consists of over 50 islands and islets–allows couples the perfect seclusion. Zanzibar Islands Activity 1 Snorkeling Enjoy the beaches by snorkeling with exotic fish, laying in the warm sand, or learning how to fish from the locals. Spice Plantations Zanzibar is known for its spice plantaions that harvest over 100 different spices. Try a sip of their local tea made from the spices you help harvest. Activity 2 Stone Town Explore Stone Town: a UNESCO World Heritage site built in 1883 out of stone now full of local traders Activity 3 Oregon Coast The Oregon Coast •A 363-mile coast from the California state border in the south to the Columbia River in the north. •Allows couples not only privacy but peace–perfect if you can't have romance without adventure. Activity 2 Cannon Beach Visit Cannon Beach and ride bikes along the shorline, relax in the sand while admiring Haystack Rock, or go whale spottiing. Activity 1 Hiking With over 70 state parks there is so much hiking to be done. Explore trails that weave through both the beach and the mountains. Activity 3 Site Seeing Now, I normally would not consider this an activity, but the beautiful vistas make site seeing a must. Experince a famous Oregon Coast Sunset, eat lunch on a cliff overlooking the water, or explore the gorgeous mountains with a vineyard tour. WORKS CITED Works Cited

Ocean Sea

Transcript: Ocean Sea By Alessandro Baricco Introduction Fiction novel Love, vengeance, mystery and finding ones own destiny Introduction Redemption Liberation Perfection The Sea 1. Book 1 2. Womb of the Sea 3. Songs of the Return Three Books Elisewin Bartelboom Father Pluche Anna Devera Adams The Children Characters Characters Seeking to find where the sea begins Copper cup that is filled with only sea water Painting a canvas that is continuously white Plasson Plasson Young girl who slipped through the air so that you could not take your eyes off her with a voice so beautiful it sounded like velvet Afraid “Elisewin shall go to the sea. I shall take her there. And if need be we shall stay there for months , years, until she managers to find the strength to face the water and everything else. And in the end she shall return, alive.” Elisewin Elisewin Where the sea ends "Encyclopaedia of Limits to be found in nature” Love letters to the woman he one day hopes to meet Bartelboom Bartelboom Adulterous woman Wandering the shores of the Almayer wishing to be with her husband Anna Devera Anna Devera Hard tormenting shipwreck The only place where he could become whole again Adams Adams Dira who signs in the guests and runs the inn Dood who sits all day long in the windowsill of Bartelbooms room and stares at sea Ditz who listens to the guests as they sleep and reads their dreams Dol who sits with Plasson and helps him look for ships The Children The Children Book 2: The Womb of the Sea Talks of a man who watched him suffer but did not kill him Savigny Savigny Story of abomination Men who were murdered and left to die, of hunger, desperation and madness The sea as a mirror, where truth lays and man can see him true self Thomas Thomas Each character has found their true destiny Plassons all white tomb stone Songs of the Return Book Three: Songs of the Return Bartlebooms Revelation Revelation of laughter Finds peace within himself Rewrite the encylopeida of limits to be a book that never ended Example Revelation 2 "I have never felt more alive than I do now. It is a way of loosing everything in order to find everything" Anna Devera Revelation 3 Thomas finally takes his revenge on savigny, stabs him in the night, and throws him into the sea Climax Climax The perfect infinite ocean that alongside all of the madness that has happened still remains serene The sea that is eternal, as bartleboom comes to prove. Conclusion Conclusion

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