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Neon Presentation

Transcript: Neon Presentation Jaeda Simpson Element Name and Symbol: Name: Neon Symbol: Ne Basic Facts Element Family Noble Gases Atomic Number 10 Atomic Mass 20 Interesting Facts Interesting Facts When, Where, and How was it discovered? When was it discovered? When? Neon was discovered in 1898. Who Discovered It? Who? Neon was discovered by Scottish chemist, Sir William Ramsey and English chemist, Morris Travers. Why is it named that? Why? Neon's name comes from the greek word "neos", meaning "new" Neon can be found in 2 places, the Earth's crust and the Earth's atmosphere. It is considered a very rare element and it can also be produced from a process called distillation. Where is it typically found in the world? Where? Physical Properties Physical Properties What does Neon look like: Neon, under its normal conditions is a very light, inert gas. When it glows it gives off a reddish-orange color. Metal, Metalloid, or Non metal? Metal Non-Metal Metalloid Neon is a non metal. Melting & Boiling Point Melting & Boiling Point Melting Point: -248. 57 C Boiling Point: -246.0 C CONVERSION Solid, Liquid, Gas? This gas is colorless and odorless Neon is a monatomic gas. Density & Hardness Density & Hardness Density: 0.0009 g/cm cubed Hardness: Neon is not hard because it is a gas. 3 uses for this element: Brightly lit signs Television tubes Refrigerant when in liquid form How is it beneficial? Neon produces a very vibrant light that has been used for many signs. Such as when a store needs to let people know if they're open or closed they purchase those signs. I think it is very beneficial to our society. Names for 3 common compounds : Fluorine, NeAr, NeH Is my element important: Yes, I think Neon is one of the most important elements. Neon is also used as a refrigerant which is a chemical used for air conditioning. I think every human needs an air conditioning and Neon is a component of allowing us to have it. Chemical Properties and Uses

Neon Presentation

Transcript: This presentation will let you know: WHO you need to ask for help. WHEN you can come to the library. WHAT you can see inside and the library rules. HOW you check things out of the library. Remember: Free-Flow M, W, TH, F 2:00 - 2:45 NO FREE-FLOW on Tuesday Arranged in Alphabetical Order by first 3 letters of the author's last name. Example Laura NUMeroff or Peg KEHret Arranged by Numbers, then first 3 letters of the author's last name. (Dewey Decimal System) August 26, 2019 Bring the book(s) to the circulation desk and wait in line quietly. REMEMBER Yes, it can be extended for another 2 weeks. Book Welcome to the EEI Library EEI Librarian Always Line Up Quickly and Quietly! Can you renew the book if you're not finished reading it? Weeks Return your book on time. This is a library, not a book store! Treat books and other library materials with care. 8:00 am to 3:15 pm For library use only HOW to borrow books East End Intermediate School Library 2 Kinds of Books You will have to pay the replacement price for the library bound book. Sit properly and push in chairs... NO LEANING! When it's your turn, tell Mrs. Nowlin your Student ID# (lunch number) and make sure your book is scanned and BEEPS! Always speak QUIETLY so you don't disturb students who are reading. HOW to borrow books The library is a fun place when students follow directions! Remove the book from the shelf and put the shelf marker away. You will not be allowed to check out another book until it's returned or paid for. I will send out a friendly reminder, and if you still don't remember, I will notify Mrs. Steinbeck or Mr. Wolfe to see if they can help you remember to return your book! Kinds of Books Kinds of Books: Reference Books Make SURE you give Mrs. Nowlin your Student ID # (lunch number) and scan your book before leaving the library. Always Walk in the library! 1 Non-Fiction Books The library is a quiet place so students like you can read books or study without distractions. You can come to the library during your class activity time or during Free-Flow. Easy Books & Fiction How many books can you borrow? Ask for help if you can't find what you want. I look forward to seeing you in the library! You will have to pay the replacement price for the library bound book. How long can I borrow the book? THANK YOU FOR LISTENING Mrs. Whitney Nowlin Library Expectations: When can I start borrowing? What if I lose or damage a book? What if I lose or damage a book? What if I forget to return the book on time? Please leave food, drinks, gum, and candy outside the library WHAT? OPAC- Online Public Access Catalog WHAT? Always use a shelf marker so you can return books to their proper shelves. WHEN? Grab a shelf marker and then choose a book from the shelves.

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