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Mountain presentation

Transcript: mountains mountains are huge peices of rock with thick glossy coat of bright white snow The world's tallest mountain It was named after the first person who wanted to climb it. This is Mount Everest K2 is the second biggest mountain in the world but it is the hardest to climb of them all. This is K2 The tallest Mountain in Japan It is 12,000 feet high This is Mount Fuji Explorers Peter Athans He is best known for one of the only three non-sherpa to summit Mount Everest seven times. He first tried to climb Mount Everest in 1985, this was not successful. However, he did not give up in 1986, 1987 and 1989 he tried again these were unsuccessful. Eventually, he succeeded in 1990. Joe Simpson Joe Simpson is a modern day mountaineering hero. He broke his leg when he fell down a crevasse, his partner was forced to cut the rope and he was presumed dead. After three and a half days he struggled out even with his broken leg.He got frostbite and lost a number of fingers and toes. He went onto write a best selling book about his ordeal. Edmund Hillary Edmund Hillary was the first person to succsessfully climb to the summit of Mount Everest with his great climbing partner; 'Sherpa Tensing'. He also had to overcome personal tragedy when his wife and 16 year old daughter died in a plane crash. He was always thinking about his next challenge. Even when he was at the top of Mount Everest he was thinking about climbing a nearby mountain. This is Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing by rachel,katie,tommy,dan and mackenzie. Any questions? Mount Everest Mount Fuji K2 Thank you for watching our presentation !!!!! Mount Fuji is an active volcano

presentation mountain

Transcript: once there was a baby named Perseus and his mom betrayed his father and his mothers husband the king put them in a crate and put them in the ocean to sail away. but a fisher man rescued them and his mom died and he brought Perseus to a kingdom to grow up and he went to kill medusa when he was old enough to go and a god gave him tools for his journey he killed medusa and he came up and killed atlas and the creature that was about to kill his future wife so he used medusas head to kill it and he used it against phineus. 1 creature there once was ten suns that rode across the sky in a chariot that they should ride in one at a time.But they didn't listen and set the earth on fire and there kingdom asked the giant archer to kill them so they could grow crops and have water so the giant archer killed nine of them but the mom said leave one child so thats how we have one sun. Greek gods and goddesses video. It tells about greek gods and godesses. The ten sons poor choices Greek god rap Gilgamesh made his people do work for him and didn't help them do the work.So the people prayed to the gods for him to stop his bad deeds.The gods made a creature to stop him named enkidu and they ended up being friends with gilgamesh and they killed the tree monster and a goddess wanted to marry Gilgamesh he said no and the goddess tried to kill him and enkidu insulted the gods and he died and gilgamesh was sad Gilgamesh and Enkidu The adventures of pursues Hippocamp is a mythological creature. video Apollo, ares, Artemis and Athena are gods and goddesses Heroes 2 gods and 2 goddesses The capital of Greece is Athens. 6 random facts. How it came to be 1: Zeus (roman name: Jupiter) 2: Poseidon (Roman name: Neptune) 3: Hades (Roman name: Pluto) 4: Aphrodite (Roman name: Venus) 5: Ares (Roman name: Mars) 6: Hermes (Roman name: Mercury) This is a good god rap video. Below is a map and capital of Rome witch is a mythological country. map and capital of Greece. Nick and Roberts project map and capital of Rome Thank you!

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