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Transcript: MONTHLY BUSINESS REVIEW JANUARY 2020 OVERVIEW BUSINESS REVIEW DASHBOARD - FY2021 Toll Ipec - 76% of OH Sales, ~50% of overall Sales for Jan’21. Sales are approx. flat month to month, although OH sales down 11%, as Multi-user warehouse closure drove an uptick. Allied GM is a correction from Dec’20 (51% GM) - timing issue Drivers on road exceeded forecast by 2. Heavy reliance on Toll Ipec to drive volumes, however we are working to rebalance with Star Track and introduce a new client by end of March. ‘Other’ column is comprised of Aryzta, Josies and VicTas. OH volume is expected to be low for the quarter until operations pick up - new drivers are recruited & trained. Focus is on application architecture and rebrand in Q1’21. Outstanding debtors of $64K relating to exiting business units – expecting to recover ~90%, with remaining likely written off as unrecoverable. Business Dashboard Income by Customer (FY'21) P&L SUMMARY Profit & Loss Summary Income up 88% Y-o-Y, and 47% in OH only. OH is 66% of total Income YTD Jan’21 (7 mths), Net Profit is 13%, 2pts above forecast, driven by Government subsidies. We are on forecast at 11% if we look at OH only. BALANCE SHEET Balance Sheet BALANCE SHEET COMPONENTS PERFORMANCE RATIOS Performance Ratios Highlights: COS as a % of Revenue will trend upwards as focus shifts to OH, however net profit will improve as OpEx reduces. Expecting reduced driver volume in Jan and Feb’21, which will impact EBIT negatively, but we should be back on track late 1Q’21 The spike in OPEX in FY’19 is due to salary distributions at end of financial year. Spike in EBITDA in OCT’20 is due to a major 3PL client activity including two warehouse exit/transfers. As the company dissolves the 3PL business DSO will keep falling. An average of 9 days is a strong result.

Monthly Business Review

Transcript: MONTHLY BUSINESS REVIEW I.T. Department SCOPE Company Internet Usage Our internet usage policy outlines our guidelines for using our company’s internet connection, network and equipment. We want to avoid inappropriate or illegal internet use that creates risks for our company’s legality and reputation. COVERAGE Appropriate employee internet usage Highlights Employees are advised to use our internet connection for the ff: 1. To accomplished their job duties. 2. To search out information needed to improve their work. Inappropriate employee internet usage Lowlights Our employees must not use our network to: 1. Download or upload obscene, offensive or illegal material. 2. Send confidential information to unauthorized recipients. 3. Invade another person’s privacy and sensitive information. 4. Download or upload movies, music and other copyrighted material and software. 5. Visit potentially dangerous websites that can compromise the safety of our network and computers. 6. Perform unauthorized or illegal actions, like hacking, fraud, buying/selling illegal goods and more. Disciplinary Action Action Items Employees who don’t conform to this company internet usage policy will face disciplinary action. Serious violations will be cause for termination of employment, or legal action when appropriate. Examples of serious violations are: 1. Using our internet connection to steal or engage in other illegal activities. 2. Causing our computers to be infected by viruses, worms or other malicious software. 3. Sending offensive or inappropriate emails to our customers, colleagues or partners. All any IT related concern, they should ask assistance from IT Department. Help Items Employees should not deactivate or configure settings and firewalls without managerial approval.

Monthly Business Review

Transcript: Sales is not meeting to TRG by 8.91% and versus LM by 11.28% due to the following reasons: 1. There are no avilable Kiddie Meal to counter sell competitor's (Mcdo Yokai Watch) which should have generated a typical average of Php. 19,550 for 200 regular issuance of toys or .25% to TSLE 2. New Product cannibalization; declined on sales of the following softserve variants: (CM vs. LM) Choco sundae - (1,179) TC or Php. 34,191.00/ 23.19% to Total quantity sold of LM (CM vs. LM) Peach Mango Sundae- (581) TC or 16,849/ 48.38% to total quantity sold LM Sales grew by .31% vs SMLY due to the following reasons: 1. New product performed 20.20% SR or a total of 8,558 TC which generated additional 451,140 food sales. Or 5.99% to TSLE. 2. New snack combination (Flavored FFL + Float) performed an additional .12% sale to TSLE or a total of 98 TC amountinng to 8,820 Peso sales. 5. Due to competitors aggressive move there are unquanifiable sales lost might have incurred. Campaigns on new Specialiazed burger Mcdo supported by "Welcome to change" campaign. Father's day commercial "para sa first love ko" supported by June 19 promo 3pm to 5 pm (1 day promo) "Get 1 FREE 1 PC. CHICKEN MCDO WHEN YOUY BUY A HAPPY MEAL AT ALL MCDONALD'S STORES IN SM BRANCHES" VS. our systemwide promo of father's day special promo of 1 pc Cjoy with float for only 85 pesos. Which only contributed 19,465 pesos/ .26% to TSLE 6. Creditcard sales declined by 2.88% or a total of 1,852.29 vs LM due to defective card readers of several days. Positive Factors and Negative Factors Of CM vs. SMLY Positive Factors CM vs. LM and TGT 3. AC is meeting though declined by 1.38% vs. LM this is due to Products put on hold. Hold from 10 AM to 4 PM June 9, 10 and 11 drink Upgrades - 4,590 Hold of softserve 2 days streak 10am to 9 pm June 13 to 14 - 96,680 Hold on softdrinks and softserve 9,10,11,19,13,14, 25 resulted to lose 37,220 sales on float variants 4. Due to competitors new product softserve variant (Mcflurry Angrybird's Red Cotton Candy, Oreo Matcha and minies) an assumption of Php. 26,092 sales lost on softserve sales. Monthly Business Review Negative Factors CM vs. LM & TGT 3. Dine in transaction peaked at 74.73% vs. Take home 25.12% which affected AC. AC grew by 1.69 pesos vs. LM (176.08) or .96% growth. 4. 65.83% of TSLE came from Weekday sales or A total 4,958,534.92 due to 2 weeks streak weekday payday. 5. Foot Delivery Sales grew by 40,392.37 or 36.78% vs LM . Due to clear target given and consistent plotting of FDS crew.

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