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Mobile App Presentation Template

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Mobile App Presentation

Transcript: Mobile is the fastest growing industry and soon will be bigger than the Internet! Don’t be left behind! No matter what your business is, you can still grow! Saudi Arabia is rated among the top 10 countries that use smartphone applications with 388% growth rate. 30 million apps are downloaded every day. This trend is increasing Now your mobile app is one step away. We are here to help you! Mobile App features Success stories Why mobile? Share jokes on facebook & twitter Cairo Manam Mobile Applications SMO Kitabi Key Features Targeted SMS Amman Jeddah Doha fact Control panel for reporting and adding books We look forward to support your business CMS Prince Turkey St., Al Obeikan Bookstore Bldg., 1st Floor, Office No.3 P.O. Box 2689 Khobar 31952 Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 3 881 4840 Fax: +966 3 881 4820 Uni No.: +966 9 200 02687 Bulk SMS Live support Loool's Key Features Riyadh Shababeek is the first Arab forum mobile app that allows users to communicate and talk in any subject, such as a news, science, religion, etc... Build Strategy Push notifications system Design Palestine St., beside Jeddah Marriott Hotel, Laser Towers, 5th floor-office 506 P.O. Box 65266 Jeddah 21556 Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 2 673 8331 Fax: +966 2 287 0091 Mob. +966 555 691589 We help you grow Tla Al Ali _ Behind the Social Security Corporation _ St. Pierre Haddad, Building No.28-i-3 Tel: +960 6 554 0555 Fax: +960 6 554 0888 C-Ring Road, Gridco 1 Building, 2nd Floor Office No. 201 P. O. box: 2515 Doha -Qatar Tel: +974 44 3216 35 Fax: +974 44 32 16 22 Are you wondering how an app can help your business? Do you want to know where you stand amongst your competitors? Do you need help coming up with creative solutions to differentiate? Distribution How can we help Thank You Mobile Marketing Development Tubli - Office No.24-Building 253 Road 1104-Block 711, Manama Tel: +973 1 766 3212 Fax: +973 1 764 5212 NEW Shababeek 100,000 Download Support In app purchase and 200 Book The Communication Platform Components Banner Advertising Short Codes Al-Wrood St., Al-Oroba mall, 2nd floor, Office 4002 P.O. Box: 18180 Riyadh 11415 Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 1 215 5525 Fax: +966 1 215 219 NEW Fa2eni Qareeb PPC Campaigns PDF Reader The Integrated Digital Communication Platform Three months after the iOS app of Domino's Pizza was released, Domino's reported more than $1 million in sales in a single week. Khartoum Contact us 150,000 Joke OTS is a digital communication platform that helps business and individuals to promote, socialize and communicate digitally, as well as help business grow and stand out in their markets; and deliver products and services capitalizing on human resources through inspiring working environment Fa2eni Qareeb is an interactive social prayers knowledge exchange app on IOS and Android, where users can communicate through sharing prayers, and help others by praying for them. Eltaib Abdallah st.,Al-Manshia plaza Towers 2nd Floor-Flat No: 205 Tel: +249 18 3285 099 Mob: +249 91 2326 449 400,000 Download available on User generated content available on SEO Kitabi's Success Capture images by camera Khobar 22, Dosouk St., Heliopolis P.O.Box 11351 Cairo Tel: +202 241 90 012 Fax: +202 241 90 024 Short No.: 19733 Web Development Loool's Success Location based jokes

Mobile App Presentation

Transcript: Dapper Mobile Apps Who we are dapper mobile apps Dan Hafner Founder/CEO Started back in 2017 "There is nothing you can't figure out and make work inside this technology." Dan Brooke witt Brooke Life/relationship coach since 2020 Creator of Free Happiness First official Dapper Mobile Apps Account Manager Why Apps? Mobile Apps! The future of online business Apps are quickly becoming mainstream Why Apps? Need for information Demand for tools Need for connection Apps are used for everything: Groceries Reservations Networking Education Transportation Why Now? Life has changed permanently in the past 12 months 258 billion apps projected to be downloaded in 2022* Almost 600 million app downloads daily in 2020* Over 50% of web traffic is now mobile The average consumer spends more time using apps on their phone than WATCHING TV... It's about more than just stats... Why Now? Sales Model The Details How does an app help your coaching business? 1 Step 1 Leads More people = more opportunities Social media = difficult Build something once & forget it An app allows you to capture contact data automatically, "tag" users appropriately and grow your list & community on auto-pilot. 2 Step 2 Content/Presence Do you have courses or programs? Online content already created? Video/audio/text content fits this model perfectly If you want to automate your fulfillment and level-up your professional presence, this is how! 3 Step 3 Sales Ultimately, business is about sales Nothing replaces marketing & advertising Do you have multiple levels of offers for clients? Imagine if you had high-ticket programs in addition to low-level subscriptions ($5-14/month) which required zero continuing commitment from you??? How it Works The Nuts and Bolts What's the significance? What is "no-code?" Lower investment (up front & lifetime) Increased speed of launch No Code Ease of change & upgrades Timeline For any app or feature Deploy Problem-Solve Test/Review Iterate sample timeline Idea Build This can be as short as 6 weeks or as long as 6 months... Existing business assets Website Social Media Blogs/Podcasts/YouTube Calendars/Events Funnels Products Paid Content Assets All this can be under one "roof." Tool Vs. Resource Tool vs. resource Why this matters An app as a "tool" Starbucks RunKeeper Flashlight WalMart tool "Does this help me accomplish a goal or desire?" An app as a resource AllTrails DailyQuote Podcasts/Audiobooks Google resource "What is this teaching me?" What's Next? Contact Info "Do It Yourself" Try the Dapper Mobile Apps software free for 14 days. No credit card needed. Get started here: Start For Free "done for you" If this seems great to you, but you don't have the time or technical want-to needed, we can still give you an app! Schedule a 1-on-1 private consultation with us here: Go Deeper Maybe you're ready to join today?! Although we would still like to have a 1-on-1 conversation, you can reference our Pricing packages here: see pricing

Mobile app presentation

Transcript: way to locally and cloud store data GET, POST, PUT, DELETE took a look at similar software Mobile group management app Security Concerns What is the goal of our product? server-side: iterative method access control Assigning Guidelines Tablets and Holo UI Tasks GET Encryption, UserID & APIkey Client: linking fragments TaskMan /project Database Back-end Datastore: from pool of unassigned tasks Backward-compatible Java Android SDK Apache HTTP library (JSON) Classes are broken up by Activities, Utilities, or Adapters GET, PUT, DELETE Follows Holo UI guidelines create the views for phone using fragments Creating the server Server: Return Code: 200, 201, 400, 401... aka research Modification permissions push-notifications from server API - RESTful Examples of similar apps: - Group SMS & Scheduler - Groupme - Group Connect Actions: HTTP Methods: Administrative Console Level Zero Data Flow /project/projectid Entities API Not RESTful Modifiction Times /user/userid Modification Times Emphasis on concurrency, ease of use Software Engineering Methodology /project/pid/task/taskid basic UI skeleton Returning data: JSON, XML Stateless, Client-Server, Cacheable, Uniform Interface - Has a free form design that can be implemented for any type of project REST HTTPS: SSL/TLS, RC4_128 It should be simple and user-friendly, so it relieves not adds stress. And is able to not only track the project as a whole but individual progress as well. What if we make it a mobile app so, it's easy to access from anywhere at anytime? that exists task pool Could create projects/users Server: /CreateUser /Create Project /GetProjects REpresentational State Transfer - what we felt they were lacking Designing the datastore /user Need User ID, API Key Iteration 3 Database/ other requirements: Functional Builtin HTTPS /apikey Google App Engine ViewPageIndicator on phone All Activites load Fragments Google Play Services for authentication ActionBar Sherlock AsyncUtil - Reduce server calls from 150 lines of code to 1 Generic HTTPPut, HTTPPost, HTTPGet, and HTTPDelete calls ability to sync apps across phones/ platforms Garbage collection How we came up with the idea Go Language GET, POST Activity – a collection of views which make up “one focused endeavor the user can undertake” Group SMS & Scheduler Google App Engine Tasks can be marked as either client-side: Static Files server-side: Creating the Android app 3 years old GET, PUT, DELETE Split action bar Create Projects and add users Google userinfo API GET Go Language Group project mobile management app - we took a look at what they did Task Messages/Updates Implementation Using "up" navigation Works on phones and tablets Brainstorming Compiled Language Access Permissions size requirements? Size of screens small, medium, large, x-large? Iteration 1 Google authentication Server Memcache RESTful Systems programming language Stewart, Nate, and Puja Creating the App Why not make something that can make group projects like this easier? assigned, started, submitted, Future Iterations Iteration 2 Keys: Ancestor+ID Security Concerns together for tablet UI By doing this we came up with ways to improve it and came up with our requirements Google Userinfo Access Token Oauth2 Creating Single-pane and Multi-pane Layouts GET, POST HTTP Handlers POST High Scalability Server Access Statically typed /project/projectid/task Any user can assign tasks to themselves - It is meant for a group of individuals working as a team. (It works for anything from class projects to work assignments) Server Activity designs based on fragments client-side: personalized to-do list Create and Modify Tasks The Action Bar Beginning point Resources: /collection/ /element Project Manager can assign tasks and make other users project managers - This tool can be used for more effective on the go communication Users have access to pool of tasks (and task status) Designing the app Requirements due dates 2 2 1 1

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