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Medical Case Presentation Template

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Medical Hypnosis Case Presentation

Transcript: Medical Hypnosis Interview AD is healthy 23 year old with an unremarkable medical history. She is a student at SCNM in her 3rd year. She likes school and is very excited about this medicine and being part of this profession. She has noticed becoming more overwhelmed and stressed since starting to see patients at the clinic 12 weeks ago. She wants learn everything so she can be the best doctor possible to help her patients. She admits she is hard on herself. ROS: Occassionally she has GI upset which she believes comes from a gluten sensitivity as she notices it after eating foods with gluten. She feels bloated, has cramping and notices dry patches of skin with pruritis "cold application makes itching feel better" 30 min hypnotherapy session given using progressive muscle relaxation followed by imagery of a control box for pruritis, cool stream and her skin breathing Patient reported feeling much less itchy in the following week and 2 weeks later reported erythema and flaking is resolved! "feels as if skin is tingling and suffocated Treatment & Results PMH Emily Poccia HPI: AD is a 23 y/o pleasant and positive female PTC with a CC of pruritis and dermatitis like skin rash around her neck and forearms. The itching and inflammation stated 3 weeks ago and is extremely itchy. The pruritis seems to be “non-stop” and scratching temporarily relieves the sensation but leaves the skin drier and flaky. Some skin flakes off with scratching. The pruitits is worse at night especially when she is trying to fall asleep and this prevents her from doing so. She is only getting a few hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. It is a 6/10 for discomfort during the day and 9/10 at night. She also states that she feels more stressed and over whelmed recently especially since starting to see patients of her own in the clinic. Cold application seems to help. She is in distress due to discomfort and lack of sleep, otherwise a healthy and high spirited young women. Physical Exam Mental Status Exam Imagines self jumping into a cool stream Skin: Erythemetous base that is confluent and wraps around her neck with generalized declamation. Papulosquamous and eczematoid. Also seen on forearms. Ideal situation would be to decrease itching, flaking and redness. Feels self conscious about how it looks. The more I think about it the more it itches and the more I get stress out about it affecting my sleep. AD is appropriate weight and height for age and gender. She is a pleasant looking female with clean casual attire. The patient has good eye contact was pleasant and willing to try anything to help her discomfort. Her speech is within normal limits. She has a happy cheerful disposition with good judgement and insight and is just distressed about her skin and it's impact on her sleep. She does seem to scratch often especially when talking about it. CC: Pruritis and Dermatitis

Medical Case Presentation

Transcript: Boulanger David medicine student Medical case presentation Identity Identity Name: Johnson Forname: William DOB: 24th September 1979 Occupation: Teacher (school director) Social status: Married Child: 2 (girl: 12 boy: 8) Live in: Grenoble (France) Symptom(s) Symptom(s) - Dizziness - Headache - Muscle aches - Insomnia - Nausea and vomiting - Irritability - Loss of appetite - Swelling of the hands, feet, and face - Rapid heartbeat - shortness of breath with physical exertion - Coughing - Chest congestion - Pale complexion and skin discoloration - Inability to walk or lack of balance - Social withdrawal Family history (FH) Family history (FH) TIME FATHER: myocardial infarction (67) MOTHER: Diabetes (32) Siblings: NAD Past medical history Past medical history TIME appendectomy (14) tonsillectomy (15) withdrawal of wisdom teeth (18) Broken leg (23) Social history (SH) Social history (SH) TIME Walking Trekking Climbing Swimming Skiing Examination (O/E) Examination (O/E) examination (O/E) examination (O/E) Weight: 70 Size: 1.75 Weight: 70 Size: 1.75 BP: 140/80 BP: 140/80 P: 180 P: 180 Respiratory frequency 20 / Min Respiratory frequency 20 / Min P02: 92% P02: 92% T: 37.5°C T: 37.5°C DIAGNOSIS DIAGNOSIS Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) ? Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) Treatment Treatment Medications : acetazolamide, to correct breathing problems blood pressure medicine lung inhalers dexamethasone, to decrease brain swelling aspirin, for headache relief Other treatments Lower altitude Lower altitude At rest At rest Water Water

Medical Case Presentation

Transcript: O God, that men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away their brains! That we should with joy, pleasance, revel, and applause transform ourselves into beasts! William Shakespeare (1564-1616) British poet and playwright. 48 year old Caucasian female "My stomach is really hurting" HPI 48 y/o lady with a PMH of alcoholic liver cirrhosis, and esophageal varices "My stomach really hurts" She's been having abdominal pain for the past 6 days. Describes the pain as dull (constant and diffuse) 8/10 in severity starting from the epigastrium moving to the lower part of the belly. She feels relief when she lies down and worse sitting up. She also mentions that she noticed gradual distention of her belly for the past three weeks. She denies any nausea, vomiting, weight loss, or fever but notices some swelling in her left leg. In addition, she has recently been experiening some shortness of breath. She has dyspnea on exertion but denies orthopnea and paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea. Of note, she mentions that she had similar belly pain 2 weeks ago which was associated with episodes of bloody vomiting. She went to Eastern Shore Hospital, admitted for upper GI bleed, underwent a panel of tests that included an endoscopy, ultrasound, and ascitic tapping and diagnosed with liver dx. She also mentions that she felt a lot better after that and hoped to get tapping done at SAH. Past Medical History Alcoholic liver cirrhosis Grade one esophageal varices Anemia Hx of thrombocytopenia Anxiety disorder GERD Cholecystitis Alcohol abuse Past Surgical History Rhinoplasty Allergies Acetaminophen (rash) Oxycodone (nausea) Medications Propanolol 10 mg po BID Pantoprazole 40 mg po BID Lactulose 15 mg po Qday Spironolactone 25 mg po Qday Sertraline 100 mg po Qday Clonazepam 1 mg po BID Review of Systems General: Muscle weakness, fatigue, and chills HEENT: No headaches, vision change, hearing changes, sinus troubles, bleeding gums, swollen glands Cardiac: No chest pain, palpitations Resp: Cough (non productive) and wheezing Breasts: No lumps, pain, nipple discharge GI: per HPI GU: No trouble urinating, no pain on urination, no hematuria, LMP was three years ago Extremities: per HPI Skin: No rashes, lesions, or color changes Endocrine: No heat or cold intolerance, excessive thirst or hunger Neuro: No seizures, numbness, or tingling Hematologic: No easy bruising or past transfusions Physical Exam 99.0 T 76 P 18 RR 115/60 BP 97% on 2L nasal cannula Weight: 70.307 kg General: Middle aged lady, in obvious pain but no acute respiratory distress, alert and oriented to person, place, and time. HEENT: Scalp normal, pupils equally round and reactive to light and accomodation. Fundoscopic exam reveals normal vessels, tympanic membranes are normal, oral pharynx is normal, neck is supple, no abnormal adenopathy in cervical or supraclavicular areas, thyroid is normal without any masses. Cardio: No murmurs/rubs, heart sounds S1 and S2 are present. Resp: Decreased air entry over the rt lower lung field, some expiratory wheezing bilaterally. GI: The abdomen is distended and bulging at the flanks but not tense, diffuse tenderness to palpation exquisitely over the epigastrium, Murphy's sign not present, bowel sounds are present, positive for shifting dullness, liver palpable 2 fingers below the subcostal margin, unable to appreciate exact size of liver or any splenomegaly MS: No cyanosis, clubbing, or edema noted. Peripheal pulses in the dorsalis pedis, and radial arms are normal. Skin: Multiple spider angiomas over subclavicular region, face and shoulders Neuro: Alert, oriented x3, CN II-XII intact, power 5/5 all extremities. March 10: Hypoxic requiring 100%FIO2 and PEEP of 12. March 11: Breathing improving requiring PEEP of 5 and FiO2 of 40%. Renal function improving with the CVVHD March 12: Breathing treatment the same, worsening encephalopathy, sedated but arousable, does not follow commands this am, eye opening present. CT of abdmn showed mild ascites, possible ascending colitis. Displaying multiorgan failure. March 13: Family decides to change code to DNI/DNR and request pt to be extubated with pastoral services present. March 14: Pt displays agonal breathing, no longer arousable. On morphine drip for pain. March 15: Worsening agonal breathing, no longer arousable. On morphine drip for pain. March 16: Pt passes away at 6:21pm. SBP Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) is an acute bacterial infection in the peritoneum and severe consequence of ascites. Patients with cirrhosis who are in a decompensated state are at the highest risk of developing spontaneous bacterial peritonitis. Patients at greatest risk for spontaneous bacterial peritonitis have decreased hepatic synthetic function with associated low total protein level or prolonged prothrombin time (PT). The diagnosis is established by a positive ascitic fluid bacterial culture and an elevated ascitic fluid PMN count >250 cells/mm3 SBP Fever and chills occur in as many as 80% of patients.

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