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Maryland Presentation

Transcript: Maryland Maryland Maryland was founded by John Smith in 1608. The reason that John Smith founded it was because it was for a business and he also wanted to incourage the people to be cathlics. Although he wanted the people to be cathlics, the people had the right to believe in whatever religion you want to be a part of. That is a big reason to come to Maryland. You could come to maryaland because when you come here you are given 100 acres for yourself. If you come with a wife, you are given another 100 acres of land. Also for each child you have, another 100 acres are granted to you. for each child under 16, you get an additional 50 acres. Maryland Marylands climate is a humid subtropic region. with hot summers. With cold winters What was it like What was it like The settlers were mostly Catholic but we were the first to have free choice of religon. so you could be what ever you wanted. What is the religion like What is the religion like He claimed the area around Cheasapeak bay for England. Calvert who was the founder of Maryland was requierd to pay two native american arrows, to king Charels Captin John Smith Captin John Smith This is John Smith. The founder of Maryland. This is John Smith. The founder of Maryland. The settlers were mostly Catholic. For every male settler you would be granted 100 acres ofland just for going there. What were the settlers like? What were the settlers like? The colonist who were most likely men used their land on farms to support them selves. Along with being in the lumber business. What was the economy like? What was the economy like? Maryland is an independent state, freemen elected representatives to govern the state. What was the government and politics like? What was the government and politics like? John Smith was the one to think that the state of Maryland would be a land of sanctuary. He had recently changed to catholicism and was wanting to make a safe place Why was it founded Why was it founded

Maryland Presentation

Transcript: Maryland Presentation Collaborators: Martin Garcia, Matthew F. Sawczyn Maryland was originally Chesapeake Bay and it was discovered by John Smith. George Calvert wanted a royal charter for Maryland and asked for one from Charles the 1st. All of this would become The Province of Maryland. George Calvert dies in April 1632. His son Cecilius Calvert then obtains possession of the charter colony on June 20, 1632 The name of the colony came from Queen Henrietta Maria, which was the wife of King Charles I Leonard, who was Cecil Calvert's younger brother led the first settlers who were from Cowes on the Isle of wight and boarded on two ships and reached and landed in St. Clementine Island on March, 1634 in Southern Maryland. Maryland officially became a state on April 28, 1788 Maryland's Origin Start of Maryland Facts about Maryland Maryland is the leading producer of blue crabs and well known for its crab cakes "In April 1649, colonists voted into law An Act Concerning Religion [later known as the Maryland Toleration Act], which granted freedom of worship for all Christians. Although permanently repealed in 1692, the act was one of the first statutes granting religious liberty of any kind and was an important step toward true freedom of religion in the United States", September 14, 1814 the British attacked Fort Henry trying to take Baltimore during the War of 1812 and this inspired Francis Scott Key to write the national anthem. Maryland's size is 12,406 miles and its capital is Annapolis. Maryland's tree is the White Oak, Its flower is the Black-Eyed Susan and its bird is the Baltimore Oriole. Maryland's Motto is Fatti Maschii Parole Femine which translates to "Strong Deeds, Gentle Words." Maryland Facts The war started when the United States went to war in the year 1812 against the United Kingdom. The war was started for a few reasons. One of the reasons the United States declared war was because of restrictions of traded and that helped the Indian opposition against the United States and being humiliated by the British on the seas and humiliation of its honor. The War of 1812 had 2 important known battles, The Battle of Bladensburg and the Battle of Baltimore. During the war many raids took place on the cities near Chesapeake Bay. The results after the war was a stalemate. The sides did not want to fight anymore so they signed the Treaty of Ghent. War of 1812 War of 1812 The Battle of Bladensburg took place on the Patuxent River in which Rear Admiral Sir George Cockburn fought Joshua Barney and beat him forcing him to retreat his ships. Later Major General Robert Ross and his soldiers went to Washington where Brigadier General William Winder was defeated on August 24, 1814. The horrific burning of Washington D.C. took place after they captured it. In The Battle of Baltimore the British went to Baltimore in their vessels and attacked east in Baltimore City at Dundalk but they were pushed back and the Americans managed to defend Baltimore while the United States flag was held high and inspired Francis Scott Key to write the national anthem. Battles of Maryland Notable battles of the War of 1812 Cecilius Calvert was 2nd Lord of Baltimore and was the first one to lead an expedition to Marlyand Leonard Calvert was the first colonial governor of Maryland and the brother of Cecilius Calvert, 1634-1647 Governor Thomas Greene was the second colonial governor of Maryland, 1647-1649 Governor Samuel Ogle was the 16th, 18th, and 20th, propietary governor in Maryland, 1731-1732, 1733-1742 and lastly 1746-1752 Thomas Sprigg was a military officer and also a planter Benjamin Tasker is the 21st Proprietary governor of Maryland. Early Settlers of Maryland Early Maryland Settlers Works Cited Works Cited

Maryland Presentation

Transcript: "Come to Maryland to see where we stand." Colonial Maryland By: Haedden Vereecke, Hunter Hobbs, Skylar Hyatt, and Hope Headley Environment Environment Marland had rich and abundent landscapes of forest and water. The variable mixed hardwood forest formed a tall canopy, which dominated the land. Maryland was home of many animals like elk, bison, passenger pigeons, and black bears. Overhunting in Maryland was resposible for the collapse of fur trading. The Dutch Elm disease, which was introdused in the early 1700s, significantly redused the Elm tree. Maryland Environment Indians are greatly beneficial to us. The Potomac Indians were the first Indians to welcome us. Wee enjoyed the warm welcoming but them coming started destroying the Native Amerian Tribes. We had to elliminate the tribes. Two other tribes of Indians, the Yaocomico and Piscataway taught us to hunt, fish, gather, and many other things that brought us close relationships with them. Indian Relations Indian Relations Indians brought some new things into the world of medicine, which is very limited to us. They brought us many new healing proccesses using, bark, leaves, and roots ot make salves. Native Americans played a big role in our fur trading. They wanted trading to grow, and they urged to learn more. More Indian Relations More Indian Relations Labor Labor Most of the Africans who came to Maryland would be slaves or servents. Even if some were freed, there were significant declines in their freedom, leaving them nothing more than slaves without maters. These Africans worked okn farms and worked with crops. Free Labor Free Labor Life for slaves drastically changed in the 1660's as a result of legislation. Slaves were made to work with farm animals like pigs, horses, cows, and sheep. They were forced to work against their will to grow crops such as tobacco, which is Marylands biggest crop, and rice. Some slaves would also work as carpenters and blacksmiths. Slave Labor Slave Labor Religion Religion Religion in Maryland is pretty Christian heavy. Protestants are the majority of the colonies religion. In 1649, calvers passed the "Maryland Toleration Act" that allowed all Christinians, no matter what denomination, to worship freely. In 1692, however, the Anglican church became the official religion of our colony, and public worship by all other dominations has been outlawed. Only MEN can vote, not women Christians can only vote as well, no Catholics! Sorry The criteria for a voter is: male, adult, free, and a resident of his country. You also have to be in our dominant religious group, and be a freeholder! If you aren't aware of what that is, let me tell you. A free holder is someone who owns land or property that is worth a certain amount of money. Only freeholders should vote since they are the only people with a permenant stake in the stability of society. Voting Rights Voting Rights Children are the most common death rates from us. Our children got Malaria (through mosquitos), from mothers. As our children got older, the life expectancy would increase because of their bodies becoming more immune to diseases. It is very common to die from diseases, but getting older did get you more immune. Death Rates and Living Expectancy Death Rates and Living Expectancy Citations Citations

Maryland presentation

Transcript: Maryland Maryland- the more the marrier. Sanaa Samuel Location and founder Location and founder The person who found maryland was name lord Baltimore in 1788 It also became a state in 1788 Its state is located east of the atlantic ocean which means they have a good source of water to drink, bathe and grow crops. a southern country north of the middle colonies. We had: Cotton which is use to make clothes, frabric etc. Tobacco, bcause its very addictive and it can be use for trading sources Sugar which is use to cook Indigo which is a purple dye. These are all mainly use for trading for objects they can't afford like shoelace etc. Resources We had: Cotton which is use to make clothes, frabric etc. Tobacco, bcause its very addictive and it can be use for trading sources Sugar which is use to cook Indigo which is a purple dye. These are all mainly use for trading for objects they can't afford like shoelace etc. Daily live and childrens educating. Daily live and childrens educating. Boys would be teached Girls didn't have an education in maryland. Instead they worked with there mom, such as cleaning, cooking, and bulding fabric Some men and women were slaves. Men worked as farmers, traders, and hunters. The launguage spoken are english Most people came from england however we do allow other people because the is the place of freedom. Most people move here because you are not the same religon people were possibly killed.w we culdn'tpraise god like we should a Here we have freedom to do what ever we want Religon Religon Government and major cities We did have a government lead by charles mason, and jeremiar dixon They help entablish law with congress to help express YOUR opinion. Our major cities are baltimore, and annoplis. Government and major cities Housing and work cited Made of law resources such as log cabins. Riches live in more elgant houses Maryland's history = Quick facts about Maryland = Housing and work cited

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