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Marketing And Sales Presentation Template

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Sales and Marketing Presentation

Transcript: Ethos Watches Adityavardhan Tiwari N219 Agenda A With more than 50 stores in India and over 50 premium luxury Watch brands, Ethos Watches is India’s largest chain of luxury watch boutiques. They take pride in helping our customers choose the perfect watch for themselves or their loved ones, while protecting them from rampant malpractices in India such as smuggled, fake, and refurbished Watches. Agenda Top Management Ethos in a Nutshell C Company Intro Our Brands Our Brands Growth Strategy B Brief Strength S SWOT Weakness Weakness Partnerships with brands not exclusive: Many of the company’s suppliers work with it on a non-exclusive basis. “As is standard in the watch industry, we have not entered into definitive agreements with our suppliers. They may terminate their relationships with us at short notice citing insufficient capacity due to existing orders by other retailers or internal brand strategies. Business is seasonal and discretionary in nature: The company is impacted by seasonal variations in sales volumes, which could cause its revenues to fluctuate significantly between different quarters in a financial year. “Typically, we see an increase in our business before Diwali and during festive season sales,” Ethos said. Opportunity Opportunity Access to a luxury customer base may allow foraying into other luxury products: “We believe that access to a large number of luxury customers gives us the competitive advantage over our competitors in the sale of our products and driving revenue and profitability,” the luxury watch company said. A large customer base could also potentially pave the way for the company to foray into other luxury products. Threats Threats Risk of international brands selling through their own stores: Due to FDI restrictions, international brands can open exclusive brand outlets only through a joint venture with an Indian partner or through a network of franchisees. If and when the FDI regulations are relaxed, many international brands are expected to go solo and open company-owned exclusive brand outlets. Large retail players foraying into the luxury watches segment can impact Ethos: Ethos faces competition from other luxury watch retailers, both organised and unorganised, and potential entrants. This may intensify competition and affect profitability. The Million Tree Project N We Conserve Time, Together, Let Us Conserve The World This pledge of our support, in partnership with responsible organisations, to plant one million trees over the next 10 years. Starting 2021, one tree will be planted for every watch sold at Ethos To kick-start their Million-Tree Project, they are presently working with the Isha Foundation on their project ‘Cauvery Calling’—a partnership that will last for at least the first 2 years. During this time, they will also gather information on other similar projects that they can support. Next Steps

Marketing Presentation - Template

Transcript: 1. Business Strategy - Formulation, Implementation, Management 2. Corporate Branding - Company Identity, Logos, Corporate House Style, Collateral, Trademark and Patent Registration 3. Market Research – Online Research, Data Collection and Field Work Services 4. Advertising – Online, Offshore (T.V.C’s, Newspapers, Billboards, Viral) 5. Marketing - Digital, Offshore 6. Concept Merchandising - In-house Merchandise, Corporate Gifting 7. IT Solutions - Web Development, SEO, SEM, Viral Videos 8. Maintenance and Support Services 9. Event Planning and Execution for promotion of th brand. 10. Participation in various property and lifestyle expo relevant to Isprava The Team Manager Web Designer Web Developer Copywriter Illustrator Market Analyst Digital Marketing Specialist Understanding of requirement 313s is an IT & Infrastructure corporation dedicated to provide green technology solutions to small/medium sized businesses and giant corporations. We provide you with affordable pricing solutions for your Information Technology needs. Be it Web Development, Software Development or Branding, Marketing and Campaigning your company. Our Services are delivered in a professionally backed by the best work force and experts to devise a solution to your problems. Every aspect of your problem is analyzed and necessary market research is conducted. Consultancy to your company is offered which in turn becomes a medium for both your company and us to understand one in a professional manner along with needs and possible solutions. Application Generating interest among the investors We are an IT and Infrastructure corporation dedicated to give green technology and Branding solutions to all sizes of businesses and corporations. Branding Marketing and Campaigning Online and offshore Advertising Reach out to high rollers and heavy spenders Create awareness among masses Creating Brand Strategy Creating Marketing Plans Copy writing of all content for Isprava Planning and managing yearly and promotional event Creating a media plan for using the right platforms to advertise Proposed Solution Digital Marketing On Social Media Platfoms Blogging and updating groups and pages Video AD's for internet, TV, Cinema Theaters, Malls Audio commercials for radio and trains Creating a brand hype by planning grand events with celebrity performance and appearance. About Three 13 Solutions Generating awareness and curiosity among masses with digital marketing and social media Boosting sales and inquiries for the villa and rate of conversion Our Understanding of Isprava as a brand Isparva is a notable real estate firm Builders of Luxury villas Focused on Design and construction Aim to create the most sophisticated properties Currently focused on Goa Develop an interest and awareness about Isprava and their work Showcasing the beautiful architecture and interior of Isprava Targeting high roller and heavy Spenders Achieving Sales targets

Sales Template

Transcript: Overall reach is longer-lasting vs. Finished Product By the end of the Discovery Phase, you will: Total cost: $100k Have a definitive budget for production DEFINE YOUR WHY It tackles the "why", so to speak, by showing what every athlete dreams of being...and they just happen to be wearing Under Armour. Advertising vs. Forced content Call to action is far less aggressive "That's me. I should do business with these guys?" Have a clear understanding of the style of the video Production DISCOVERY PHASE PRODUCTION PHASE It is a feeling. A brand is more than a name, logo, or look. We want them to relate to what they see. This is the most important part of creating a successful video. This is the part where we are extremely intentional in developing a plan that will drive results. Informs public about a product or service Under Armour "I Will" Campaign Communicates deals and special offers The Drive Media House Way! production phase We work through a two-phase process: VISION? Although this commercial shows a lot of Under Armour product, that's not what sells it. This commercial is successful because it connects with its target audience: athletes. Know what, when, and where we plan to shoot Throughout this phase, we work with you to ensure we are always on the same page. We'll get every piece approved before progressing. By the end of the video, the viewer will understand not just what you sell but what is at the heart of your company Brand development & awareness We want an inner part of them to say: Have a complete and approved script and storyboard How big is your Telling your story OUR PROPOSAL Leads customers to make a direct purchase Boot Country Work Country Marketing When planning CONTENT, we always This is where we make it all happen. Goal is to increase sales in a more direct manner Documentary START WITH WHY. Total cost: $20k -? scenarios/locations -? final videos Relating this to ?, we believe that the key to get your audience in the door is NOT by focusing all of our attention on the "what" (which is ?), but rather on the "why" (which is the lifestyle). Have a fully developed concept and plan for your production Customer engagement Evoke emotion DISCOVERY PHASE for your story as we said, the why is the lifestyle. Downy + Febreze: "The Extra Hour"

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