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Operations Make An Impression

Transcript: 1. Reduce outstanding posters 2. Minimise late posting fees to the business 3. Increase the percentage of campaigns posted on time... Exceeding expectations by providing a better quality of service Close monitoring of poster delivery status will allow live feedback for clients and sales High level of responsiveness Posters arrive at depots on time Campaigns are posted on time Late posting fees are avoided Clients, depots and specialists are happier “I personally like it & find it more relevant to the direct team.” - Sales The Dream “Yes, your additional chases made a great difference here with a massive reduction [...] on a whole much better. Thanks to all your team. It does make a difference.”- Contractor “I personally like it & find it more relevant to the direct team.” - Sales Original Process “I liked it! It was nice to speak to one of the team instead of just getting a general email. Keep those changes I say :)" - Sales “I think it’s a great idea – it gives me a reminder to chase clients before the pressure is on the following week!”- Sales “Yes, this has definitely helped – it’s not irritating at all [...] would be useful to keep this going forward :)” - Sales Trial Process Operations Make An Impression The proposal... Short term: More time and resource to be allocated specifically to poster chasing Medium term Recruiting for a sole ‘poster chasing’ role - either full or part-time Long term: All printers to use a portal / ticketing system to provide live information relating to the ‘journey of the poster’ Ensure every printer and media owner subscribes to a more automated poster chasing process poster chasing process Man hours: approx 20 hours per week Man hours: approx 30 hours per week Man hours: under 10 hours per week results 71% 62% 22% Tuesday: Wednesday: Friday: 20% 29% 9% Tuesday: Wednesday: Friday: £47,000 £200,000 24% 31,200 late posters YTD IMPACT TESTIMONIALS Challenges solutions 1. Employ dedicated poster chaser / create an automated process via a portal / ticketing system 2. Demonstrate benefits of results and cost savings across the industry 3. Cost balances with man hours and late posting fees saved 1. Increase in workload and man hours 2. The industry not ‘buying into the process’ 3. The cost of the portal stand out story Blue Tiger Marketing Now Media Our Results 3 Pillars... Smarter impressions Generating new thinking across the business and industry to enhance responsiveness of poster chasing Long term - smarter reporting and monitoring of poster chasing summary Identified issue with poster chasing Time consuming , Costly Trial focus on direct sales for 2 incharges More proactive Positive results Reduction in late posters and fees, positive impact sales and contractors Challenges Man hours, only tested small sample next steps... Look into maintaining and amplifying results Look into rolling out an agreed process to specialists as well as direct sales, and ultimately, the industry thank you... . talon Objectives... posterscope Reduction in number of late posters arriving at depots Reduction in late poster enquiries from the depots Reduction in late posting fees Increase % of campaigns posted on time By making an impression on direct sales we have created an opportunity to focus on specialists Relationship building with direct sales team/improved company visibility for Operations department Quality impressions Delivered impressions

Make a good impression

Transcript: 1) I've bought quite a few self help books over the past few months 2) I've read about 150 pages so far 3) During the last couple of weeks I've actually been trying out some of Carnegie's suggestions. 4) Up until now, I've never really had any contact with the guy in the ticket office 7) How long have you been coming to this school? Overhear - To accidentally hear what other people are saying without their knowledge. Review the past simple and present perfect Communication vocabulary Time expressions Make eye contact - When two people look into each other's eyes at the same time The PP is used because the event (reading the book) started in the past but is continuing to happen. 2) How old were you when you had your first English lesson? Grumble (about) - Complain about something B: I've read lots of his books since I've become unemployed. We use the PP and PPC to talk about things that connect the past and the present. 3) A: Since Ann suggested this one, I've read a couple of his other books 2) A: I read it during the summer holidays 1a. Review Beauty Compare your answers with a partner. Do you agree with each other? Things to remember Write about yourself Eavesdrop - Intentionally listen to other's conversations When do we use the present perfect, present perfect continuous, and past simple? Things to remember When and why do we use the Past Simple and the Past Perfect? B: I've read a lot of books during the past month. The PP is used because the event (being unemployed) is continuing to happen. Check the answers that you agree with. If you don't agree, make the statement true for you Write sentences about things you have read or done recently. Use the PS or PP with these time expressions done by many people Tell your partner 5) Have you ever read a novel that was written in English? Focus of this lesson Make a good impression sense of humor Come into contact with - Be in communication with people or ideas Liked The PP is used because the time period (during the past month) is still continuing. Bicker - Argue about unimportant matters The PS is used because the event (reading the item) was completed at a definite time in the past. 6) Have you seen any films in English recently? Who do you think is popular? Time expressions with the Past Simple and Present Perfect The PS is used after "since" because the event (Ann's suggestion) was completed at a definite time in the past Butt in - To interupt someone who is talking 2b design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi kindness 4) Did you have to write anything in English last month? Gossip - To talk about other people's private lives. Accepted What makes someone popular? B: As soon as I've finished reading it, I'm going to give it to my brother. Vocabulary: Check for understanding Followed We use the past simple with definite time expressions in the past (yesterday, a few weeks ago, last year, etc.). used We use the past simple for: a single completed action in the past a repeated action or habit in the past a state in the past certain time expressions The following time expressions are used with both the PPC and the PS (for, since, just, yet, already, still, ever, never, recently, and lately) After "as soon as" the PP refers to future events We can replace "as soon as" with "once/when/after". (I will lend it to you once I have finished it.) We can use either "during" or "in" + the last few days/weeks, etc. We can use "up until now" and "until/till/up to + now" : I've written four pages up to now 4) A: As soon as I finished reading it, I gave it to my brother. * Witter (on) - Talk about unimportant things for a long time 3) When was the last time you spoke English outside of class? Think of someone (not in the class) who is popular Why is he/she popular? Write five reasons * Chat (sb) up - To talk to somebody in a way that shows them that you are sexually attracted to them. Help with grammar Intervene - To get involved in a difficult situation in order to help Tell your partner about the person you chose Are there any similarities in why that person is popular? Agree on three important communication skills that make someone popular The PS is used because the the event (reading the book) was completed at a definite time in the past. generosity 1) as soon as 4) this week 2) during 5) over the past few weeks/months 3) since 6) so far * Have a row - Argue, especially loudly

Impression, Presentation

Transcript: Symbolism - revered symbols as means to evoke mood or atmosphere Music What is Impressionism? Subject Matter Paris Salon Works Cited Creative Project Brushwork historical, religious and mythological themes classical training and techniques extremely selective simple themes (water, reflection, etc. ) whole tone scales parallelism/planing rebellion against grander themes suggestion of an atmosphere emphasis on viewer perception Color Theory Literature What is Impressionism?,_Paris_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg,_1890-91_(190_Kb)%3B_Oil_on_canvas,_60_x_100_cm_(23_5-8_x_39_3-8_in),_The_Art_Institute_of_Chicago.jpg Modernizing France fluctuating climate since French Revolution in 1789 Franco-Prussian War and Siege of Paris in 1870 efforts of Emperor Napoleon III Corum, Jonathan. "Is That Dress White and Gold or Blue and Black?" The New York Times. The New York Times, 27 Feb. 2015. Web. 20 May 2015. <>. Impressionism as a Revolution in Modern Thought "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad fog/haze - altering viewer's perception of reality delayed decoding - withholding evidence to allow reader to synthesize Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder: By Grace Kraus An artistic movement of late nineteenth century France primarily unified in its rebellion against the Paris Salon. Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun

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