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Lecture Presentation

Transcript: There had not been anything constant in Misha’s childhood The Milkweed plants are his constant as dance is mine By Julia Hockey Milkweed written by Jerry Spinelli Published in the year 2003 Spinelli brilliantly weaved it all together Jerry Spinelli Why should you read Milkweed? What it means to me I hope you all get a chance to read it and possibly experience something similar to me Thank you! “The world was returning to normal, but for me, there was no normal for me to return to. Normal for me was stolen bread and ditch water” Literary Aspects Identity Identity resonates to everyone, this is why the theme is brilliant Why the novel stuck out to me Lives off of stealing food in the streets of Warsaw, Poland during the Second World War Uri undertakes the role of his guardian Misha Pilsudski Six smugglers in the "gang" A little girl, Janina Milgrom Book Cover and Tittle Born on February 1st, 1941, in Norristown, Pennsylvania Gettysburg College and John Hopkins University Has a wife, Eileen and six kids Why did he write this book? Where was his inspiration from? Lecture Assignment English 20F Book Cover and Tittle Milkweed was a reflection of Misha while the angel represents the relationship between Janina and Misha “Your angel never dies” Plot Summary Living and dying We have so many privileges, makes you feel awfully grateful for what you have The novel shows the horrid realities of those who were imprisoned and lived during World War 2 “I think of all the voices that have told me who I have been, the names I’ve had. Call me thief. Call me stupid. Call me Gypsy. Call me Jew. Call me one-eared Jack. I don’t care. Empty-handed victims once told me who I was. Then Uri told me. Then an armband. Then an immigration officer. And now this little girl in my lap, this little girl whose call silences the trampling Jackboots. Her voice will be the last. I was. Now I am. I am… Poppynoodle.” Conclusion “A milkweed plant was growing by a heap of rubble. It was thrilling just to see a plant, a spot of green in a ghetto desert.” Introduction Literary Aspects “Unforgettable … a powerful story about one small boy’s courage during a horrifying period of history. A heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful story”

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