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Investment Advisor Presentation To Client Template

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Investment Advisor

Transcript: My Individual Career Plan By:Moriel Wellington Investment Adviser Introduction The reason I chose Investment Adviser is mainly because of their salary, and also because I'm really good with numbers. Core Task .Buy and sell investments for clients .Monitor clients investments .Help clients define their investment goals Attributes .Good Math skills .Analytical .Good with people Education Goals Educational Goals My education goals are to maintain a 3.6 GPA during all my 4 years of high school. I also want to have 1 honors class during high school, and also score high on the SAT and the ACT. CTAE Classes .Business Finance .Accounting . What Do They Do? investment Adviser & College Investment Adviser's provide Investment advice to clients about purchasing and selling stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The career cluster falls under finance. College For college I will be attending The University of Alabama In Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I will be intending for 4 years and be majoring in Investment & Securities. My annual cost will be $37,700 but in all the total is $150,800 and their entrance difficulty is moderately difficult. Learning Style Learning Style I am a tactile learner, and learn by doing hands on situations, and my Holland code Is SIC S Social Worker A social worker is someone who likes to do things to help and inform people. This will help me because one of my attributes as an investment adviser is to be good with people. I Investigative Thinker An investigative thinker is someone who likes to study and work with math and science problems and Sees self as precise. This trait will help me because one of the traits an Investment Adviser has is being analytical, and making smart decisions. C Conventional this person likes to work with numbers,and is good at working with written records. They also value success in business and are very organized and have a set plan. this trait will help me because most of the time Investment Advisers work with written documents and make set plans for their clients. Life Goals Life Goals As an Investment Adviser my annual earnings will be $71,070, but monthly I will be bringing in $5,922.5. At 35 i will be married with 3 children ages 3, 5, and 7 and living in a large family home. I will also be driving a 2018 Nissan Maxima

Investment Advisor

Transcript: Investment advisors typically get a annual salary for the first year. Once they have gained experience the income scheme changes. Investment advisors can make as little as 30,000 a year or 150,000 per year depending on the amount of clients and the type of clients, where they work, and the amount of commision they recieve. Their isn't really a limit to how much earn but according the career cruising, expierenced incvestment adivors can make more that 500,000 a year. 6am - 7am: Casey wakes up and exercise. 7am - 9am: Casey prepares for work and goes to work, once he arrives there he checks his email. 9am - 11am: He phones clients and confirms meeting and meets a client to discuss investment goals. 11am - 12pm: He phones potential clients and prepares for a lunch meeting with a group of clients. 12pm - 2pm: meet and talk with clients also check into a conferance call with a expert econmist and money manager incharge of billions of dollars. 2pm - 4pm: He meets with a unsatified client and dicuss solutions to his problems. 4pm - 7pm: Hes meet with manager and colleagues and goes home. There is no requirements to becoming a investment advisor but people who are intrsted in this job field should consider taking courses in finance and business. This will help you become more equipped for the job Related Careers Working Condition Earning: 100,000 to 300,000 or more Requirements: Over 10 years of experience Responsibilities: Buy and selling investment products for clients Job Description Discuss a typical day of work for the interviewee? Earnings ii. Describe the challenges that the interviewee experiences while fulfilling his/her duties? Thanks For Listening! Level 1 A day in a life of Casey Education Career Path Investment Adviser Investment advisers buy and sell all sorts of investments, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, and term deposits, for their clients. These investments are also known as securities. Assistant to investment advisor Depending on where you work the working conditons can vary. Investment advisors can work in investment and stock brockerage firms and banks or if they are self-employed they can work from home. No matter where they are employed they are responsible for the working conditions. i. Does this interviewee apear to enjoy his/her job and explain? Career Survey Results Senior Investment Advisor / Partner Art Director Sports Marketer Sign Maker Denturist Automotive Painter Investment Advisor Dental Lab Tech Automobile Assembler Insulator Printing Press Operator Image Consultant Art Dealer Agent Sheet Metal Worker Importer/ Exporter Insurance Agent/ Broker Level 3 Earning: 35,000 to 100,000 based on commision Requirements: Bachelor's degree Responsibilities: Buying and selling investment products for clients One of the most challenging aspects of Casey's job is staying up with constantly changing industry regulations, continuing industry training, and remaining in compliance with the requirements. An investment advisor also needs to report and have documented supervision policies concerning their client relationships. Level 2 Investment Advisor Accountant Account Manager Bank Manager Bank Teller Credit Counsellor Customs Broker Economist Financial Manager Insurance Agent / Broker Investment Banker Loan Officer Personal Financial Planner Real Estate Agent Research Analyst (Financial) Technical Sales Representative Trader Venture Capitalist Earnings: 30,000 to 40,000 Requirements: Canadians Securities Course (CSC) and familiarity with computer software Responsibilities: Doing research, maintaining computer database Interview Answers Casey enjoys his job because he feels that he is satisified and is willing to constantly strive for his goals.

Investment Advisor

Transcript: Job Description..... sss Working with people, on Investments. They work to see what the people know about there current investment. Gives them advise on the proper or most suitable investment to make on there part. Usually doing this 2 or more times a day. Earnings... The Ernings rang for an advanced worker Annually is usually 105,830 and the advanced wage daily would be around 20,000 or less it deppends on how you helped your client. Why I chose this Career..... Core Tasks..... Attributes and Abilities... Advisement Advisers selling or encouraging sales, being interested in economics, making agreements through negotiating and bargaining. s Advestment Advieres Need 4 years of college, people skillsbeing able to work under presure. Related Careers...... Investment Advisor Like talking to people, Finding about peoples lives, Its an Entrepreneurial job, and the life style. Investment Advisores dislike Alot of Imstration and paper work, It can be stressful someday's, cold calling is bad.Advise is you have to help client "Not" help you. Likes, Dislikes, and Advice from inteview... Investment Adviser..... Working Conditions some related careers to Investment Adviser are Account Manager, Bank Manager, Bank teller. Definition You are usually workingg in a bank or an in home office. Lots of people come in for investment advise. You would help them face to face or on a phone or digital screen. Then you would help them on the best investment. Investment Advisores Advise clients on the best investment to make the best investment I chose this career baecause it is something if i try hard and excied I would altogether like. I chose this career because i like taking and helping other people who need my advise. Lastly i chose this career because I like being the co-commander of peolples money. add logo here

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