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Hiking Presentation Template

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Hiking Fitness Presentation

Transcript: Hiking Fitness Angel Harrison, Rosie Pyle, and Maya Rucker. C.O.F Components of fitness Muscle Strength Muscle Strength Muscle Strength: Hiking helps work every muscle in your body, building muscle tone. Flexibility Flexibility Flexibility: As you age, you lose your range of motion, but stretching your muscles by running an hiking you can gain back flexibility. Benefits Benefits of Hiking Physical Physical Benefits 1) Good exercise 2) Strengthen your core 3) Helps control weight 4) Improve Balance Health Health Benefits 1 )Lowers risk of heart disease 2) Improves blood pressure 3) Boost bone density 4) Boost your mood Cost Cost Some of the gear and what it would cost to get them: Shoes- $54.97 Standard Hydro Flask- $34.95 Book Bag- $29.99 First Aid- $11.99 Compass- $8.99 Fire Starter- $14.73 and depending on where you live and how far the destination price may vary. Locations Locations To Hike Hoover Ridge Park Shenandoah Hills Campground Rapidan River(lower section) Shenandoah National Park Brookhill Farm White Oak Canyon Trail Old Rag Mountain Dark Hollow Falls Trailhead Hawksbill Trail Cedar Mountain Battlefield Little Stony Man Trailhead Hiking Hiking The activity of going for long walks, especially in the country or woods Skills needed SKILLS Keep a pace. Learn the basic pacing, resting rhythm Leave no trace Be aware of surroundings Knowledge of your layout How to Prepare STRATEGY 1) Define your trip style 2) Choose your trip 3) Assess your fitness level 4) Train for your trip 5) Get used to carrying gear 6) Bring well-fitting boots 7) Decide what clothing to wear 8) Bring the right bag 9) Don’t forget personal first aid and emergency gear Safety Tips Safety Tips Arrange to go with a group or at least one other person Stay in sight Pay attention to the trail Look back so you don’t get lost Carry mapping tools: Parents should carry a map and compass or a GPS, and know how to use them Take extra precautions around water

My hiking presentation

Transcript: Hiking Goal Jasper Adams Data tracking Data tracking I tracked my data by taking pictures and videos of the places i visited. I would scout out my routes and trails before the hikes. I would later map out how many miles I've walked in google earth. Mount Barnabe The maps History History Hiking began as a hobby in the early 20th century. people obviously had to hike in order to get places before, yet it gained popularity as a fun and relaxing thing to do in that time. Groups of hikers formed, one of the original groups called the Sierra Club formed in the bay area. The bay areas diversity of coast, mountains, grassy hills, redwood forests and flat lands was the main attraction for hikers. Fun Facts The United States of America’s national parks have over 18,000 miles of hiking trails. the hardest hike in the world Is called The Maze. it's located in Canyon lands, Utah. Interconnecting canyons of around 14 miles long. Its high cliffs have no vantage points, and there's a huge chance of getting lost. This hike is only for expert hikers. Fun Facts about hiking My Goals/Milestones My goal for myself for the past 5 months was to get outside more and explore the beautiful nature we are so blessed with in the Bay Area and California. I was motivated to visit all the amazing places around here because most people don't have access to hiking or sight seeing, yet I can go out in my backyard and experience what others dream of doing. I wanted to visit 5 new places (it does not have to be in Marin.) While visiting the places I must walk a total of 20 miles on the trails. Get a better understanding and appreciation for the beauty of the majestic state of California. My milestones Goals later on My goal for later on in my life is to keep hiking, visiting and cherishing the amazing things around me. I hope that I will not lose my love for the outdoors and if I keep doing It consistently I will never lose my passion. I completed my goals by a long shot. I walked 25 miles in total. I also visited 5 places I never went to before in my life. I saw lakes, peaks, cliffs, rocks, forests, rivers and mountains. I got to spend quality time with the people I was hiking with. I think I have found a greater connection with myself and the beautiful earth we reside on. Did I Complete My goals? Pictures on the trails! I took pictures at some of the new places I visited over the past 5 months. Pictures Mount Barnabe Lake Tahoe Chimney Rock The valley Ridge Drake's Beach

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