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High School Presentation Rubric Template

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Presentation Rubric

Transcript: Your task Multimedia Plagiarism is a major concern. You may use quotes from your sources, but nothing longer than a phrase or sentence, and only for effect. What counts as an effective use of images in a presentation? What should the presenter avoid? Work together with another partner pair to combine your expectations into a list of 5-6 measurable outcomes in order to evaluate our presentations. Submit via Google Docs (save a copy in each person's folder) Quantity Your final task Audio Now that you have a collecting of advise and warnings, create a rubric for a successful presentation with a partner on Google Docs. Here's an incomplete example... Your task Computers closed. Use notebook to record ideas. At each stage, I'm going to give you a minute or two to write down your ideas about what makes a presentation successful. You will be submitting your list today. Content Originality What makes a multimedia presentation successful? What do you want to see in others' presentations? What should be avoided? Essential Elements Quality We know that the audio for the presentation must be recorded. What do we need from the audio portion of the presentation? What should be avoided? How will we recognize quality content in a presentation? Aside from a checklist of information, what will count as achieving or excelling? I usually avoid this question, but... How much information is enough? How will the presenter know if his or her presentation contains the required amount of information? Presentation Rubric Images

Rubric Presentation

Transcript: Rubrics! Prezi Template by Lindy Medlin Why use a Rubric? Which duck is the best? (Wilson, 2016) (Grom, 2009) Subjective Assignments Subjective Assignments: are assignments that require unique individualized responses. RUBRICS: are used for subjective assignments Rubrics: Rubrics help to solve this problem by eliminating bias and creating a measurable standard for subjective assignments (Teachings in Education, 2016). Instructions & Expectations Rubrics: provide instructions and expectations Rubrics also help to prevent confused students by specifying the assignments requirements. (Woman, 2011) (Morett, 2017) Rubrics help the teacher to make sure they don't forget to mention any instructions. 2 Types 2 Types of Rubrics: holistic and analytic Holistic Rubric: View the assignment as a whole Think of it as a check list! *These can be more subjective, but easier to grade for teachers. Analytic Rubric: Divide the assignment into smaller components than a holistic rubric The components are detailed and have assigned point values *These are more specific, but take teachers more time to grade. When to present a rubric Rubrics: when to present them Present your rubric when you are presenting the assignment. This gives students the opportunity to ask questions! (Student, 2016) (How, 2017) References: References: Grom. (2009, October 15). Draw Ducks. Retrieved September 25, 2017, from How to Get a Teacher to Raise Your Grade. (2017, July 11). Retrieved September 25, 2017, from Morett, L. (2017). Gallery of Confused High School Student Cartoon. Retrieved September 24, 2017, from Student asking question clipart clipartfest. (2016). Retrieved September 25, 2017, from Teachings in Education. (2016, December 16). Rubrics for Assessment [Video file]. Retrieved September 20, 2017, from Themes and Wallpapers. (2017, April 7). Retrieved September 24, 2017, from Wilson, J. (2016, June 06). Mallard duck watercolour PRINT -duck gift - Country Kitchen original painting - Puddle Paints Art. Retrieved September 25, 2017, from Woman Cartoon Clip Art. (2011). Retrieved September 24, 2017, from Lets Practice!! Quiz Time!!!! 1 correct answer = 1 yummy candy! (Themes, 2017) Question 1: List one reason why teachers use a rubric? Question 2: What type of rubric views the assignment as a whole? When do you present a rubric to the class? Question 3: What type of rubric is easier for teachers to grade? Question 4: How do rubrics help student? Question 5: Define a subjective assignment: Question 6: What type of rubric assigns point values for individual components? Question 7: How do rubrics help teachers with multiple classes? Question 8:

Presentation rubric

Transcript: My knowledge of the media environment was augmented and the research trajectory clearly understood? (Likert scale) The the delivery confident and engaging leaving me feeling informed and able to ask relevant questions? (Likert scale) The language and structure of the presentation add value to the clarity of your intended work Your presentation details and explores your overall plan, the canon, your method and some parameters of the T&T context Clear and detailed exploration of the canon that provides the theoretical underpinnings of your area. (10) Detailed presentation of the method AND its limitations, presuppositions and its analytical expressions. (15) Elucidation of your research question and any sub-questions, indicating what informed them and why you framed the work in this way. (15) Delivery Aim of the research is situated in sufficient contexts that elaborate its usefulness to the field The rationale is clear and the goals achievable Delivery breakdown [30] Presentation rubric Content breakdown [40] Why is this research important? What can it yield? What are its limitations? (10) You have thought through what you want to achieve and explained how you will achieve it. You have eliminated alternative methods for mining this data and explained why. (10) Logic breakdown [20] Content You own the material you are presenting and can speak lucidly on your intended study We are edified by your performance that reflects your enthusiam, erudition and plan for developing knowledge Logic You build a rapport with your audience through: persuasive devices tone eye contact and body language. (10) Your narratives are cohesive and can be heard and followed easily. (10) Your material is free from errors and the language is well chosen and compelling. (10) Peer assessment [10]

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