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Graduation Presentation

Transcript: carbon emissions and the need for clean energy the rapid deforestation of rainforests and other carbon scrubbing environments water pollution caused by private chemical usage. Duponts largest grossing product is still DDT world wide and is not always used for its intended, though, ironically, just as destructive purpose Environmentalism has long been a central pillar of my beliefs. I am an outdoorsman and bit of a political radical. The disregard and irreverence I have witnessed and experienced in the attitudes of my peers and others members of my community infuriates and frustrates me; and of those that agree with my viewpoints, many make excuses about why environmentalism is other people’s responsibility. Thesis: Environmental Protection is more important than economic interests. Why I Chose My Topic What Can You Do? Many people, in theory support efforts to go green, but when it comes to their own live they are either unwilling to commit financially or lack the technical knowledge to construct or install the technology themselves. So in an attempt to demonstrate how relatively easy and cheap home-green technology can be, my physical product was to build a wind turbine. Dali Emami - Environmental Sciences teacehr at Massey Hill Classical The Facts 75%-85% of nonpoint chemical pollution is from residential runoff. 91% of male fish in the Peedee river had female sexual organs or eggs in testes. "Economic Advance is not the same as Human Progress" - Sir John Clapham No one should really expect more from corperations who, in pursuit of profit, destroy our natural world. They are but machines completing their mercenary purpose. We can't, as responsible citizen of our planet, wait for lawmakers to legislate environmental reform. we must each do our part. Thank you for judging My Mentor My Paper Paul Cox Graduation Presentation Home Wind Turbines Geothermal heating Solar shingles Photovoltaic Glass Solar Water Heating Hydroelectric intallations Rain Water Purification Natural (nonsynthetic) Fertilizer Responsible Gardening Habits Vehicle Maintenance Proper Garbage Disposal Recycling Etc. What I Learned My Product Grassroots Environmentalism Extremism Responsibility Main Points $1.75 per gallon on Brazilian sugar-ethanol imports (packing 8 times the punch of American corn-ethanol) can't compete the $0.35 on Middle Eastern oil Perseverance Electrical and Mechanical Concepts An Appreciation of the finer technical points of common technologies That I should really pick easier projects Inspire ze youth!!! I completed the community service aspect of my project at Fayetteville Parks and Recreation's Mother-Family public fishing day. I... Helped youths with fishing techniques Handed out equipement Rerigged equipement Retrieved gear out of the lake (dont ask...) Handed out bait Motivation Design Process Supply Resource My Community Service

Graduation Presentation

Transcript: Police Officer Changes in Career First Career Choice Engineering I first began interested in Engineering when I did my sixth grade career report on a Ceramic Engineer. I got the idea from my Uncle, who was a Ceramic Engineer. I continued to show interest in Engineering all the way through Junior High and ended up doing my ninth grade research paper on a Mechanical Engineer. However, after talking to my cousin last year, who was an Officer in Pittsburgh, and is now in the Secret Service, I then decided to pursue the career of a Police Officer. Although I could've seen myself going into the criminal justice field and enforcing the law, I have once again changed my decision. After seeing the daily routine of a Police Officer and due to my passion for Physics and Math, I have decided that I still want to be an Engineer. Pros Job Security Benefits Starting Salary Create safer community Job will change every day Earlier retirement Cons Can be dangerous Stressful Working hours Deal with fatal accidents Job Shadow I job shadowed Tom Weaver, who is a Liquor Enforcement Officer. His job is to prevent the illegal distribution of alcohol. Tom does office work, which is mostly paperwork and reports as well as on duty work, which is driving in the company vehicle. He also does undercover work in bars, looking for any illegal distribution of alcohol. The job can be exciting at times when doing undercover work, as well as not so excitng when sitting in an office doing paperwork. Overall, the job shadow was very helpful by showing me one of the working environments and what is done in that environment. Future Goals and Plans High School Diploma Go to College Recieve a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology and Law Enforcement Best Criminology and Law Enforcement Schools Degrees are not always needed to be employed, however, it is much easier to advance to higher ranks and earn more money with an education. Attend Police Academy These programs typically last 3-4 months. They include classroom instruction in civil rights, state and local laws, and criminal investigation. They also provide real life situations such as patrol, accident and emergency response, firearm use, self-defense, and traffic command. Funding for College Military Joining the Military can pay 100% of College tuition. It can also provide free dental and medical. Athletic Scholarship An athletic scholarship seems very achievable to me. These can pay for a part of tuition or a full scholarship can pay for it all. Skills Developed Physical Shape Being a Police Officer can be unpredictable at times, so good phsical shape will ensure you can do your job at 100% Mental Sharpness A Police Officer must have alertness and good reactions. These things can keep them out of danger. Good Driving A high speed pursuit may happen, putting yourself in danger unless you have complete control of yourself. The End. The

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