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Graduation Presentation

Transcript: 56hrs About Me: Family: Next 5 YRS: 1. Complete college 2. Get my fitness training certificate 3. Be able to afford to live on my own Season/details: Total Hours: Good areas: Regular exercise Time management Job/Volunteer work: Fitness trainers motivate clients by setting goals and provide feedback. The need for fitness trainers is important. It enhances the components of fitness for the general, healthy population. Typical salary for this career: $45,000 a yr. Salary for a personal trainer: 80, 000 a yr. SMART: Attend Douglas college for a 4 semester program and transfer to a new school for the last two years Cost: Approx: $4,340 for 4 semesters Pre-requisites: English 12 Math 12 3 other grade 11 or 12 courses GPA of 2.33 2 letters of reference Graduation Presentation By Kaila Pickering Working with Others Personal Health: 64hrs Approx. 150hrs Elementary: James Kennedy Gr. K-7 High School: Walnut Grove Gr. 8-12 Walnut Grove has taught me to "Be who you want to be". Summer 2013: FVR PRCS 4hrs, Walk to & from summer school 5.5 hrs Fall 2013: Fitness & conditioning 40hrs, Walk to & from school 16hrs Winter 2014: Fitness & conditioning 40hrs, Walk to & from school 16hrs, Rugby practice 8hrs Spring 2014: Fitness & conditioning 40hrs, walk to & from school 16 hrs, Rugby practice/games approx. 96 hrs or more Back up plan: Fundamental skills: Things to work on: Job Career Maintaining an image Making goals " 3 F's " Family Friends Fitness Importance: Family of 4. Live with a younger brother, mother and father. Current Job: Triple O's 1 year of work so far Cashier 5hrs 2-4 days a week 9.5 hrs Schooling: Gr. 8-10, 12 B honor role Small block award for sports Sports: Track n field: Many ribbons and metals in all ranges Rugby: (school) 5th place for provincial girls rugby (FRV) 1st place for provincial regional girls rugby Teamwork Skills: Career Choice: Fitness Trainer or Physical Therapist Always been a fit person, always into sport activities and sciences. Education Plan: Bad areas: Nutritional habits Adequate rest/sleep Career & Life: Details on Fitness Training: Responsibility A balance of work and personal life Positive attitude Adaptability Volunteering: Gator connections (Meeting up with a student everyday) Communcation Think and Solve Physical therapy: Performed by a therapist, can provide treatment for patients. They diagnose and treat individuals who have medical problems or injuries that limit their abilities to move and perform functional activities. Name : Kaila Pickering Born in Richmond, B.C Nationality : Canadian and half Japanese Strengths: Outgoing, Friendly, Punctual Weakness: Procrastinate Meaning: A new look on life What I do to stay active: Walking to and from school P.E 12 Fitness and conditioning Rugby 3yrs Achievements: Personal Management Skills: Schooling: How it has prepared me: Fitness Post-Grad: Being able to work with others is a key thing for future employment Always bringing a positive attitude Knowing how to handle situations

Graduation Presentation

Transcript: When was the last time you read a book? “No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” ~Confucius Science fiction can equally provide the same ideas as classical literature currently studied in schools, while being more easily understood and enjoyable to students. The science fiction genre also provides many of the same moral and ethical experiences as classical literature and should be taught in place of or alongside classical literature. Paper Pros and Cons Pros Cheaper than some projects Can have positive influence on student body MY passion for reading Cons Could be Repetitive What I Learned How to catalog books (Learned during Job Shadowing) Why reading is important How to develop and create QR codes Taking pride in your work What I Wish I Had Known Before I Started: Time Management What is important to me? How would my essay become a good product? Recommend? Yes Help others find books and reading interesting Learn about libraries and how they function Reflection Very satisfied with end result of QR codes Learned about time management Learned about the "QR code" and how to create them. VS VS VS During the Research I Learned... Why science fiction should be read over or along side classical literature How both genres are similar and different What the stylistic differences were among the books chosen for study. Explanation QR Codes Posters Thesis? Mentor Relationship Good Worked with mentor multiple times Worked well with mentor This project should have a mentor Really helps with the implementation and idea creation of the product. Mentor help with the acquisition of supplies necessary for the product. Ms. Justice English IV Honor Description of Research Ender's Game vs The Illiad Betrayal Ender's Shadow vs Night Genocide War Atrocities Ender's Shadow vs Much Ado About Nothing Bullies Ender's Game vs A Tale Tell Heart Previous actions haunting the main characters Ender's Game vs The Lorax When your given lemons, make lemonade. Why I Chose My Research Topic Personal affinity for reading Makes you smarter Can be enjoyable Not much science fiction read in schools Provides life lessons just like classical literature English class shouldn't always be about hunting for literature terms and figurative language. Research Paper Reflection This research paper taught me time management It taught me to look in-depth into what makes classical literature "classical". Also it opened my eyes to how to properly research evidence for my paper. VS VS By: Alexander Mayo Science Fiction in School Classes and Studies Product

Graduation Presentation

Transcript: Sweet potato souffle: hy-vee Price Total: $12.63 for 5 packs Price Per Person: $0.36 Servings: 35 This is the Graduation Cake that I have bought. Brined - Herb Crusted Turkey with Apple Cider Gravy: Hy-vee Price Total: $125.96 for 4 turkeys Price Per Person: $3.60 Servings: 36 Conclusion Coke/Pepsi: From Hy-vee Price Total: $10.70 for 4 packs Price Per person: $0.31 Servings: 48 Tiered Celebration Cake - Yellow: Price Chopper Price Total: $39.95 Price Per Person: $1.14 Servings: 35 My Main Meal Appetizers/sides Pumpkin Chocolate cookies: Hy-vee Price Total: $7.64 for 2 packs Price Per Person: $0.22 Servings: 40 Throw down Pumpkin Pie: Hy-vee Price Total: $18.92 Price Per Person: $0.54 Servings: 40 My Table/Chart: Ozarka Water: From Hy-vee Price Total: $8.52 for 2 packs Price Per Person: $0.24 Servings: 48 Thanksgiving dinner rolls: Hy-vee Price Total: $4.46 for 3 packs Price per person: $0.13 Servings: 36 Here are the Appetizers and sides that I have bought. These are the desserts that I have bought In this presentation, I will be talking about the graduation party I am planning for my Sister. The information presented will include the food items that I have bought for the party. Included in the table below is all of the things that I have bought including party decorations, silverware, and ice. Drinks: Creamed Corn Bread: Hy-vee Price total: $14.34 for 5 packs Price Per Person: $0.41 Servings: 40 Graduation Presentation Here are the drinks that I have purchased. Intro Desserts here is the main meal that I have bought. Graduation Cake I chose the items that I did because they were all things that my family would like. I also chose them because They were at a fairly low price so I could by more things in the end.

Graduation Presentation

Transcript: Approximately 1 of 25 students go on to compete at an NCAA school and about half receive athletic aid. Thesis An athlete can be more competitive and also raise the standards for other athletes in the area by marketing himself or herself to colleges. Why does this matter? What can the athlete do? Picture Sources The Importance of Marketing Oneself as an Athlete Club Sport Grades Character Extracurricular activities Create a personal website Benefits 1. Helps raise visibility 2. Easier for the college coaches 3. Shows what the athlete is capable of offering and that he or she is committed Reflection I was able to play games as part of the product and gained much information from the research. I also learned the “do’s and don’ts “ of the recruiting process. History of Lacrosse No Funding Questions? Scholarships New people and experiences Communication Skills Highlight video Achievements and stats Grades Contact Information Factors that Help Dear Coach Timchal, My name is Emily Smith and I am interested in playing lacrosse for the Academy. Currently I play for New Bern High School and have been the leading scorer and MVP for the past two seasons I am also a member of the Cudas Lacrosse team based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. I have prepared a skills video for your viewing which I will be sending by way of my personal MAXCAST web channel. Please be looking for a video from Emily Smith separate from this e-mail. Thank you in advanced for taking the time to view my skills video and I am very excited to learn more about the lacrosse program at Naval Academy. Very Sincerely, Emily Smith #17 252-571-2455 139 Staffordshire Dr. New Bern, NC 28562 **I am aware of the NCAA regulations that prohibit you from contacting me directly until July after my junior year. Please send me any information regarding the program and I will continue to follow the progress of the Naval Academy's Women's Lacrosse program. Emily Smith Ms. Justice “It is played nationwide by 250,000+ players with 600 colleges and 2,000 high schools.” -Brookline Youth Lacrosse Currently the fastest growing sport in America Created by Indians Oldest continuously played sport in North America Play on a summer league Small Town My product has been very successful and I was able to receive responses back from several colleges such as High Point University, University of Virginia, Naval Academy, Coastal Carolina University and Limestone University. Even though time management was a huge disadvantage for this project I am glad that I finished it and hopefully I will be recruited. Send e-mails Attend camps and clinics Obstacles Opportunities

Graduation presentation

Transcript: ...but still... Thank you for your attention! Strategy Positioning - Representation of results - Further research is needed: Opinions of other parties Selection of stores Financing possibilities Segmentation affected buildings & places Costs Costs for the reviving of the stretch of the road - Materials & wages ca. 150.000,00 € Promotional costs - Advertisements in newspaper, on side fences & billboards monthly ca. 6.800,00 € WiM e.V. Targeting Marketing instruments -> Traders -> Growth strategy: Conclusion -> Inhabitants Threats > Strong nearby shopping destinations Emmen & Lingen > Increase of group companies & their branch offices suppressing small owner-operated shops, rising vacancy rate > Unequal opening times of the shops, no prescribed uniform regulation > Dissatisfaction of the inhabitants about the structural connection of city centre and shopping centre > Dissatisfaction of the inhabitants about the offer of shops > No mandatory contribution on the part of the traders for the city marketing Promotion Product Questions? Desk research Field research Survey Expert interviews Financed by Research Question Marketing Strategy Methods Physical evidence City centre SWOT Price WiM? MEP? Current situation Reflection City marketing association of Meppen General manager Ansgar Limbeck Tasks: Implementation of inner-city events Support of the Agenda 21 process Monitoring of the working group 'Leitbild' -> Customer intimacy The way from the city centre to the MEP will be embellished with plants and places to linger to make it more attractive for the inhabitants within one year. Additionally the empty stores in the city centre will get refilled. Strengths + Meppen has a distinctive and new designed city centre + MEP offers additional retail area and new point of attraction + Attractive in the year planning integrated events in the city centre organized by the city marketing organization -> One target group: Meppen's inhabitants Full market coverage Opportunities > Increasing shopping tourism > High turnover of the retail industry in Lower Saxony > High purchasing power potential of the inhabitants of Meppen > Path-breaking perspective though the upcoming project of business development districts Processes Personnel -> How to connect the shopping centre MEP with the city centre of Meppen to make it an attractive and persuasive overall concept? Weaknesses - After the opening of the MEP, there are several empty stores in the city centre due to moves of the retailers - Lack of a current marketing strategies due to a missing financing basis - The financial support of the municipality in combination with the fixed expenditures is too low in order to provide the city with a systematic and jointly supported marketing concept Objective WiM Stadtmarketing e.V. Two segments: - inhabitants up to the age of 35 years - inhabitants being older than 35 years -> Creation of an attractive inner city area in connection with the MEP MEP Marketing Plan Bachelor Thesis - Lea Hornung The problem.... Place .... inhabitants!

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