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SDS Gears Presentation

Transcript: Gears-A Basic Machine in our everyday life. Introduction Introduction To Gears We use gears in our everyday life. They are important for many things, like moving our vehicles and powering our tools. Gears are circles with toothed edges that come in many different sizes. Gears have an axis, which is an imaginary shaft through the middle of the gear. There are many different types of gears, like the spur gear, which is the most common gear used. Why I chose gears to research for my SDS When I am playing or building with LEGO, I am always thinking about how gears work and how to use them. I thought gears were really interesting and decided to research them for my SDS. I wanted to learn about each type and what to use them for. Why I chose gears for my SDS What I already Know about gears There are different types of gears and each has a different purpose. Gears can change speed and come in different sizes. Gears have lots of uses, like moving a bicycle and powering an eggbeater. Gears can move things in different directions too. What I already know The Basics of Gears Research Gears are toothed circles that use their teeth to interlock together. When one gear turns, the other one spins in the opposite direction. To change the speed of gears, you need two different sized gears. If a bigger gear turns a smaller gear, the smaller gear will go faster. If you use a smaller gear to turn a bigger gear, the bigger gear will turn slower. Helical gears - Helical gear’s teeth are not parallel to the axis but at an angle Helical Gears Uses of helical gears - Car gear boxes - Fertilizer, printing and plastic industries Uses Pros and cons of helical gears Pros: -Cost less than spur gears -Smooth and quiet -Carrys a high load capacity Cons: -Generates heat Pros and Cons Picture Bevel Gears - A bevel gear’s teeth are conically shaped - The axis intersects - Is used to transfer motion in a 90° angle Bevel Gears Uses of bevel gears - Food canning and packaging Uses Pros and cons of bevel gears Pros and cons Pros: - High speed - High load Cons: - Complicated in manufacture - Need more precision. Picture Rack and pinion gears - A rack and pinion gear is a gear like a spur gear on top of a toothed rack - When the pinion turns, the rack moves in a straight line Rack and Pinion Gear Uses of rack and pinion gears - Steering systems - Stair-lifts - Drilling machines Uses Pros and cons of rack and pinion gears Pros and cons Pros: - Easiest way of conversion - Compact in size - Robust in building - Cheap Cons: - Makes lots of noise - Makes friction Picture Worm drives Worm Drives - Worm drives are two gears interlocked together, one a screw and the other a gear similar to spur gear - Like bevel gears, worm drives transfer motion in a 90° angle Uses of worm drives - Conveyors - Presses - Lifts Uses Pros and cons of worm drives Pros: - Compact in size - Have a self-locking feature Cons: - Make heat - Very expensive Pros and cons Picture Herringbone gears - Herringbone or double helical gears are two helical gears placed side by side Herringbone Gears Uses of herringbone gears - Heavy machinery Uses Pros and cons of herringbone gears Pros: -High power transmission Cons: -Expensive Pros and cons Picture Spur gears - The most common gear - Has straight teeth parallel to the axis Spur Gears Uses of spur gears Uses - Washing machines - Clocks - Gear pumps - Motorcycle gear boxes Pros and cons of spur gears Pros and Cons Pros: - Simple - Easy to build - Cheap Cons: - Noisy Picture Real World Applications Lego Pictures I used LEGO to show my understanding of gears. I made a winch that uses gears and can be locked in position so it will not turn when released. I also made a vehicle that rolls forwards and backwards that will have a display on top which turns as the vehicle moves. I made a merry go round that has gears turned by a handle and goes around at least 3 times when the handle is turned once. Finally I made a carnival plate mover which will move a plate up and down at two different speeds. Here is the doc: Conclusion Conclusion Gears was a very fascinating topic to research. Gears are a simple machine used in many structures, from egg beaters to heavy machinery. LEGO has been a very useful tool to help me understand how gears work. My presentation summarizes what I have learnt and how my learning applies to the real world. Thank you for watching my presentation.

Gears, Gears,

Transcript: Gears, Gears, Mechanical Engineers! by Ben Schmucki Requirements Continued Manufacturing Salary Ranges 1 Corinthians 10:31 This step will repeat until prototype works. Prototype becomes finished product So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. Steps to make a product research development design testing operation/maintenance marketing/sales administration Interesting facts about the bridge Tallest bridge in the world Tallest point is 343 meters (1,125 feet) high Tallest point is 19 meters (62 feet) taller than the Eiffel Tower Introduced in the National Geographic Megastructures Tallest Bridge in the World. Normal day is different for every engineer Example: Designer compared to special operation and maintenance engineer. Salesman who has profound knowledge in electronics What they do work with products that require knowledge in electronics help sell those products Acknowledgments classes that should be taken are algebra geometry calculus trigonometry need high school diploma need four to five years of college an internship is helpful a bachelor's degree is required an advanced degree is helpful Schooling Continued Requirements Continued Testing $77,820 physics God My parents My teachers Jake Schmucki Beaver Dam Community Library Requirements Continued Designing Salary Continued Mr. Schmucki said some communication skills are helpful some good qualities are hard working loves hands-on activities good computer skills Example: people who make Lego™ instructions Christian Reflection Requirements (A Normal Day) This verse tells us to do everything to the glory of God no mater what our profession and even if the task does not seem possible. $69,540 helpful classes to take are science mathematics computer science Requirements Continued Operation/Maintenance What they do Take prototype and test it See what goes wrong/works Make a report Give report to designer to fix his prototype Designer fixes prototype Enerpac helped build the bridge Millau Viaduct in France. Schooling Requirements $65,440 $74,360 Other Information Continued Interview Continued Other Information Other Information Continued What they do make graphs and charts that tell about the company's finances, production rates, and other important information. record how long an individual has worked They spend most of their time in an office. What they do Research on what to design Design new products Build a prototype Requirements Continued Engineer Manager Mr. Jake Schmucki works for Enerpac has been a mechanical engineer for twenty-one years has worked for four different companies is an engineering manager sometimes helps design things What they do determine what process is necessary to build a product The Interview Entry level Mechanical engineering Madison: $58,816 National: $63,215 Eight years of experience Madison: $111,272 National: $119,596 $84,770 Note: pursue your hobbies

Gears Presentation

Transcript: Worm and wheel The Simple Gear Train with Idler is basically EXACTLY like the Simple Gear Train except instead of two gears there are three. The third gear is called an idler. There ya go! It's like the two gears are a couple and the idler is the third wheel! *class looks at me with death stare* Hey I'm trying to make this fun okay?! I'm bored out of my mind too! *storms off to next slide again* The Simple Gear Train is simple. Well, how it works is pretty simple. All you have to do is turn the crank to make the gears move and there you go. You have yourself a gear train. Where do you find it? Well the gear train is used where there's a large distance to be covered between the input shaft and the output shaft. Yeah, you see me using vocab. Skillz. By - NeVaeh Washington Simple Gear Train Okay so the Worm and Wheel is another level of difficulty. I guess you could say that it's on the easy-but-not-SO-easy level. Simple Gear Train with Idler Gears Presentation What is this Presentation about? Okay *sighhhhhhhhh* this presentation is basically just me telling you about the builds we made in Mr. Coach Register's class. In this prezi, I chose to talk about the Simple Gear Train, Simple Gear Train with Idler, the Worm and Wheel, the Leadscrew, the Crank and Slider, the Bevel Gear, and finally, the Belt Drive. *hears long, exaggerated sigh from crowd*. Hey! I don't want to do this either but it's a grade so be quiet and let me talk, hmph! *storms off to next slide* add logo here

Gears! Gears! Gears!

Transcript: Team Captain: Hannah Preaus Critical Thinking The Process After following the instructions, we built our first robot! Collaboration within our team Engineer: Lindsie Bostrom Our Team! Robotics in the Classroom Back to the drawing board! The Pre-K Programmers Our team finally accomplished building a robot that functioned for competition. The goal was to get to the finish line the fastest. After lots of team work, problem solving, creative and critical thinking, and gaining an understanding of how robotics and the gears work, we were able to finish and win the final competition! "What could we change?" Hannah made a comment that summed up the feelings of the whole group when she said, "After I left class this week and got in my car, I thought building the robot was complicated. I can't imagine what went into building my car!" Reporter: Lacy Wycoff Artisan: Virginia Dobbins When it was possible, the team captain, engineer, and artisan divided duties and built pieces separately and combined them to check compatibility. "If the gears aren't moving, the robot isn't moving!" After deciding which team member would play each role, we decided on a gears kit named Giggles. We found all of the pieces needed to build our robot and followed all of the instructions in the booklet. After the modifications failed, we decided to start from scratch with a different model named Chompers. We picked Chompers because we could tell that this robot could move forward and backward and would serve us better in the competition. During the build, our team asked questions and helped one another through the process. At one point while building our second robot, Hannah asked Lindsie, "Can you help me get back to step 1? I feel like we missed an entire step." Adaptations to Robot No. 2 We added a set of wheels hoping for forward motion The Pre-K Programmers The Gears! Gears! Gears! Wacky Wigglers Building Set is a gears robotic system created to develop creativity and imagination in children ages 5 and up. The kit comes with instructions and parts to build four silly creatures that operate off batteries and a remote control. Unfortunately, we discovered some issues with our first robot so we sat down to do some problem solving. We were building a robot that would need to be able to compete in a challenge against another robot. Once all of our pieces were together, we discovered that our robot danced in circles and would not be able to cross a finish line. We needed to modify the robot to make it roll forward and to gain speed. Final Thoughts of the Team Gears! Gears! Gears! Robot No. 1 We couldn't believe the thought and detail that went into building an early childhood/elementary level robot. We learned that following step by step instructions isn't enough. Working together, being creative, and willing to make changes is what lead to our success as a team. Chompers before modifications Chompers was top heavy! We had to get creative and remove Chomper's chompers in order to keep it upright. The Competition! The Product Jobs Making some modifications Collaborating with the opponents Chompers after modifications

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