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Transcript: The 95% of servers that use in the Hollywood studios to realize animation movies has installed some GNU/Linux distros. The first feature film of success produced in GNU/Linux server was Titanic in 1997. James Cameron too elected servers with GNU/Linux to produce the Avatar Movie. The Indio state of Kerala development a law that force to every schools and university's to execute GNU/Linux in their computers. The web site of the white house is development and maintain with free software. The Sor Judith Zoebelein, the responsible of the internet apartment in the Vatican said that she don't know what operative system use God, but the Vatican use GNU/Linux. FREE SOFTWARE MOVEMENT DISTRIBUTIONS The software is not buy, it is licensed. A licenses is that formal authorization with contractual character that is an author of a some software bring his work to somebody to practice “acts of legal exploitation”. That is to say, the software is not buy, but that software acquire a lot of rigthts about the use that we can to give. In the licenses of free software that rights are so open and permissive. It can exist as much licenses like concert agreements is done beside the author and the and the user. So the union of this two types of technologies is called GNU/Linux. The most part of the programs have malicious code. Legal copy Open Collaborative Virus infections Customizable Reuse of equipment Ñu GNU/Linux CURIOSITY'S Tux FREE SOFTWARE Speech Why free software is important When you share, any program can have an improvement to their original code or maybe this can make a new work, and this code share again, modified and this way the program could be better License The philosophy the members of this movement think that all of the software should be have all the freedoms of a free software; also they think that the documentation should be free. The Linux’s Kernel was born by the Finnish student of computer’s science Linus Torvalds in 1991. Linux got quickly developers and users that adopter codes of other projects of free software to use with the new operative system. • Many programs are in English. • It is necessary to have access to Internet and no all of the people can access it. • Bolivia is a country where the pirate software is abundant, this is generate a huge inclination to private software but at a bad way. Reasons to use free software In Bolivia would be important to know about free software because we have some articles about it. Introduction GNU is an operative system of type UNIX developed for and to the GNU Project and sponsored by the Free Software Foundation, this project started in 1984 by Richard Stallman with help of programmer’s volunteers. In conclusion the free software is not a product it is a way to transmit the knowledge, and also to learn and to have more experience. A free software is correctly used because in the case of the private software the people for convenience or necessity, need to hack the program to be used, while the program with license of free software can be used in the way that you want with the permission of the author. • Reduce the cost of computation. • Include in the digital world marginalized people. • The developed of a technology industry and programmers in Bolivia. • Make better the education. • An independence technology in Bolivia. • They promotion the cultural diversity and linguistic, giving digital rights to ethnic groups. Free software community Bolivia Is an entity nonprofit that admit all the users of the country. They search boost the use of free software in all of the possible instances, including the education and generate technology of local software. CONCLUSIONS To the variants of this union of programs and technology's, to which are added various programs of application of specific purpose or general purpose they are called distributions. Their objectives consists in offer editions that meet the needs of a particular group of users. Some of them are known for their use in servers and supercomputers where has the most important quota in the market. Andy They think the use of free software can offer us many benefices like: ANDROID OPEN SOURCE The term free software refer to a software that for election of their author can be copied, studied, modified, utilized freely with other ends and distributed with or without changes, this doesn't mean that you don't pay for this software; this software can have a cost and maintain their status of software. The free software guarantee the next four freedoms: 1. Freedom to use the program with another purpose. 2. Freedom to study how does it work the program. 3. Freedom to distribute copy's of the program. 4. Freedom to modify and to publish the modifications. GNU/Linux The free software and Open Source is the software that is licensed so that users can study, modify and to improve their design by means of the availability of their source code. • The software that is distribute should be redistributed to anybody without


Transcript: Miguel Pascual Álvarez 4ºA E.S.O San Juan de la Cruz INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY INDEX What is Free Software? Differences between free software, open source software and freeware Advantages of free software Linus Tolvard Linux operating system History Linux distributions Examples Open source programs WHAT IS FREE SOFTWARE? Free software is the software that respects the liberty of the users. In general terms, the users have the capacity to execute, copy, distribute, modificate and improve the software. But, the word "free" in these context doesn´t mean this software is free, it means liberty. Related to that, the creator the the "free software foundation" (FSF) was Richard Stallmann (a programmer) in 1985. He also made the GNU (an operating system). FREE SOFTWARE DIFFERENCEs BETWEEN FREE SOFTWARE, OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE and freeware There are few differences between free software and open source software: The open source software is more focused in practical benefits than liberty proposed by free software. The open source software uses source code to inspect, modify and improve. * "Source code" is the part of software that most computer users don't ever see; it's the code computer programmers can manipulate to change the software. The open source software isn´t free compared with free software, unless the program allows you to modificate. The freeware is the opposite respect the free software and the open source software: It is free, but in terms of money, it has no liberty. It is close source (hidden source), while the open source software is open source, you can´t modify the software. Some examples are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Adobe Reader. DIFFERENCEs BETWEEN FREE SOFTWARE, OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE and freeware ADVANTAGES OF FREE SOFTWARE + You can run the software with any obstacles. + You can study how the program works, and then you can addapt to your neccesities. + You can improve the program and the users are benefit with yor improvements. LINUS TOLVARDS Linus Benedict Tolvards must known as Linus Tolvards is a software engineer borned in Helsinki (Finland). He is known to start and develop Linus, a free operative system. He created the Linux operating system. LINUx OPERATING SYSTEM In Finland 1991, Linus Torvalds, a student of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki, decided to buy a new PC 386 (33 Mhz, 4MB of RAM, one of the most advanced of its time). Normally, he used it to access the network of his university, but because he didn´t like the operating system with which he worked, Minix, he decided to create one himself. Then, he wanted to download and upload files from his university, but he had to create a controller for the disk. So after a continuous and hard work he created a controller compatible with the Minix system. At that moment, he realized that he was creating something more than a simple terminal emulator (computer), so, dissatisfied with his Minix system, he took the adventure of creating an operating system from 0. Linus named Linux to his new system. Linux is based on UNIX, another operating system. It is also relacionated with the GNU project (to make the GNU operating system) launched by the Free Software Foundation. Linux was developed as a free operating system, proposed by the Free Software Foundation of Richard Stallmann. LINUx OPERATING SYSTEM The logo of the penguin was imposed in 1996, by Tolvard when he visited an aquarium and he saw a lot of penguins. LINUX OPERATING SYSTEM A Linux distribution is a software distribution based on the Linux kernel that includes certain software packages to cover the needs of a specific group of users: domestic, business, server editions users... In general, they are composed of free software. LINUX DISTRIBUTIONS EXAMPLES OF LINUX DISTRIBUTIONS Some examples of linux distributions are: FEDORA: Fedora is a Linux distribution used by the international community of engineers, graphic designers and users who develop new technologies. It has the support and promotion of Red Hat. MANDRIVA: Mandriva Linux was a Linux distribution published by the French company for beginners and experienced users, oriented to personal computers and servers to introduce them in Linux world and free software. UBUNTU: It is created to a normal user, focused on improving the user experience. It is distributed with a free or open source license. EXAMPLES OF LINUX DISTRIBUTIONS DEBIAN: Debian GNU/Linux is a free operating system, developed by thousands of volunteers around the world, who collaborate through Internet. GENTOO: Gentoo Linux is a Linux distribution oriented to users with some experience in these operating systems. SLACKWARE: It is the oldest distribution. EXAMPLES OF OPEN SOURCE PROGRAMS Some examples of open source programs are: Accounting: SQL-Ledger (accounting system) Anti-virus: Clam AV Database MySQL PostgreSQL EXAMPLES OF OPEN SOURCE PROGRAMS


Transcript: DIFFERENCES BETWEEN FREE SOFTWARE, OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE AND FREEWARE is a Finnish American software engineer, 1 known to start and maintain the development of the Linux kernel, based on the free operating system Minix created by Andrew S. Tanenbaum and in some tools, several utilities and the compilers developed by the GNU project. Currently Torvalds is responsible for the coordination of the project. It belongs to the Swedish-speaking community of Finland. The software free are the users to execute, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software. Open source software is the software that is licensed in such a way that the users can study, modify and improve its design by the availability of its source code. Freeware it defines a type of software that is distributed without cost, available for use, 1 but that maintains the copyright, so it can not be modified or used freely as it happens with free software. FREE SOFTWARE WHAT DID HE PROGRAM THAT WAS SO IMPORTANT? Arch Linux Canaima CentOS Chakra project Debian Dragora y Trisquel 1. LINUX Operating System 2. Open Office (Office suite) 3. NotePad ++ (Text Editor) 4. eMule (file sharing program) 5. Shareaza (P2P file client) 6. FileZilla (cross-platform FTP client) 7. phpMyAdmin (PHP tool) 8. Apache (HTTP Web server) 9. Tom Cat (Internet server) 10. Eraser (Data Eraser) ADVANTAGES OF FREE SOFTWARE It was the year 1991 and Linus Torvalds, then a computer science student at the University of Helsinki, started programming the first lines of code of an operating system (finally called LINUX) as a hobby and without being able to imagine the great impact that would bring. There was a first unofficial version of Linux 0.01, but this only included the beginning of the kernel, it was written in assembler language and assumed that one had access to a Minix system for compilation. On October 5, 1991, Linus announced the first official Linux version (version 0.02). With this release Linus was able to run Bash (GNU Bourne Again Shell) and gcc (GNU C compiler). Since then many versions have been made with the help of programmers from all over the world. EXPLAIN BRIEFLY HOW "LINUX OPERATING SYSTEM" was born Free Software refers to the freedom of the users to execute, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software. It comes from the term in English free software, which presents ambiguity between the meanings "free" and "free" associated with the word free. Because of this, it is usually considered as free software and not as software that can be modified without license restrictions. 1. Economic 2.Freedom of use and redistribution 3.Technological independence 4.Promotion of free competition based on services and non-licenses 5.Support and long term compatibility 6.Standard Formats 7.Systems without rear doors and more secure 8.Faster and more efficient fault correction 9.Simple and unified methods of software management EXAMPLES OF OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE PROGRAMS Linus operating system is the program he created WHAT IS FREE SOFTWARE? EXAMPLES OF SIX DIFFERENT LINUX DISTRIBUTIONS WHO IS LINUS TORVALD?

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Transcript: OpenOffice Impress Too much rotation and unorganized paths could cause dizziness You need internet to edit your presentation unless you purchased the Pro license Prezi will only support Flash files and embedded YouTube files SoftMaker Office does not support XLSX file format SoftMaker Presentations does not come with a Ribbon-based user interface SoftMaker has limited speed supports .ppt, .pot,.pptx, .potx, .odp, .otp, .sxi, and .sti formats. available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X In Lotus Symphony, you are able to open and save encrypted files in Open Document Format. developed by SoftMaker compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint SoftMaker Presentations 2008 and 2010 is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Windows CE, and Pocket PCs a free and open source office suite developed by The Document Foundation as a fork of It is largely compatible with other major office suites, including Microsoft Office, and available on a variety of platforms Conclusion Of all four of the software's that I researched I personally liked the OpenOffice presentation software the best. The reason being is that all the packages are all installed in one download. I would not use it in the future unless Microsoft was down then OpenOffice would be my second choice no doubt about it. Lotus Symphony can run Microsoft VBA code natively, but there are some APIs of VBA that are not supported, or are only partially supported the user may lose some quality on the way Has no database Prezi Disadvantages LibreOffice was developed by Sun Microsystems is an open source presentation program compatible with and similar to Microsoft PowerPoint Needs Java 5+ to work, on any platform Some problems with certain versions of Mac OSX (seems to be Java related) Shared with many other projects, what limits flexibility for adaptation to LibreOffice needs Free Presentation Software Types of Presentation Software Advantages Presentations are made on the internet, therefore you are not limited to working on one computer, or having to save your work on a portable memory Your presentations have the opportunity to be more creative. Can be used to share information Impress SoftMaker Presentation IBM Lotus Symphony Ease Prezi IBM Lotus Symphony SoftMaker Office 2008 has a very small footprint, (taking up less than 80 MB on your hard drive) Importing and exporting Microsoft Office and OpenOffice format files in SoftMaker Office 2008 is a breeze. SoftMaker has native support to run SoftMaker Office 2008 from a USB/flash drive SoftMaker Presentation It runs slower than Microsoft Office It is not 100% compatible with Microsoft Word files (but it usually works) The user interface is not quite as intuitive, but it can be learned quickly Multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, many other Unix variants) Translated into many other languages besides English None of the costs associated with Microsoft Office The interface looks the same across all platforms it supports,-the-Bad-and-the-Ugly&id=5965841 References You don't need to know which application was used to create a particular file All the packages share a common spell-checker, etc. All the packages are installed in one single operation creating, editing, and sharing text, spreadsheet, presentations and other documents Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides Description

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Transcript: What is free software? You can use Libre or Open Office to create Text, Presentations, Presentations and Databases. £££ Pirate software? Open source means that the source code is available to everyone, allowing you to examine and improve the code. So what can I use instead? Image editing? Try GIMP It works on Windows, Mac and Linux Budding DJ? Try Audacity It works on Windows, Mac and Linux Open Source? No! A lot of code is what we call proprietary, this means that the code and the product is owned by a company or individual. Proprietary code cannot be examined or improved without the permission of its owner. What else is Open Source? Office Software Vector graphics? Try Inkscape It works on Windows, Mac and Linux This is all free? Thanks for listening = Free Software Why pay for software, when there are free alternatives? Les Pounder @biglesp on twitter Free software is not pirated software Yes it is. Microsoft Office starts from £70. Adobe CS Suite starts from £450. But software is expensive Hardware - Such as Arduinos and 3D printers. Documentation - Users write documentation to support software. Events - Hack to the Future is completely open source. Find out more here Want to create animation? Try Blender It works on Windows, Mac and Linux 3D Software Audio Editing & Recording Is all code Open Source? Any questions? Yes - everything I've shown you today is completely free, you do not need to spend any money! It's also open source software. =

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