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Shopping Cart

Transcript: We are doing a shopping cart that can : Create a grocery list before entering the store. Once in the store, you will be able to pair with the cart by an application(APP). The cart will then be able to obtain your grocery list and tell you where to go. It will have sensors which will be used for collision purposes. Tell you whether a food item is available or not, also how many of that specific product is left. The main objective is to make it easier for the customer to shop without the stress of knowing where everything is. Objective Body graph Structures Final Expected Results Conclusion In conclusion, the main purpose of the our project is to make the customer's journey easier at the store.The great fruition from claiming this project will bring about those creation of a sopping cart that would have the capability to combine customer's smart devices with the itself by an application(APP). By: Travis Strachan Fahad Alzoabi Omar Al Hawawi Body Graph In order to achieve our goals we will need: Mat-Lab simulation of the store Servers Sensors Shopping App App/LCD screen Intelligent floor LED lights The second step: Save the data Apply the feedback output to the floor's input Apply the feedback output to the App/LCD Apply the intelligent floor Contact the necessary weirs Apply the sensers on the cart Run a test trail Objective As the group progressing into more researches , more result and details will be provided next by semester. Conclusion GOAL! Final Results . Hopefully our project will be a turning point to enhance and develop new ways of shopping. . Makes the shooing environment more efficient and easy for customers. Shopping Cart Introduction The project manly focuses on developing the shopping experience to a very modern and intelligent way. The cart will have LCD screen, that will entertain, show exclusive ads, and leads the shopper to go throw their shopping list at the same time. This will allow the shopper to spend more time at the store, more ads will be displayed in the progress and solves the shopping difficulty's of finding products. Structures There are two steps to get to the wanted result The first step: Simulation through matlab , Run the project theoretically/experimentally Eliminate any coding/humen errors which is expected Plug an App/LCD screen to read the simulated store Apply the cart with store sample test it Demonstrate the trail

Shopping Cart

Transcript: Motion Shopping Cart One of mans best inventions was the shopping cart. This transportation device improved getting around for shoppers who like to do all their shopping in one trip. Without a shopping cart, people who enjoy buying 20 items or more in the store will have to either carry each item separately or would have to take an armful, pay for what they have, put it in their car and go back in the store and get the rest of the items they need. But with a shopping cart they can get their 20+ items and put it in their cart so they don’t have to carry them all and can easily pay for them all at once instead of making frequent trips in and out of the store with only a few items. Another way a shopping cart improved getting around is when you walk into a store and you want to buy the new Samsung’s 110-inch Ultra HDTV. You can get the shopping cart that was made for moving big items to push the TV around instead of carrying it throughout the store. If it were not for the shopping cart people would go absolutely insane in stores. Stores would be crazier then they are on black Friday. Clearly the shopping cart holds a key importance to help shoppers get around easier. Improvements to the Shopping Cart "Shopping+cart - Google Search." Shopping+cart - Google Search. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Apr. 2015. Elert, Glenn. "The Spectrum of Mechanics." - The Physics Hypertextbook. N.p., 1998. Web. 20 Apr. 2015. Ament, Phil. "Shopping Cart History - Invention of the Shopping Cart." Shopping Cart History - Invention of the Shopping Cart. N.p., 24 Apr. 2007. Web. 22 Apr. 2015. "A Brief History-and Future-of the Shopping Cart." Mental Floss. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Apr. 2015. Yahoo Small Business, Tom. "Shopping Cart-mounted Tablet Detects Nearby Items and Offers Recipes in Real Time." Yahoo Small Business. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Apr. 2015. "Log in." N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Apr. 2015. History of the Shopping Cart In 1936, the owner of Piggly Wiggly Sylvan Nathan Goldman was in his office trying to figure out how shoppers could carry more items after seeing customers stop shopping after their hands were full. He got a folding chair, two baskets and wheels which he attached to the legs of the folding chair and created the basis of the first shopping cart. Mechanic Fred Young and Goldman worked together to make this cart come true. They began experimeting until they had created the first shopping cart. Giving credit to his orginal idea, Goldman named the first shopping cart the "folding basket carrier." This would later be changed to shopping cart. The cart was first used at Goldman's store, Piggly Wiggly. This is a brief history of the shopping cart. Forces of a Shopping Cart Importance of A Shopping Cart A shopping cart has four different types energies. It has potential, kinetic, thermal and sound energy. It has potential energy when it is at rest and not moving because it has the potential to move or use energy. It has kinetic energy when you are pushing the shopping cart as it is moving and converting the potential energy into kinetic energy. The shopping cart has thermal and sound energy when it is moving. The thermal and sound energy of a shopping cart is converted from its kinetic energy. The shopping cart has thermal energy because when it is moving, friction between the wheels and the floor is creating heat. The shopping cart has sound energy because when you are moving the shopping cart, the squeaky noise and the rattling of the cart is kinteic energy converting into sound energy. Energies of a Shopping Cart There are two improvements that that can be made to the shopping cart to make it better. One is making it more aerodynamic. This can be done by removing the holes inside the shopping cart and making the cart part solid. This would allow less air to pass. A shopping cart can also be more aerodynamic by removing the square shape of the cart and making it a triangle. This would allow air to slide off of the cart and lower air resistance. You can also improve a shopping cart by adding a motor. Adding a motor would allow the user of the cart to have to use less effort to push the cart as the motor would spin the wheels of the cart and the user wouldn't. This motor would have to be electric so there is no chance of injury being caused from the heat of the motor and there would be no fumes. Materials of A Shopping Cart Works Cited By: Bailey and Lucas A shopping cart can be produced using various materials. Most of the common carts that you find in Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club are usually made out of metal with parts of plastic, all plastic, or all metal. The metal used to make carts varies, but galvanised steel is used in most cases along with aluminum. Some carts also contain wires that makes the basket. Nowadays shopping carts, such as ones used in Sears, are made from recyclable materials. There even producing carts that contain a built in tablet to assist you in the store. These tablets can detect nearby items and can offer you

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