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Firefighter Presentation Template

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Career Presentation - Firefighter

Transcript: My Career as a Firefighter By Daniel Di Lullo Introduction For my career path, I chose to be a fireman. Me Now and Me in 15 Strengths, Values and Experiences I am : loyal dedicated good at communicating a team player enjoy sports and working out open to change flexible enjoy learning how things work patience enjoy helping others good at problem solving kind helpful About me My Values What is important to me? What motivates me? helping other people my family and good health being kind being respectful to others being loyal and a good person faith purpose my family helping people learning new things facing new challenges 1. I believe I am a good team player in hockey because I try to make sure everyone has a chance to play. As assistant captain, I tried to make sure everyone had an equal chance to play during games. I also work hard and encourage my team players to never point fingers at each other and to cheer them on instead. I sacrifice for the team by doing the little things that may go unnoticed in order to help the team win. 2. I believe I am dedicated through the effort I put in my work and in class. I always do my share in group work and try my very best. 3. I think I am patient by how I play with my brothers. I try to always include my little brother and teach him new things. Also I think I'm very loyal to people in my inner circle. Loyalty is probably my biggest virtue. I give it to the fullest and also expect the same from the people I give it to. I show utmost care and love to the people that matter to me. I will do anything in my power to keep them happy. Examples Examples Future Career Path Aspects of the profession POSITIVE good salary helping others saving lives protecting others getting paid to sleep (sometimes!) fulfilling career NEGATIVE need to pass many tests unsafe work environments dangerous health risks involved long shifts INTERESTING ASPECTS meet new people save people from harm always learning learn how to use equipment get to drive a firetruck! Education High School Courses High school diploma Grade 12 English Grade 12 Math Science Technology Physical Education Post-Secondary Courses Fire Science Courses 30 credits or 1 year apprenticeship Fire Fighting Technologies Certificate Football Soccer PE Leadership Notre Dame offers: Volunteer opportunities: Leadership Volunteer with a local fire department Justice Institute of BC CDI College BCIT Post Secondary Institutions help save people in danger teach kids about fire safety have save and protect lives respond to medical emergencies complete fire safety inspections Impact on community: Concerns, Impact and Salary Average Salary $55, 000 to $95, 000 on average in Canada Concerns can develop health problems such as cancer, heart disease have to go into unsafe environments may develop mental health problems may have to see people that are injured may have to see people die Analysis Good communication is important when you're a firefighter to locate and help other firefights and the public. Organization is also important because you have to have all your equipment and your uniform to handle any situation. You also need to be a team player, be physically fit and be dedicated to the profession to handle any situation that happens on the job. My relevant personality traits dedication team player integrity dependable honesty empathy intelligence humble Why the personality traits are important Stressors How to deal with stressors Having a work life balance taking time to relax doing activities you enjoy taking days off if needed getting good sleep exercising getting help if needed talking to others and the team Why firefighting? I want to be a fireman because I want to help save lives and give back to the community. I will be able to experience new and exciting situations while being active and fit. The work schedule is flexible but tiring and I would get to live in a fire hall! Working with others is another plus as you get to know your team really well and become a family. The qualities listed in my "ladder" is important to be a good firefighter because you need to have these skills to handle the demands of the job. You need humility, organization, flexibility, communication and dedication to this career with many risks. You can develop these skills over time, but you need to have them to start with to be a good fireman. Ladder

Firefighter/Paramedic Presentation

Transcript: Must have a certification of being an EMT. Worked as an EMT for over a year(1000) hours full time on the field) You must do up to 1,500-1,800 hours of training while in Paramedic School. Take a lot of certification tests to see if your ready to become a paramedic. Senior Portfolio Teaches you how to Protect Life and Property from Fire Emergencies Have a valid EMT card Pass a physical agility test Be minimum of 18 years old Medical cleared Not been convicted of a felony Drivers License High School Diploma File academy application Letter of Introduction Process Paper Interview Questions Interview Reflection Best Piece of writing Resume Letter of Recommendation Requirements Paramedic School Fire Fighter Gear How to become a Firefighter/Paramedic (Senior Project) EMT Requirements to become Paramedic Requirements Fire Academy Experience Is a 6-16 week course Teach you how to become an expert on becoming an individual who is trained to give emergency medical care at the scene of an accident or in an ambulance. Instruct to you all the EMT acronyms and basic Trauma Example If someone hit their head really hard on something and you ask them what medication are you using and they answer blood thinners you immediately send them to hospital Fire Academy What is EMT School An EMT or as its also known as an emergency medical technician, are health care providers trained to give immediate care to the critically injured or ill, and transport them to a medical facility. Turnout Coat Turnout Trousers Boots Flash Hood Fire Fighter Helmet Heavy duty gloves BA Gear As a Fire Fighter and at the Academy you must know your gear. You must graduated from High school or obtain your GED Have a CPR Certification card Clean Criminal Record (You will be competing with thousand of people they could choose you over someone who has a clean record) Physical fitness is also necessary for this position, because EMT's may be required to lift and move people. Ability to control one's own emotions Depends on the school you attend it can range from 6 months - 2 years of schooling One of the most difficult courses you will take as a Firefighter/Paramedic Will teach you Advanced Life Support and which medicines to use in different scenarios Medicine and your equipment is main important things you will learn How to aces, treat and to determine the need for a trip to the hospital

Firefighter Presentation

Transcript: The median annual wage of firefighters was $45,250 in May 2010 Fire fighters can be promoted to engineer, then lieutenant, captain, battalion chief, assistant chief, deputy chief, and finally, chief. For promotion to positions beyond battalion chief, many fire departments now require a bachelor's degree, preferably in fire science, public administration, or a related field. Firefighters are located at different parts of a city, or as they say districts. As a firefighter they have to memorize all the districts including their own. Drive fire trucks and other emergency vehicles to emergencies Put out fires using hoses and pumps Find and rescue victims in burning buildings or in other emergency conditions Treat victims’ injuries with emergency medical services Prepare written reports on fire or emergency incidents Clean and maintain equipment Conduct drills and training in fire fighting techniques Provide public education on fire safety when not on scene, firefighters work at the station where they eat, sleep, and remain on call for 24 hours Firefighters begin their careers by attending fire academy training Duties Positions In Company History Of Firefighters If you do get a degree, you will be reconized to a higher pay to the certain level to those who do not Firefighter Suit Work cited page: Pay Scale Fireman taking out a fire Firefighters going over their duties and mission After a major fire in Boston in 1631, the first fire regulation in America was established. In 1648 in New Amsterdam (now New York) fire wardens were appointed, thereby establishing the beginnings of the first public fire department in North America. The entry-level education needed to become a firefighter is a high school diploma or equivalent. FireFighter The lowest 10 percent earned less than $23,050, and the top 10 percent earned more than $75,390. Skills Needed Firefighters protect the public by responding to fires and other emergencies. They are frequently the first emergency personnel on the scene of an accident. Job Outlook By: Markus Jones Employment of firefighters are expected to grow about 9% from 2010 to 2020 Products Produced Company Headquaters No college deegrees needed just a high school diploma. discribes different parts of firefighter equipment Degree Needed Work Environment The word firefighters began around the late 19th century

Firefighter Presentation

Transcript: By: Spencer Stutz Firefighters Overview Overview Firefighters put out fires and help people that are in danger. They take training courses to improve how they perform in a real dangerous situation. They give talks about fire prevention to schools and what to do in case of a fire. There are two types of firefighters. They are City Firefighters and Forest Firefighters. My four letter personality code is ISFP. This helps match my career because I like to try new things and help people. I am athletic so that would also help with being a firefighter. ISFP ISFP Athletic Strengths Strengths Sensative to others Passionate Work Activities/Jobs Work Activities/Jobs When working as a fireman you need to talk to people. When you talk to them you are able to calm them or find out what is wrong. Talk To people Talk To people Firefighters go to public events and schools to give speeches. They mostly go to schools to teach kids about fire safety and how to prevent fires or even put out a small fire. Speeches Speeches Firefighters do specific work training. They have simulations of houses on fire and they need to put out the fire and save everyone. They also practice CPR and cert. Training Training Lastly firefighters prevent and put out fires on a daily basis. They fight city fires and some firefighters put out forest or wild fires. Prevent/ put out fires Prevent/ put out fires Working Conditions Working Conditions Firefighters are very responsible for the health and safety of others and themselves. They are always on duty and will help anyone that they can. Safety Safety They are always on contact with each other even when off duty. They need to make sure that they can all help each other and other people if there is a big emergency somewhere. Contact and Duty Contact and Duty Firemen work in a group or team on a daily basis. It is never just a one man show. They always do things together in order to complete a task correctly and efficiently. Teamwork Teamwork They are regularly exposed to hazardous equipment. It doesnt matter if it is when fighting a fire or going to help someone that is injured or even at the fire station. Chemicals Chemicals Physical Demands Physical Demands Firemen stand for long periods of time because they have to. They need to always be ready for if something is ever going to happen. A firefighter needs to stand a lot because they always need to be doing their best to fight a fire or rescue people. Lots of Standing Lots of Standing Firefighters need to be able to have lots of strength to be able to complete heavy duty tasks. They need to be able to lift, pull, and carry heavy things like hoses, ladders, equipment, and people. Strength Strength Firefighters need to be able to Move two or more limbs together. This is because they need to act quickly and have to be able to maneuver around really quickly. Maneuver Maneuver They need to be able to stay physically consistent without losing their breath or getting tired for long periods of time. Stamina Stamina Skills And Abilities Skills And Abilities A fireman needs to be able to speak loudly and clearly. The reason for this is so that other people can hear what they are saying. People need to be able to hear the order so that they can do it. Clear Speaking Clear Speaking They need to be able to get information andbe able to put it together quickly and come up with a conclusion. The reason for this is so that they can find out more about the situation. Information Information Firefighters need to judge the costs and benefits of taking a specific action. They need to do this so that they can find the safest way possible to complete a task. Judging Judging Firefighters need to think about new ideas of a topic because if one way to do something isnt possible they should find another way to do it. New Ideas New Ideas Post High School Requirements Post High School Requirements In order to be a firefighter you need to have a high school diploma or something equivalent. Graduate Graduate You need to be able to also pass a physical test in order to be a firefighter. Test Test If you want to be a firefighter you dont only have to get your high school diploma but also be able to pass a medical exam. Medical Medical You have to do a lot to become a firefighter but one of the more important things is that you need to be able to complete the firefighter training before you can haeve that career. Complete Training Complete Training Helpful High School Courses Helpful High School Courses It might be good to take a construction class so that if you were to become a firefighter and befighting a fire you would need to know how a house is structured. Construction Construction You could take drivers education so that you know all trafic laws and so you could find out how to drive a big vehicle. Drivers Education Drivers Education Physical Education would be a good course to take so that it can help get you into some shape and you would learn good nutrition to be able to You

firefighter presentation

Transcript: The Road Ahead Firefighter Job Description Job Description - Respond to local emergencies - Medical calls -Protect local communites - must be active - must have EMS training - Use axes, chainsaws, hoses, fire truck pumps, etc Required Skills Required Skills Working Conditions Working Conditions - 24 on 48 off - exposed to the elements -all levels of government Pictures Pictures Earnings Earnings - Rookies $35,000 -Firefighter $45,000-$55,000 -Chief $75,000-$100,000 Education Education - two year firefighter program - one year paramedic -high school diploma Sample Path Sample Path -graduate high school -two years at NWTC for firefighter -one year at NWTC for paramedic - rookie at GBMFD Related Careers Related Careers - police officer - fire inspector - paramedic -EMT basic at FVTC -two years for firefighter at FVTC -another year for paramedic -start at GBMFD or DPFD My Path My Path Sources Who We Are.” Firefighter Cancer Support Network, “List of NFPA Codes & Standards.” List of NFPA Codes and Standards, “Firefighters.” Firefighters: Jobs, Career, Salary and Education Information -, “Top 10 Firefighter Statistics.” FireRescue1, 13 Apr. 2011, Policeman, Firefighter and EMT Home Purchase Programs, Sources

Firefighter Presentation

Transcript: Elk Grove Firefighters Solutions By: Owen, Adeyanju, Sophie, And Vamshika Our problem At the moment the Elk Grove Fire Department and other community services are having trouble hiring people and getting volunteers. Intro Fantastic Firefighters Event The Fantastic Firefighters Event would be an event to educate the community about the Elk Grove Fire Department while providing entertainment. Details Details Where: Elk Grove Pavilion When: Friday July 21, 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM How TO How To There are many parts to this event. Catering could be either ordering a mass catering order from a place such as Subway or have ingredients ordered in bulk. Stands could be set up in various places around the Pavilion. Agenda Agenda For Stands Flyers Advertisements Event and Job Flyer Template 1 Event Flyer in Spanish and English Template 2 Social Media Ad Templates Template 1 Social Media Ads Template 2 Template 2 Template 3 Template 3 Teen Program Teen Program This program can expand from Mount Prospect Teaches teens skills for firefighting Encourages teens to consider a firefighter as a career path Summer Program/Camp Summer Program Retired firefighters could teach the class The class could be taught at middle and high school Benefits Benefits Help participants in applications for other jobs This would give kids college or high school credit This would create a fitter community This would teach life saving skills This might encourage potential firefighters and volunteers to help out Firefighter Interview Pat Harrington, a fellow firefighter, has offered his opinion on this issue. We could also interview more firefighters on this issue if needed. Additional Interview Conclusion We hope the solutions that we have thought up, can be put into use to benefit our community. Thank you. Conclusion Q and A Questions Now Q&A

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