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Transcript: Plan Introduction Brand Advertising Conclusion Establishment: BETC pub agency Achievement: We are from L.A. (WAFLA) Spreading: 19 april 2013 Cognitive objective:knownig the real exitance of Evian in china unless still delivering information about the product all over the world Affective objective :reinforcement of value and image of mark by using as well the babies. Conative objective:rising the sells of water bottles Social network: youtube initiation ( young active clients ) TV: first spreading a 20 hour at 28 april 2013 at TF1 Prints:metro and press posts digital compaingn: facial recognition in facebook and android Targets Evian promote the diversity Lack of dialogue: provides worldwide distribution the dance:body language universal Brand Spot with special effects: costs 1 million euro Required time to create: six months of working Context Nationality: French Establishment: 1829 in Evian Group: DANONE leader: Michael AIDAN Attendance: more than 150 countries Description 1) flats and buildings 2) surprise, young man discover his reflect baby 3) puzzle, rush to a mirror 4) surprise in front of showcase 5) dance with his reflection 6) others comes and dance with their babies reflections 7) momentum of old lady - her baby reflect chocked 8) products plan- slogan"Drink pure and natural" - signature Homogeneous sample of the population, mixing of all ages clothes weared by the actors: none distinctive features of social classes brand: timeless and universal Baby & Me 2013 Message form Message substence The best-selling brand in France: 40% of sales & 18 % of market bottled water second brand water imported to japan hight range water Evian strengh: her pub-campaigns serve in quality indentity. why evian has been associated to babies? 1935: Evian, evian adivsed for mums to keep food for her babies 1999: swimming babies campaign 2009: "Roller Babies" campany, 150 millions veiws, "the most ever watched video" World Guiness Book 19 april 2013: Baby & Me " Baby & me " designated viral internet advertising most widely distributed in the world of 2013 One month after its first broadcast:74 millions views in the world on Youtube Our choice Introduction Media plan : campaign Baby & Me babies choice: sensational effect, drink evian , feel young The babies: symbol of youth, happiness purity entertainemet being weak and should be protected associated to the consumer body Negative media coverage Identity PUB rythmth 2014-2015 Baby & Me International success Budget Advertising Analysis Message substence Evian Baby & Me 2013 the entire population peoples concerned by their safety ad and their body health Conclusion the music "Heres come the hotstepper" of Ini kamoze Remix :YUKEK, electronic musicien french the dance choregraphic: Michael ROONEY at the start: began slow music next : regular music , the dance between the peoples and their reflectiions in beat with music choregraphic: fluides movement,equivalent of water lyrics: no relation with the message Colors brightness clearness dominent blue (confidence, serenity) and white (purity and transparence ) Message form Shock by using babies commercially Perception babies: owned Thanks for your attention Presented by: Houcem REZIG Mouadh BEN SELEM Raouaa MATHLOUTHI

Evian Presentation - Marketing

Transcript: Need to focus on STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES of Evian's MARKETING STRATEGY SWOT ANALYSIS Belonging - Part of a group that drinks safe water Product Focus Expand product range Safety - Assurance of drinking pure and clean water Challenges Evian must face 4P's John's slide to sort out Brand Analysis Many substitutes Brand differentiation Flavored water - Volvic, Drench Sparkling water - Harrogate Spa Artesian water - Voss Charitable - One Water Luxury - San Pellegrino Opportunities LIA 2009 gold award - visual effects Advert focuses on "Live Young" Embraced 'buzz marketing' Vitamin water Ethical or charitable focus Sparkling water Evian perceived as a 'cheap' luxury product Women more health conscious in terms of quality of water they drink Target Market Why does Evian appeal? Recommendations Physiological - Water being a necessity Flavored water Consumer behaviour Market environment Competitor Activity Characteristics - Health conscious individuals who want the best product for their body and understand the benefits of using Evian Mother and Baby - Website promotes drinking Evian whilst pregnant and breast feeding due to its benefits Marketing strategy - creates an emotional connection to mothers and how they want their child to be full of life Brand loyalty at young age Natural and pure French mineral water "Nature in a bottle" Evian is a brand of Danone Groupe [Insert stat] Unique brand communication "Live Young" Product positioning: Objective, user focus 'Roller Babies' advert Continuing to Live Young Hypotonic water

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