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event planner

Transcript: event planner By: Emma Moore my career is all about planning events for special occasions. You can plan birthday partys. i love weddings myself. i love this career because you get to meet new people. I also get to plan big weddings and small partys for any age. It just makes me smile when i see there happy faces. my disadvantages are some people have tight budgets so thats hard. In my job the promotions are very small. if you get stressed this career is not for you. diference between job career there is a big difference in what a job and a career are. A job is a paid position of regular employmentA career has more motivation and forward thinking. Three companies in indiana i want to work at is wax hands, absloute, quirky weddings and events. my career I have to get a bachlors degree in hospitality managment. It will take 4 years of education to be one. It is like a teacher's degree. there is three companies that are hiring this position in the whole country are somthing 20, jjj event planning, and signature events and papers. My top choice for schools in event planning is California state university. my other choices are Flordia state university and San Deigo state university. Three advantages to being a event planner is designing fun partys,the payment, and never get bored do this career. education Yearly i get about 27,656 to 70,504. It depends on were you live. disadvsntages schools companies in indiana companies advantages payment interests in my career

Event Planner

Transcript: Nature of Occupation Educational & Preparation opportunities $44,000 per year. Management, scientific and technical consulting services pay the most, at nearly $50,000, while the lowest-paid planners work in travel-focused venues, earning about $41,000 annually. Planners work long hours, particularly in the days leading up to an event, and heavy lifting or furniture moving isn't uncommon. Event planners may travel extensively, but regardless of an event's location, they typically spend hours discussing client concerns by phone, email and in person. The rewards--in addition to satisfaction from the flawless execution of long-planned party or meeting--include the possibility to visit exotic locales and meet people from varied cultures. Why i pick this career? I chose to look into being an event planner because i have a very creative mind and ideas that i always want to share. Planning out special events such as parties and wedding would be the appropriate fit career for me. Most event-planning jobs require a bachelor's degree, due to increasing complexity of the responsibilities. Event planners typically develop expertise in budgeting and time-management on the job, although some workers pursue courses or even a master's degree in meetings management. Event planner Working Conditions As an event planner gains a reputation, the prospects for development in the field increases. The employment prospects increase with time devoted in the business and successful planning of high profile. This brings in repeated orders and as you progress in the same, the probability of success doubles. Event planning has spurred as a major business, with the social scenario changing over the time. The demand for the event planners will further brighten in the year 2014 and the outlook for event planners is certainly related to state economy. Employment outlook & Info Organizations, businesses and individuals often rely on the services of event planners to coordinate conventions, business meetings, trade shows and private parties. Also called convention and meeting planners, they do everything involved with making sure these events go smoothly, including choosing locations, hiring caterers, entertainment and other vendors, and arranging lodging and transportation for attendees. Earnings & Advancement

Event Planner

Transcript: Music Holden Hall 724 Montana Dr, Charlotte, NC 28216 There is a limited space. (1500 people) The Holden hall require a deposit of $395 and to rent the building for the night is an addition $600. There will be a DJ. The DJ charges $350 an hour. I'm introducing Event Planning. I'm showing you how to become a Event planner what are the steps you have to go though to get to were you what to be in that career. Teen's having a party and a good time. More prom pictures Lime Life Made by Juan Brown pictures from the project x movie's Project x party Wiz khalifa in Winston Salem NC may 1,2012 Menu Budget My starting budget is $60,000. which will be broken into two parts one is my main budget my other is my back up plan I'm Hiring a friend of the family and he is charging me $350 for the first 3 hours and i get the fourth hour free. The pictures you take you can buy them or I can use them for Facebook, Twitter, ETC. Introduction Date & Time The theme is Hawaii prom from 2012 Cost Sub Total Entry fee 125*$25 $3,125 Dj $350*3 $1,400 Holden Hall: $600+$395 $995 photographer: $350.00 Theme: $800.00 Food: 125*$8 $1,000.00 The Cater : $1,500 Grand total: $9,170 Conclusion Location Tickets will be sold at the door tickets for $25 per person and that will cover your dinner and your drink. Date: June, 9 2012 Time: 8:00-2:00 /The Dress code Photographer The list Fish (Mahi Mahi With Mango salsa) Glazed hawaiian meatballs chicken char sui kabobs with grilled pineapples Sides Sweet Hawaiian Rice Hawaiian Stir-Fry fruit salad Dessert Ice Cream caramelized plantains The main purpose of this is to inform you on how to become an event planner show you the ways and the steps you have to go though and the budget you have to set up to get the business started The dress code is Hawaii so come in your beach clothes. Theme Generally caterers charge 3x the costs of the food. So think about what kind of food you want, prices, etc. and you should get a round-about number of what it should cost.

Event Planner

Transcript: Job Description: -Meet with clients to determine their needs and visions in their meeting or event, plan/ scope the event, time, location and cost. Then coordinate event services like rooms, transportation, and food service Number of Years For School -Although a college degree is not required, many employers prefer applicants who have some type of associates and some work experience. Schools/Companies in Wisconsin -MATC offers a meeting and event management course. And help you become certified by the Convention Industry Council which is required for a career as an event planner. Expected Cost of School/Training -At MATC, the meeting and event management course cost $425 for one semester. With 15 credits of classes for an associated degree, it will cost $2069.90 Expected Starting Salary -The median annual wage for meeting, convention and event planner was $46,020 in May 2012. Hourly wage is $22.13 Career Opportunities -The employment change is 33%, from 2012-2022 there will be a 31,300 Advancement Opportunities -Being a team player with other event planners you will soon gain enough experience in event planning, registering guests and organizing equipment, client relations and contract negotiations can help you soon become an independent consultant Hours Expected To Work -Many meeting, convention and event planners work full time. Some require working long, irregular hours in the time leading up to a major event. Some planners may have very long work days including weekends. Travel Involved -They travel regularly to attend the events they organize and to visit meeting sites, and sometimes in exotic locations around the world. What Do You Like About This Job? -I like to help other people celebrate the most special moment in their life, wither it’s their wedding, sweet 16, quinceanera, birthday party, convention, special opening, baby showers or organizations. What Do You Not Like About This Job? -I don’t like to deal with rude or complaining clients, who don’t like what you do and try to judge everything that you do for them. Is This a Job That Your Interested In? -Yes, I am very interested in this career. I have since I was 10 years old. Event Planner By: Jenna Terrazas

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