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Transcript: STRATEGY MARKETING Company Date DIGITAL STRATIGY SUMMERY "Customers have too many choices these days and they have to be constantly reminded that you exist. The best way to reach them is where they spend a good bit of time ... which is online." SUMMARY SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS Targeting WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS WHY EFFECTIVENESS THE TIMELINE TIME SPENT Numbers don't lie... MOBILE SEARCH How effective are Mobile Searches? 70% of mobile searches lead to action within 1 hour. DIGITAL THE PLAN AUDIENCE EXTENSION AUDIENCE EXTENSION Starting the Search SITE RETARGETING SITE RETARGETING Once users have visited your website, they will be followed with your ads where ever they go online- reminding them to come back and take action. CONTEXTUAL TARGETING When your potential customers are researching topics relevant to your business, we will show your ads based on the terms in that content. CONTEXTUAL TARGETING These ads will follow your customers onto other sites. MOBLIE & APP MOBLIE & APP Serves ads to mobile device browsers and also serve ads while potential clients are in apps. With this product you pick a region of how far you want to reach and it will appear on anyone’s phone in the region you chose. AUDIENCE TARGETING AUDIENCE TARGETING Your ads are shown online in your target geographic area based on the behavior of internet users. Users can be targeted based on many different characteristics such as age, interest, purchase history and online behavior. HYPER LOCAL MOBILE HYPERLOCAL MOBILE Hyperlocal Mobile also known as "Geo-Fencing" allows us to show your mobile ads to customers in very pin pointed areas using specific longitudes and latitudes. Example: If you target the BYU-I campus, your ad will be seen by people there who are on their mobile devices. PRICING FOCUS AREA 3 THE PROBLEM THE PROBLEM 75 % 35 % 10 % THE PLAN THE PLAN THE TIMELINE THE TIMELINE 2017 2008 2013 2005 2010

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Transcript: Bringing Technology & Creativity Together “The internet has become one of the most important channels to communicate with customers, We have reached 9.2 million of internet users in Saudi Arabia that shows (35%) of population and 2% (1.8 million) of them are using DSL connection.” Ministry of communication and information technology report 2009 The Opportunity From a quick surf on the Saudi leading companies we can come to the conclusion that they either: doesn't have websites yet. have poor designed websites. have well designed but not functional websites. Few have their online strategy (branding, positioning, marketing… etc) Social Media And Viral Marketing boom 2.3 Milloion Facebook users in Saudi Arabia Threats Market immaturity (new, undefined) Lack of awareness of the importance of online presence Freelancers and IT companies providing cheap and off-the-shelf products Quantum Online Services: A unit offering professional web design, web development and Internet marketing solutions. Our Approach everything we do should begin with a sound strategy. once the strategic roadmap is in place, we develop solutions that often include a combination of online marketing, website development and the technologies that drive them Services Solutions CMS: to manage clients online profile and online forms CRM: this application to keep track of customers data Online Marketing: Pay per click Social Media Kit Pricing The market prices vary very much according to the quality of work, generally The price depends on the cost of the following factors 1- Technology used (Open source VS licenced ..etc) 2- Technical requirements (domain registration, Hosting .. Etc) 3- Project scale 4- the design cost (Quantum) 5- Business model (offshore, inhouse…etc) 6- Operating cost Sample of agencies quotations Tamm Communication 49,000 Gluetube 102,000 WM 158.216 Beehive 44,000 NETWAYS 11,0000 Thank You Next Steps? Business Model Difficult to manage Communication time consumption Experts Lower cost Outsourced _______________________________________________________________________________________ Structure Creativity Content development (copywriting and design) Strategy offshore Web Head 100 million users worldwide Online research & strategy planning Technical manager (online marketing specialist) Multimedia services (viral videos, animation) No commitment Difficult to manage _______________________________________________________________________________________ disadvantages Higher cost Lack of talents Grow and Analyse _______________________________________________________________________________________ of what we do Best _______________________________________________________________________________________ Web Design & development Designers 500 Million Users worldwide High commitment Fully engage in the projects More credibility long term investment 2.3 Milloion Facebook users in Saudi Arabia Is a Open source Developer Big Idea Client service executive Technology Concept platform Marketing Search Engine Optimization Advantages Quantum Online Services Interactive Agency 2 Billion views a day 24 Hrs of video uploaded every minute Mashup Model Design & Development without E-commerce Gateway Developing Corporate website and E-commerce Gateway Lower cost On demand Maintenance and support Soon, Being offline will not be an option _______________________________________________________________________________________ In house

Digital template

Transcript: Open: adoption of original digital date by other CAD software and CAM devices Working principle Light source The necessity of powder coat spraying Operative process Output file format Company: Sirona Working principle: Active triangulation and optical microscopy Light source: visible blue light Imaging type: multiple images Necessity of coating In office milling Output format: proprietary closed Intraoral Digital Systems E4D CEREC Trios planscan Lava C.O.S iTero E4D True definition scanner cs3500 Impression Optical technology Single image camera CEREC Omnicam Preparation Hard to get to the undercuts with this technology DIGITAL IMPRESSION Planmeca Plan Scan Intra-oral Scanner Trios Widen the offering for your customers Produce in the material the dentist wants Open your options – internal or external manufacturing Open data* Dentists face problem in daily life Messy materials Tedious and time taking Tongue and saliva Discomfort to patient Make more units per day Get fast digital workflows Reduce labor-intense processes Integrates directly with their software with cone beam and digital x-rays Total integration with planmeca software Scanner is manufactured by E4D Laptop or PC compatible Blue laser Elastomers Agar-Agar (Reversible Hydrocolloid) Tooth Coating with Triangulation/Sampling 3M ESPE Active wavefront sampling Pulsating visible blue light Video Necessity of coating No in-office proprietary IOS Fast Scan Lava C.O.S Alginate (Irreversible Hydrocolloid) iTero System Compete with low-cost labs and chairside milling Increase profit per unit Expand your offerings and services Finishing Create high quality prosthetics Polyvinyl Siloxane (Addition Silicone) Polysulfide (Rubber Base, Thiokol) Triangulation/Sampling scanners require the teeth to be coated with titanium oxide to avoid light scattering These optical impression are superior in technology and know for its accuracy, saves the patients and dentists time with a few laboratory procedures and patients comfort. But it has limitations like high cast , and specialised equipment requirement. Lava COS Waxing Extra-oral Scanners Cadent company Parallel confocal microscopy Red laser ( Photographing) Multiple images Non coating No in office milling Proprietary or selective STL open . The Main Intraoral Digital Systems Silicone (Conventional, Condensation) Classification System Based on Properties of Set Materials Planmeca PlanScan classification of CAD/CAM systems Closed: All the steps are integrated in the unique system Movable - one single cable to the laptop Open .stl files Different tip sizes - all cases can be scanned, even trauma patients with difficulties to open the jaw Powder free scanning Live video capturing - ultra fast pattern triangulation Very fast surface recognition - easy to let patient rest and continue the scanning anywhere Computerized milling device iTero Water-Based Gel Communication with patients True Definition Scanner( 3M) CAM IOS Fastscan CEREC Omnicam – Scanning Simplicity E4D (D$D Technologies) iTero(cadent) 3D progress(MHT) Planmeca planscan Conclusion rapid prototyping computer-aided manufacturing. (CAD-CAM) STL files describe only the surface geometry of a three dimensional object without any representation of color, texture or other common CAD model attributes. (Wikipedia) Increase productivity Problems faced with conventional impression making CAM Classification of Intraoral Scanners Data acquisition unit: digital impression Software for designing virtual restorations Open Blue LED Powder required No color image Imaging type: filming ( video) Image acquisition unit Increase profits and stay competitive Potential benefits for Dentists, Patients and Labs CAD Laser technology Eliminating Steps at the Office Intuitive orientation in the patient’s mouth Good differentiation between tooth structure and gingival Differentiation from amalgam, gold or composite CAD/CAM Systems Advantages of chair side oral scanner Impression data can be processed with the aid of the inLab software (via Sirona Connect) or third-party software (export inLab design data via the Open inLab interface When you scan with Itero or a dental cast scanner , you get an STL file STL means stereoiithographic file. STL are wideiy used for: Why go digital? Stone Model STL are wideiy used for: 3D Progress Type of file obtained Provide more indications and materials The challenge of PVS Impressions Thank you CAM Powder-free scanning 3D impressions in natural color Casting Traditional L.Nasiry Khanlar Scanner Up to 1000 3D pictures for true geometries Polyether CAD Rigid Impression Compound (optical impression) Video camera It captures a thousands of 3D data sets in few seconds It captures a motion picture This scanner quickly captures 3D and renders a 3D model instantaneously CAD Impression Plaster DDS,MS( Operative Dentistry) ASSISTANT PROFESSOR & RESEACHER D4D Technologies company Optical coherence tomography and confocal microscopy Laser Multiple images Occasionally

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Transcript: 1. Meet with families! 2. Document Case Notes 3. Help families in meeting their goals and needs. 4. Check in! 5. Making plans of action Accessed by personal , family support, or CPW referral, or court order. Moms and Tots Hope you enjoyed it! Children ages 0 - 21 and primary care givers, legal guardians, and biological parents. Last Year = 3.5 Accessed by referral from child protection worker, or court order. To help parents to be better parents. Teaching them ways to keep their children safe from neglect or abuse. The End :) Relationship Domain: Student uses personal authority appropriately in routine situations. "We protect children and youth from abuse or neglect by ensuring their safety in a permanent and nurturing environment in partnership with families and the community. Family Support 3 Goals! More interaction with children/youth less structured Last Year vs. This Year 5 Tasks! Catchment Area This Year = 4 Communication Domain: Student completes written documentation adhering to professional standards. Approach and Philosophy are congruent. Our ultimate goal is to protect children and youth. Everything we do is in the best interest of the child. - Family Support - Casual Family Access Worker - Moms & Tots Program Coordinator Self Domain: Student evaluates effectiveness of self care strategies in various areas. A little more information Casual Family Access Provide education for moms and dads that have children ages 0 - 6. Providing cooking courses, as well as basic skills such as feeding, burping, and changing. Teaching how to deal with temper tantrums. Teaching how to bond and form attachment. Congruency Families across Elgin County, and Middlesex County Approach Mental Health Act Supervising interactions between parents/extended family and their children. Intervening during inappropriate interactions. Documenting all interactions of child-parent during visits. Philosophy Education Act Governing Legislation's Accessed by court order. Programs Client Population Where I want to work in future More time with supervisor Independent In home support and education in the areas of behaviour management to families with an open child protection family. Family Must be at risl of having their children removed or to exedite the return of a child. Family and Children Services, Elgin Family and Children Services Act I am passionate for what I do. Its not a job, its a lifestyle.


Transcript: Digital Production House  These shops focus on producing top notch creative work from client or agency briefs. Digital Think Tanks  These shops don’t actually produce anything. Full Service Digital Agencies  Many of these shops began as digital production houses but have evolved their strategic capabilities. DIGITAL AGENCY NATIONAL Digital Presence Strategy a subsidiary of Profescipta PT Profescipta Wahanateknik Titan Building 3rd floor Jl. Slamet Riyadi no.7 - Matraman Jakarta 13150 P +62 21 858 0515 F +62 21 858 1561 Background : It was founded in 1993 In 2009  New business unit called DiPStrategy was established within Profescipta as an independent business unit that use online media as a marketing tools. Digital Presence Strategy (DiPS) is an independent business unit from PT. Profescipta Wahanatehnik specialized in the Online Presence Strategy, Implementation a Management. It use websites (and its related products) to serve as marketing tools and online engagement toward end user. It helps company to tap the online market by formulating and developing online strategy specific for the company or the brand that they represent. “But even with all that, we are nothing. We are nothing without your story. Its your story that driven us this far and we intend to keep it that way.” Who are the core team? Regular quizz and scoring mechanism Representative Sample INTERNATIONAL 45 Main St.Suite 716Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 222-0281 Michael Lebowitz, Founder and CEO Ranae Heuer, Managing Director Krisno Wisnuadi, Managing Director How do they work? By : Elisabeth Denok Subiyakti SILVERQUEEN How do they come up with the idea? They focus on the point at which digital helps people interact with brands and businesses. Big Spaceship’s approach is grounded firmly in the brand values, business goals, consumer behavior and cultural context in which their clients operate. How do they work? Search Engine Optimizer Case Study What is Digital Agency? Social Media Management Use every page to get kids offline inspiring the users so they can creating. Arm parents and teachers with seasonal creativity resources presenting seasonal games, coloring pages and other activities right on the home page. On, moms can filter creative activities by age, as well as topic category and even the primary colors used in the activity. Crayola has always been an authority on color, and we emphasize that expertise on the new site. Every visitor to the site to be reminded of the limitless possibility in a box of crayons or pack of markers --> Crayola uses drawings from real kids and friendly, handwritten typography to create the look and feel of the site. Social media management at Twitter and Facebook SOURCE • Commonwealth Bank • ANZ Bank Indonesia • CIMB Niaga • Bank Tabungan Negara • Sharp Electronics • Hitachi Modern Sales • Hotel Nuansa Bali • Hotel Taman Sari • Kalbe Farma • Konimex • Sinar Mas • Wismilak Diplomat • British Chamber of Commerce • Etude house Digital Presence Strategy (DiPS) provides powerful online media strategic plan to promote business product, such as : its pretty clear... Past Web Manager at Precision Group Experienced more than 12 years of progressive advancement in the Creative and IT industry, serving as Designer, GameDesigner/Programmer, Web Analyst, Project Manager, Creative Development Manager, and Head of Online Services. Who are the core team? Main Website Active Client List Julius Rachim Rachmantio PH.d, Business Director How do they come up with the idea? Matthew Lipson, VP Client Strategy & Engagement Selected Work A series of online activation for SilverQueen Chocolate with the tagline “Santai belum lengkap tanpa SilverQueen.” A company that provides creative, strategic and technical development of screen-based products and services. As the President Director of Profescipta Wahana Teknik, he knows the IT industry inside-out. Having experienced on creating and deploying numerous custom application for various industry has made him an exceptional strategic planner and decision maker.

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