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Department Planning Presentation Template

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Presentation - Planning Department

Transcript: DEPARTMENT PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT URBAN DEVELOPMENT ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN DEVELOPMENT URBAN PLANNING Master Planning and Urban Design Administering Planning and Development Guidelines M A N D A T E S URBAN PLANNING SECTION Managing Mega Urban Developments MAJOR PROJECTS SEZ Development & Infrastructure Cruise Terminal Commercial - Central Business District D E V E L O P M E N T S O F U R B A N P L A N N I N G S E C T I O N Parks - Heritage Island Housing & Supporting Facilities Recreational - Water Theme Park ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN Design and Development of Architectural Design Projects Project Management M A N D A T E S ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN SECTION Concept Formulation MAJOR PROJECTS Indoor Sports Complex D E V E L O P M E N T S O F A R C H I T E C T U R A L D E S I G N S E C T I O N Local Market & Food Court Community Center CIVICS SPORTS & RECREATIONAL INSTITUTIONAL N1 School COMMERCIAL Centro Mini Mall Community Center N2 Fiyavathi Green Office Building Mosque CONTI... D E V E L O P M E N T S O F A R C H I T E C T U R A L D E S I G N S E C T I O N INFRASTRUCTURE Channel Bridge INDUSTRIAL Distribution Center Road Work Shore Protection Warehouse Shell Industrial Garadge CORPORATE HDC Building Renovation - 3rd Floor Hiyaavehi RESIDENTIAL Corporate Housing Prototype HDC Building Renovation - 3rd Floor LANDSCAPING Landscaping Design of Parks and Recreational Spaces Beautification of Existing Open and Green Spaces LANDSCAPING SECTION M A N D A T E S MAJOR PROJECTS Community Park Neighborhood & Pocket Park Central Park P A R K S A N D R E C R E A T I O N S RECREATIONAL COMMUNAL Community Garden BEAUTIFICATION Road Verges/Hedges Water Fountain Beach Coast Channel Park LEISURE AND COMMERCIAL GIS AND SURVEYING Utility Network Planning Managing and Developing a GIS System Land Surveying and Demarcation M A N D A T E S GIS AND SURVEYING SECTION GIS G E O G R A P H I C A L I N F O R M A T I O N S Y S T E M ( G I S ) Open Data Site 3D Mapping GIS Portal 2D Mapping Field Apps Survey/Workforce Surveying S U R V E Y I N G Foundation Checks Levelling Asbuilt & Cadastral Surveys Bathymetry Survey Boundary Demarcation DVAV / Drone Survey RESEARCH Policy Direction Papers Smart City Projects Developments of BREEAM Sustainability Rating RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT UNISDR : Making Cities Disaster Resilient Collaborative Bodies C O L L A B O R A T I V E W O R K S W I T H I N T E R N A T I O N A L B O D I E S Developments of BREEAM Sustainability Rating Smart Cities Project Making Hulhumale' Disaster Resilient

Planning Department

Transcript: Grant from Iowa Department of Public Health through IARC Create a plan that identifies projects to improve the health of the community IEDA Site Certification One in New London and two in Fort Madison Necessary to utilize Tax Increment Financing Passenger Transportation Plan Current Projects Document required by Iowa DOT to identify regional transit gaps and needs Mount Pleasant RISE Grant Partnering with Deb Hedger of SCC Economics Department Have two students work on two projects related to collecting data and statistical analysis - SEIBUS Review and Brownfields Database Hazard Mitigation Plans Worked with LCEDG and private property owner on a state site certification application Completed Step 2 of application Working on Step 3 of application Brownfields Assessment Grant Urban Renewal Plans Grant provides funding for projects tied to job office and industrial development Will cover 50% of costs to build roads in Mount Pleasant business park Working on grant application for a community wide Brownfield Assessment Grant Cover costs for Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments Region wide with a Henry and Lee County Plan updates Identify projects to mitigate damage from future hazards such as flooding or tornados SCC Partnership Passenger Transportation Plan Hazard Mitigation Plans Wapello Fit for Life IEDA Site Certification Brownfields Assessment Grant Mount Pleasant RISE Grant Urban Renewal Plans SCC Partnership Wapello Fit for Life Planning Department

Planning Department

Transcript: Financial Discount Rates ---> Portfolio Costs and Expenses ---> Operations Price Forecast ---> Economist Cashflow Constraints ---> Portfolio ? Meet client objectives using variety of data Biological Financial Regulatory Use Woodstock model to optimize Review with all interested parties Portfolio Resource Planning Operations Field Staff Valuations Revise, remodel, repeat Biological Forest Inventory ---> Resources Growth and Yield ---> Biometrician Soils, Site Index, Slope ---> GIS Woodstock Questions Planning Department Regulatory Operational Constraints ---> Field Staff Environmental Regulations Fiber Supply Agreements SFI Long Term Plans Strategic models (50-100 years) Short term tactical Schedule management activities Baseline for internal valuations Update at least every 5 years Data Inputs How Review Iterative process of informal and formal review Assumptions Review meeting Field staff meetings Operational Review meeting Investment Committee Review meeting Reports to illustrate results and important metrics Stand lists for field to review Many players, everyone must be on board For LTP finalization must be accepted by IC Why LTPs provide woodflows and acres for Timber Investment Model Internal valuations Cashflow expectations LTPs used as a guide for tactical operations and budgeting Harvest Target Updates also important Many moving parts Frequent changes of inputs Optimize Who we are What we do Model Anatomy Similar to database Spatial data has stand attributes Yield tables for all stands Section for all possible actions (plant, harvest, thin, fertilize, etc.) Section for all transitions (what happens after the action) Section defining all outputs Section to establish LP function and constraints Matrix creation with all possible options Model chooses optimal solution Harvest Target Updates Reassess harvest targets during annual budgeting Deviate from LTP for many reasons Linear Optimization Allocate limited resources to competing activities Only one objective function All our models have same objective: Maximize NPV Deterministic, no randomness Use Woodstock

Planning - presentation template

Transcript: Planning - presentation template Sylwia Gut EC1526670 Analysis - The purpose of the application and the end-product Analysis - The purpose of the application and the end-product Client To the client ESCA (Edinburgh College Students Association) is running a two year project to help students live more sustainably. This includes cycle training, travel planning, fuel efficiency driver training and climate change education. Users To the users ESCA have commissioned you to create a four page website. The website must be engaging in design, include a minimum of two types of media and it must be easy to navigate between all four pages. Analysis - Application functionality Analysis - Application functionality First application function: First application function Generating random tips SWOT Analysis Second application function: Second application function Converting petrol distance, cost of petrol, amount of journeys and eventually will show the costs of petrol Application Design – Interface Design The key tasks Identify the key tasks required to develop the game Planning Developing Testing Evaluation Planning List each planning task Home page Tip Generator Case Study Petrol converter Development List each development task Creating home page Creating random tip generator Creating second page Creating petrol converter Testing List each testing task Navigation Testing input base and output work etc Identify what resources are required to develop the application Identify what resources are required to develop the application Hardware Hardware Personal Computer Keyboard Mouse Internet connection (router) USB pen drive Software Software Brackets – Alternative Dreamweaver, visual studio code Web browser Microsoft project – alternative Excel, Word PowerPoint – Alternative Prezi Microsoft Word – Google docs Paint net – alternative Photoshop Project plan Link or screen capture of your project plan file Questions? Thank you

Planning Department

Transcript: To be a renowned media production, service-provider in the pursuit of quality Filipino media messages. MISSION Bautista, Bernardo, Lumutan, Mabalot, Pagsanjan, San Agustin, Veluz, Zamora DJ Lindsay works at 106.7 Energy FM graduated in Broadcast Communication at the University of the East Manila JAN NICA RIVERO works at ABS-CBN Film Productions Inc. (Star Cinema) lecturer/instructor at Jhanyro Events Management Service theater actor at Gatimpala Theater Foundation graduated Broadcast Communication at the University of the East Manila an event host and events executive at Business Sense Financial Advisors A program coordinator at Solid Ground Consulting graduated AB Broadcasting at the University of the East Manila DEPARTMENT DIP B. MARIPOSQUE PLANNING East Media Incorporated - Manila is an empowered media entity who has the mission to serve the Filipino audience with infotainment and educational contents in an endeavor to create the standards in media production. CHRISTINE BUENAFLOR LARA HALE currently owns a cupcake shop called Sweetness Overload graduate at the University of the East Manila VISION OBJECTIVE OBJECTIVE This 2018, East Media Incorporated Manila will be having a seminar about broadcasting career overview in a way that is helpful and informative for the aspiring media practitioners. TITLE Fresh: Dive Into the World of Opportunities PROGRAM FLOW CONTENT Prayer National Anthem Launching of Company Name Opening Remarks Introduction of Speakers 1st Speaker Intermission 2nd Speaker 15 minutes break 3rd Speaker Closing Remarks UE Hymn WHERE: WHERE We have included Plans A and Plan B for emergency purposes PLAN A Plan A: SFC BRIEFING ROOM PLAN B Plan B 6TH FLOOR POD-CIT BUILDING MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATION ROOM 1 WHEN WHEN Finals Week / 3rd week of October WHO WHO Audience are BD1A or JO1A and 3 guest speakers LIST OF GUEST SPEAKERS We have a list of possible guest speakers

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