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Deloitte Presentation

Transcript: With the ever increasing demand for companies to report more and faster information, how do you think the audit profession might have to adapt going forward? - Increasing Uncertainty and Regulations - Adapting to Reporting More - Adapting to Reporting Faster - Conclusions Increasing demand Overview of the Presentation Report more Improve technical knowledge- regulations, financial instruments  training Enhanced computerized systems to improve accuracy and efficiency Excellent communication and relationship management with clients Challenge: - More information needs to be reported at a faster rate - More work needs to be done in an efficient manner Adapt by: - Standardisation: Computerisation (Audit Transformations) - Strategizing: Analyze key areas in companies - Build on training and expertise - Better understanding of client’s business and processes would be required - Better communication with clients to; Understand their business better To share regulatory expertise of complying with new accounting standards Caution: - Faster work may increase the risk of inaccuracy More computerised systems to decrease systematic risk and improve manual recording system - More time has to be spent with clients - More training has to be done to make staff more efficient Challenge; Greater dimensions of existing information. Eg. Capital (Basel 3) Greater complexity of new information eg. coco bonds Better communication with regulators Adapt by; Demonstrate an improved expertise that is capable of keeping up with more complicated information systems Auditors could specialize further within their industries Increased use of computer assisted audit technology to cope with more detailed information Eg. IBM Cognos Controller Finding more opportunities to add value to the client’s business Caution; Higher costs of training – keeping up to date with new regulations - Out Sourcing - Better budgeting management Becoming overly specialised might lead to lack of flexibility in performing audits in other industries - IASB’s amendments to IFRS 7 Enhance the disclosure requirements on transfers of financial assets - Updates to International Accounting Standards Increase in financial reporting disclosure by companies - Financial institutions: BASEL 3 Vickers Report Dodd Frank Act - Insurance companies: Solvency 2 - Environmental regulations Conclusion Regulations Report Faster - Financial Crisis - Euro zone Crisis - Accounting misconduct e.g. Enron, PwC - Stakeholder demands - Increased Regulations

Deloitte Presentation

Transcript: SERVICE-BASED ORGANISATION PRESENTATION FARIZ IKHWAN [W22068356] > INTRODUCTION A prominent international provider of consulting, tax & legal, financial advising, audit & assurance, and associated services Expanded in size and variety over 150 years Roughly 312,000 employess in 150 countries, maintaining the same common culture Four out of every five Fortune Global 500® corporations are served by this firm Deloitte | About Us ABOUT DELOITTE. Transparency | Accountability | Reporting > COMPANY OVERVIEW Strategy Business Model Customer Segments COMPANY OVERVIEW Deloitte's Business and Operations Value Proposition Three main value propositions: Brand, Innovation, and Accessibility. Fosters accessibility by providing a wide range of choices. Expansion through acquisitions to expand its array of skills. Cleverism | Deloitte Deloitte operates under a mainstream market business strategy with no distinction between its various clientele. The business targets businesses looking for consultancy and advisory services with its solutions. Deloitte | Customer Strategy and Segmentation Five services for Deloitte's business model: Audit, Consulting, Financial Advising, Risk Advisory, Artificial Intelligence, and Analytics. Generating profits by providing high-end services to Fortune 500 corporations. Deloitte's consulting provided 40% of the company's overall income in 2021. Startup Talky (2022) | Deloitte Business Model - How Does Deloitte Make Money? Combining cutting-edge techniques with deep industry expertise to assist executives in resolving their most important choices, generating value, and succeeding in change. Management Consulted (2021) | Deloitte Strategy & Operations (S&O) Consulting BUSINESS SEGMENTS > SERVICES Audit and Enterprise Risk Services - Audit and accounting services, internal auditing, and assurance of IT control in audit services. Enterprise risk management, data quality/integrity, information security/privacy, project risk, and business continuity management services in enterprise risk services. In 2015, the two sub-segments were responsible for 38% of revenue. Consulting - Enterprise applications, strategy & operations, technological integration, temporary outsourcing, and human resources are all included in consulting services. constituted 35% of sales in 2015. Financial Advising Services - Include capital projects consulting, personal/commercial bankruptcy services, forensics, dispute, e-discovery, advisory, valuation, and other corporate finance services. constituted 9% of sales in 2015. Taxes - Federal, state, and local taxes as well as advisory services, net asset value, and transfer pricing. constituted 19% of sales in 2015. Professional services are offered by Deloitte. The business runs four distinct reportable business segments: Startup Talky (2021) | Deloitte Business Model Secrets > ANALYSIS SERVICE OFFERING ANALYSIS Analyzing an organization's service offering is important for understanding the needs of its customers, identifying opportunities for improvement, generating new revenue streams, and staying competitive in the market. Here is how Deloitte's services offering can be analyzed using the services marketing theory listed. > CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (CX) Deloitte places a strong emphasis on providing a positive customer experience to its clients. The firm has implemented various measures to ensure that its clients have a seamless and enjoyable experience. To achieve this, they provide personalized services, using technology to improve efficiency, and offering online resources and support. Deloitte | Creating Effective Customer Experience Strategies CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPPING > CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPPING Deloitte uses customer journey mapping to understand the various touchpoints and interactions that its clients have with the firm and to identify opportunities to improve the customer experience. This includes mapping out the steps that clients go through when engaging with Deloitte, such as filling out forms, attending meetings, and receiving reports. Deloitte Digital Malta | Customer Journey Mapping & Experience SERVICE DESIGN > SERVICE DESIGN Deloitte uses service design to create innovative and effective solutions for its clients. The firm employs a range of design techniques, such as prototyping and user testing, to ensure that its services meet the needs of its clients. | Deloitte Digital, Product & Service Design – User Experience Designer, Consultant or Senior Consultant – Defence, Security and Justice, London CUSTOMER SATISFACTION & LOYALTY > CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND LOYALTY Deloitte is committed to ensuring that its clients are satisfied with the services they receive. The firm regularly surveys its clients to gauge their satisfaction levels and uses this feedback to make improvements to its services. In addition, Deloitte has programs in place to reward its most loyal clients, such as through exclusive events and discounts. Deloitte | Customer

Deloitte Presentation 3.28.14

Transcript: Lack of Follow-Through & Under-resilient DOPE Prospecting DOPE 4 years Know the Format Know What they are Looking For Know How you Stack-up? Know your Game-plan Practice Q&A Truth College Text questions to 22333 or Shout them out GRADUATION DAY!!! FOUNDATION Listen Evidence Goals We Ownership Reverse Technology Know your audience Me School does not teach you how to be successful in the working world... Topics for Today Mentorship Decision Point... Texting Encouraged! Text answers to 22333 Childhood You Work The Path School does NOT teach you how to be successful in the working world... YOU Communication Corp Logo Effective Communication Positive Attitude Networks Professionalism Integrity Coachability Gives Back Gets Results Entitled + Impatient = The Gap Q&A Junior Start >> CAN'T How we see ourselves Senior D O P E EXTERIOR Tools Freshman 40 years Ownership Pick them, don't just let them pick you Look for transferable skills, not just passion Company Culture Online & Offline Format & Types Results & Experience Keywords/Filtering Tailor the message Standing Out G, B & U ME STAR Millennials "Open Door" Follow-ups Allow Mistakes Tools Junior MANAGING Managing Cross Functionally Influencing & Empowering Others Navigating Competing Priorities The Contingency Approach Avoid Being Pigeon-Holed How we really are You will get a raise every year Higher performance ratings = higher raise Top performers get their way You are smarter than everyone else You can behave just like in college You are rewarded for being loyal All your co-workers will support you Career Ask for Input PARTNER The Night Before The Day Of Offense vs. Defense Answering Questions Asking Questions Ecosystem 650-303-4943 Resumes & Job Interviews What do you want to discuss today? Principles vs. Methods Stages Success = Passion x Skill for formal authority Interviews WIIFM TEAM obey b/c of your College 1. Give Power Carrot + Stick Sophomore isses pportunity otential & arnings Networking Positive 5. Opinions Aaron McDaniel How others see us Delegate A manager's power comes from their formal position Myth CAREER Take Burden The Translator Un-Entitled Patience Flexibility Is a Fast Learner Makes it about the Team Follow-Through Perspective Pride in What You Do Self Awareness Customer Centric Act "as if" Makes Decisions Creative Resourceful Asks Takes Action Multi-tasks Myths The Negotiator Two-Way SUCCESS = PASSION x SKILL avvy enacious daptive esourceful Manager wield significant power and freedom Smart Risks YouTube!!! Traditional Mini Mentors Peer Two-Way Format Points to Make Let your Brand Shine Standing Out G, B & U ? A little background on Aaron... -Aaron McDaniel Prioritize Negative Myths & Truths of Managing FRAME Skill vs. Will 6. Get the Issues to Career Centers Blogs & Articles Friends (Proof Readers) LinkedIn Doing Their Best Growing Up They often won't listen All you need to know in your career, you learn from... High School High School Tech Savvy Want Value Work/Life Integration Want to Stay at one company for a while 3. Boss Stay in touch... Managers often have less freedom The True Key to Career Success: It's Not What YOU Do, It's What You Can Get Others to Do Attitude Test: Remember to do the LEGWORK: Customer Internal + External 2. Preparation Play The "Why" S T A R The Filter SATs & College Apps UNmotivated UNengaged DISloyal Media Appearances Consensus Polls & Questions Current Employees Recent Grads Events Social Network Connections STAR Attributes Subordinates will Competing Interests A gift for you... Debrief Afterward Thank You Notes 30-60-90 Day Plans Seek Feedback Offer Negotiations Consistency No Ego Follow-Through 4 years Stay in Touch Power comes from credibility & trust Multiple Skill-sets Create Alternatives Diverse Experiences Grow Comfort Zone Spread the Word The STAR vs. The DOPE CLIENT Cover Letters Momentum External Party Work Writing Entrepreneurship Community Avoid Being Pigeon-holed PROJECT Which path will you choose? Resumes Organizations Worked With Goal Connect Empathy The Young Professional's Guide Coach for Discovery building, guiding and motivating your team to achieve awesome results Person vs. Situation BOSS The Advocate STAR Internal Party Document TRY 4. Let's Chat How? (A) Slow it Down (B) Take Ownership (C) Leverage Mentors (D) Focus on your Strengths (E) Get Results (F) Value Experience (G) Stay in one Place for a little bit The Working World Freshman Senior Sophomore You! is my job? Success in the first 60 Days Who What Why Where How am I here? do I position myself? do I manage?

Deloitte presentation

Transcript: Our strategy Our strategy Prevent breast cancer Prevent breast cancer Sacha Howell is: Studying the effect of ulipristal acetate on breast tissue Seeing whether it could be used in chemoprevention Stop deaths from breast cancer Stop deaths from breast cancer Ingunn Holen is looking at: Why breast cancer cells spread to the bone How tumour and bone cells talk to each other Improve the lives of those affected Improve the lives of those affected Nick Turner hopes to use crizotinib in patients with lobular breast cancer Our strategy Prevent breast cancer Our strategy Stop deaths from breast cancer Improve the lives of those affected by breast cancer The research pathway The research pathway Basic research Basic research Tony Swerdlow and Olivia Fletcher are working on the The Generations Study 113,000 women taking part Following them over 40 years Questionnaires, blood samples, mammograms, exercise records Genetic, environmental and life style factors Translational research Translational research Spiros Linardopoulos and Chris Lord are: Finding new targets Developing drugs Solving the problem of resistance Clinical research Clinical research David Buckley is using MRI to: Measure blood flow in a tumour Predict who will respond to chemotherapy Debbie Fenlon wants to know whether cognitive behavioural therapy delivered by a nurse will: help patients deal with treatment symptoms improve their quality of life Patient-focussed research Patient-focussed research The research pathway The research pathway Basic research Translational research Clinical research Patient-focussed research How we fund How we fund Build teams to attack difficult problems Attract support from other funders Build a strong research and training environment Long term funding Long term funding Research Centre Research Units Tissue Bank Generations Study Short term funding Short term funding Respond quickly to good ideas Support new researchers Fund in a larger number of universities Project grants PhD students Pilot Grants Scientific Fellowships Commissioned research

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