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Strategy Template

Transcript: STRENGTHS Combination of catalog protective products and custom molding capabilities is a differentiator Qualified vendor at most medical device manufacturers Brand recognition in the Design Engineering community Quality system that understands needs of medical customers Library of standard materials with supporting certifications increases customer’s confidence and expedites approval WEAKNESSES Lack of clear direction on types of opportunities to pursue Sales team’ technical sales capabilities Industrial manufacturing company trying to add Medical Capabilities (e.g. automation, cleanliness) organically, competing against specialized, existing Medical Molders Significant gaps in non-protective/functional catalog product offering Lack of Strategic sourcing to support Long quote turnaround on custom opportunities THREATS Updated costing on cannulas shows this is not profitable and we will likely lose all of this revenue ~$500K in addition to $550K already lost Long sales cycle and frequency of product development stalls/cancellations Decline in number of new product introductions due to FDA (recalls and slower 510k/PMA) Low cost off shore sources for functional products Directives to move away from vinyl OPPORTUNITIES Promote Extrusion capabilities to support orthopedic and other packaging Traditional and Specialized materials Focus on Custom, Manufactured Silicone Poor market perception of Qosina due to pricing Show how things would improve Pro Conclusion Con SWOT EXAMPLE Describe the next steps Describe the desired state Get your audience excited Idea 2 Pro Pro Con Con Refer back to the pros and cons Idea 1 How problems can be resolved Pro Describe the idea you think is best Strategy Recommendation What if we do nothing? Medical Segment Dashboard Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures Explain how it will help Con

Company Strategy

Transcript: Lost a well-performing market Left us short of profits in the next round It was too early to leave a market that was still improving Trying to enter a new market without sufficient profits in previous rounds Lack of equity due to loss of sales in TKL-17 meant we couldn't finance new manufacturing equipment Time needed to manufacture DVD-A led to drop in production of TKL-32 as well THese 2 factors made sure that we can't improve our financial standing for a long time One round of 0% margins on nearly 100% production Inability to produce enough for other markets due to commitment given to SAME SONG Crippling margins and lack of funds for production expansion BIGGEST FAILURE TEAM A3 CONTRACTS We were able to reach the first objective of satibilizing our financial situation With regards to the investment in the machine, we didn’t obtain the loan that we were waiting for. Therefore we did an other investment (in R&D). We didn't manage to increase production capacity. Our decisions have changed but we still introduce new markets. Reduce communication/distribution budgets Good on the level of motivation of our employees MOST SIGNIFICANT ACHIEVEMENT To sum up... "Houston, we need a loan!" THANK YOU! oBJECTIVES SUCCESSES Team Apollo 13 Alize Blouin Sébastien Tubeuf Karine Coquemont Arun Prasad Nagarajan Florent Duval ACTION PLANS Capitalize on the stabilisation Forecast and recommandations FAILURES APOLLO 13 Quick improvement and stabilization of the starting situation increase in prices to make profits (production capacity at maximum & demand higher than offer) optimization of the production capacity: share the production according to the margins of each product, few stocks good indices: social and technological follow-up of the market through market studies After one year: good market shares (14% for TKL 17 and 15% for TKL 32) objectives of new product-market development(s) EXITING TKL17-HYPERMARKETS Introduce TKL 32 in specialized stores in order to use our full production capacity TARGETS NOT INCREASING OUR PRODUCTION CAPABILITY BRAND IMAGE SHORTCOMINGS Improve working capital capacity Stabilise financial situation and optimize the setup for steady improvement of equity Maintain near 100% production efficiency Improve production capabilities at the earliest Obtain first mover advantage in all high-end markets Be the leader in TKP-37, DVD-A and ISY SHUT-60 product markets Establish ourselves as the best brand for high quality electronic appliances SELLING DVD-A TO SAME SONG Maintain the situation and prevent any new deterioration : A three pillars strategy to recover our previous situation Recover financial health Be able to achieve our first aims Get a loan in order to develop production and reintroduce other markets A SUCCESSFUL FAILURE INITIAL OBJECTIVES

Company Strategy Presentation

Transcript: Nasser George Strengths Microsoft owns MSN which is a big part of everyday e-mailing for people and businesses. Hardworking and loyal workforce to get work down and produce new innovations. Famous software like Microsoft Office which most people use Globally known all around the world for their operating systems. Weaknesses Most products use just a single operation and is not all in one. Employee turnover went from 6% to 7.4% Sales have fallen for operating systems. Opportunities Cheaper global telecommunication prices create new markets as people connect to the Internet Popularity among people for Internet access Demand for computers is strong despite the growth and popularity of hand held devices. Threats -Apple, Google, Oracle, Linux and Sony -Iphone 5, Google Chrome, Android, PlayStation 3 Luckily, Microsoft has such a monopoly on the PC operating system game that their buyers have no choice but to purchase Windows. In this instance, more buyers means less power for individuals. However, customers do have power if they purchase in large volumes. Companies willing to upgrade to Windows 7 have a lot of power. Threat of substitute for Windows is low, even with the developments Mac OS X has made. In order for users to switch over to Mac OS X, they would have to buy an Apple computer. These machines are, on average, much more expensive for the same amount of money. While some people do it, many people cannot explain the extra cost. Linux could show some threat of substitute as it is a free fully functioning stable GUI, but many users would see the continual manual updating as a hassle and do not want to take the time to learn how to overcome the related tech obstacles. The threat of entry for Microsoft is somewhat low for all of their divisions. In the personal computing business, they have a hold of the majority share of operating systems that are used by buyers/consumers. At this time, there is really only one main competitor with any real market share, which would be Apple and the Max OS X. Overview of our company Strategies used by Microsoft Microsoft launched Windows 8 and also made a deal with china so they would have Windows 365 and 8. This causes diversity in another part of the world and is good because Microsoft gets recognitions for it. Microsoft now wants to make apps and go even further with that. Microsoft not only want to compete with apple but better than them starting with the app process. Microsoft wants to extend their employment recruiting by using pipeline with certain organizations such as schools and professional organizations. VMware Internal Corporate Strategy Ethics and code of conduct • Values are, integrity and honesty. • Passion for customers and technology. • Willingness to take on big challenges. • Open and respectful to customers and employees. • Top line business standards for partners and employees. Google Political -Microsoft has taxation policies - International laws for Microsoft products -Highly rated company for Operating systems. Economical - Huge money supply for research and development -Economic growth is high -Stock is doing good and rising Social - Windows used in almost every school - Many people use windows rather than mac. -Easy step-by-step instructions to use windows by the older population Message from Microsoft CEO Windows CEO, Steve Ballmer To Our Stakeholders: We’ve always believed that technology creates opportunities for people and organizations to achieve their dreams. This belief continues to drive us towards new inventions and new markets so we can impact the lives of billions of people around the world. This report shares some of the important work we’re doing in our communities, and our efforts to manage a responsible business. It explains our Citizenship actions in fiscal year 2011 and together with our annual financial report gives a complete picture of our work and highlights our focus for the year ahead. Our Citizenship work supports our mission – to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential. It is reflected in the frequent and candid interactions we have with our stakeholders – employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, partners, and neighbors – all critical to a responsible and sustainable business. The impact we have made through our Citizenship initiatives during the past year spanned disaster relief to education. For example, we developed new ways to help teachers and schools use technology to make learning more engaging. We created a new system that supports volunteerism by matching employees with nonprofits in need based on their skills. We were also honored to partner with the organizations in Japan to deploy our cloud technologies to help those affected by the earthquake and tsunami get the critical information and help needed as part of the relief and recovery efforts. At Microsoft, we believe that hope rests

Company Strategy

Transcript: Image Source: Google Earth 3 Year Vision OUR VISION Achieved sustainable growth and built greater company resilience through our commitment to our people, customers and our core values Our Mission To empower governments and other organisations with the tools, technology and expertise needed to address key economic, social and environmental challenges OUR MISSION Operations Operations To increase effectiveness and profitability, and support growth, we will improve our business model and cost structure To streamline operations, we will implement state-of-the-art business support systems Growth Growth To support our Vision and Mission, we will significantly increase our customer base and revenue from existing market segments To challenge ourselves, we will establish and grow our business in new market segments Customers Customers To better serve our customers, we will seek more "trusted advisor“ relationships To support global sustainability, we will leverage our expertise to champion specific SDGs For mutual benefit and promotion of our core values, we will foster partnerships with like-minded organisations People People To empower our people and deliver optimal value to our customers, we will develop highly skilled and capable teams To address future challenges and opportunities, we will become a more diverse, resilient and environmentally sustainable organisation Teamwork Teamwork Enable our collective success Creativity Creativity Be pioneering Ethical Ethical Have integrity Client Focus Client Focus Work in partnership Passion Passion Invest energy Responsibility Responsibility Own the outcome

Company strategy

Transcript: By:Abilpatta Aizhan 14/12/2022 Company strategy Content Content 1 What is a company strategy? Why is strategy important in business? 2 3 Apple Statistics 4 Conclusion 5 Introduction Introduction A company's strategy is a comprehensive management plan that should strengthen the company's position in the market and ensure the coordination of efforts, the attraction and satisfaction of customers, successful competition and the achievement of global goals. Importance Why is strategy important in business? It helps to plan key steps to achieve the goals of the enterprise, makes it possible to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen methods. Allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Types Types of strategies 1. Planned strategy. ... 2. Entrepreneurial strategy. ... 3. Ideological strategy. ... 4. Umbrella strategy. ... 5. Procedural strategy. ... 6. Unrelated strategies. ... 7. Imposed strategies. APPLE APPLE Apple is one of the world's leading manufacturers. It was able to achieve such results thanks to quality products, good marketing and advertising. Interesting fact. Apple does not use its products in movies or TV shows with bad or unhappy endings so that bad reviews and impressions of the movie do not affect their products. So, if the hero of the film has an Apple brand gadget, then the end will be good. Pros and Cons Pros and Cons of Apple 1.Quality 2.reliability 1.price 2.compatibility with other devices 3.memory statistics The main competitors of Samsung Xiaomi Redmi Conclusion A strategy is a plan of action that you will follow in the future to achieve the final goal. I hope all this information was useful. References 1,you%20serve%20to%20make%20profits. 2 3

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