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Client Final Presentation Template Management Consulting

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Management Consulting

Transcript: Objective: Provide MM with a new compnay website The user of our products is the focus of all our efforts. We are committed to excellence and continuous improvement in all our products and their prompt delivery to our global customer. We aim to provide a safe and rewarding work environment that recognizes individual achievements and promotes teamwork and communication. Given a voice Thank you & We welcome any questions Aim: Objective view Issue: No formal recruitment & selection process Recommendations: Create job descriptions Develop selection criteria Explore methods of recruiting candidates Results: Hire the right for each position Acquire language skills and knowledge For the employee: Changes in training & development, management style and the formation of teams Development For Organisation: Needs met Marketing Project Too hierarchical -> Poor communication & morale Re-branding Introduction Aim: to give the company a competitive advantage and keep up with market trends Open channels of communication Conclusion Broad skills Inefficiencies in production line Forming a focus group Facilitate change through the involvement and engagement of all employees Depending on the risk assessment Katie Neylon - Production Consultant Niall Grimes - Marketing Consultant Karen McSweeney - O.D Consultant Orla Concannon - HR Consultant Fahad Dalaimei - H&S Consultant HR Policies & Procedures Potential results Guiding values Matrix Structure Facilitate these changes through: Protect against employee claims To comply with the standards of safety set out by Health, Safety and Welfare at work Act 2005 Specialist Knowledge Supportive systems of interaction Evaluating the needs of the employees Risk Assessment TQM Culture Create employee handbook Conclusion Reward scheme Integrated and aligned systems Trade Shows Communicate values and expectations 2 Functional Teams: Organisational learning Human Resources Project No vision or mission statement I will work on the design for a company website, and I will also train members of staff to maintain the website once it's up and running SEO (Search Engine Optimization) More congruent/proactive workforce Establishment of Safety Statements Health & Safety OD will facilitate change through: Total cost of the project - €85,800 Carry out a risk assessment of the organisation and establish key projects to be addressed: Create mission statement: Aim: We would propose that the company consider sending representatives to international trade shows Aim: Exhibit and showcase your product Benefits Objective: I will Implement a niche marketing strategy Greater Motivation Values encouraged Better quality of work MM Structure Aim: The rebranding of your company will compliment the new image that we aim to achieve through a marketing strategy and creating an online presence Recruitment & Selection Issue: Weak HR policies & procedures Market Research Refurbishment of the building Recommendation: Draft HR policies for overtime/disciplinary/working conditions/attendance Improved teamwork Customer focused startegy Online Presence ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Issues? Increased willingness to change Commitment to Objectives Implement TQM model Restructure Organisation Establish mission statement Rebranding of Munster Manufacturing to MM Develop marketing strategy and online presence Implementation of organisational learning Aim: This will expose your business to new clients and will enable you to trade online. This will potentially lead to increased sales and make the business more accessible to customers OBJECTIVE: Is to give the company a new identity, through name change and rebranding Proven track record Coaching Creation of learning individuals and groups Integrated Objective: To conduct market research HOW: From Munster Manufacturing to MM Increased Productivity Overall Aims Leadership and teamwork intervention Results: Help management with decision making Aim: Build a successful company profile and achieve a significant increase in product sales Marketing Strategy Flatter structure Establish reward scheme Design recruitment and selection process Develop HR policies and procedures Comply with Health & Safety Standards Production Project Time Scale Change throughout the organization Collectively our knowledge and skills will be invaluable to your business Our Team: Creation of new canteen area & car park

Final Client Presentation

Transcript: Motivation Coaching Inc. Mission: To create people development and system strategies for clients and companies that result in increased success and business sustainability leading to greater profitability and desired outcomes of the clients. Strategic: To provide a platform that allows clients to be more successful in their field of expertise focused on increasing bottom line profitability, leadership skills and team building for future growth and development. Overall Marketing: To expand the footprint of the company's reach through targeted demographic campaigns. Situation Analysis of M.C.I. Situation analysis Strengths: 1. Unique and customized coaching and consulting plans focused on achieving client goals and objectives with a proven track record of success. 2. Provocative questioning techniques that yield clarity of focus for clients to move from being “stuck” into action that leads to desired results. (Create environment that allows clients to being vulnerable and acknowledging failures.) 3. Communication flexibility and resource applicability to best assist the client through 1-1 executive coaching, workshops, team training and profile assessments to create options for success and development. Weaknesses: 1. Lack of staff to fully support objectives. 2. 100% referral based company. (While great, this could change at any time.) 3. Reliance on company principal for the majority of direct work with clients. Opportunities: 1. Maximize the usage of credentials and experience level that is a differentiator in the marketplace through employing an active marketing strategy. 2. Develop a “go to” website that creates a landing space for existing and potential clients to experience the company offerings and learn more about potential engagement. 3. Create marketable usage of intellectual property, including books, complimentary products and audio/visual applications (Ted talks, podcasts, blogs, vlogs, etc.) Threats: 1. AI-rapidly changing market with intro coaching opportunities including AI. 2. “What If” scenarios regarding potential lack of availability of the company principal. 3. IP-capturing intellectual property in marketable products and services before it is dated or duplicated by the competition (or both). Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats S.W.O.T. Through the use of email, social media such as Facebook, and a mobile website. This organization will expand its reach to as many organizations/individuals that it can to provide resources/services that can enhance success and sustainability. What are the Details? Digital Marketing Objectives Increase awareness of M.C.I. Improve Sales Conversion Rate To present core features of organization in a clear, concise, and understandable manner to clients. Provide content that is a balanced mixture of text, multimedia, etc. that is mobile appropriate. Mobile Website Objectives What are the Mobile Objectives? How does this help us meet Target objectives? Increasing awareness of M.C.I., increases conversion rate of clients. Providing a quality mobile website with clear-cut information ensures convenience for client and ease of accessibility to resources/content of M.C.I. Providing a balanced mixture of content ensures that M.C.I.'s message is delivered to client's with varying communication styles and time to browse for services. Increase brand awareness Increase reach to potential clients within target demographic. Increase traffic of organization's website. To increase messages/inquiries to organization. To promote video/ad viewing Facebook Objectives What are the Facebook Objectives? How does this relate to our other objectives? Promotion of videos and ads increases interest in visiting M.C.I.'s website, which increase traffic. Increasing inquiries of M.C.I's goals, mission, etc. introduces clients to alternative platforms or resources for enhancing both individual and business success. Being able to target the demographic desired allows for more reliable data on what types of ads/videos appeal to potential clients within the business field To inform companies/individuals of what Motivation Coaching Inc. is and what services/resources it provides. To attract potential clients that require M.C.I's services and to keep current customers. To guide the users to visit the website to learn more. To have a 20% open rate. To have a 35% click-through rate. To reach 10,000 potential clients with the email campaign To increase website attendance by 12% Achieve these goals within 6 months. Email Objectives What are the email Objectives? How does this help us reach our objectives ? These goals are necessary to expand the companies reach to potential customers. They align with the marketing objective of creating a platform in which customers have a resource to improve team-building skills , leadership skills, communication skills, etc., within a company or an individual. Here are my two creatives and why I built them this way. The Nuts and Bolts Creative Motivation

Final Client Presentation

Transcript: Stroke Awareness 2021 Riley Leadstrom, Grace Ciardelli, Maddie Meyer Quizizz Get to know us! Get to know us! Grace - North - Communication Specialist Riley - West - Project Manager Maddie - South - Functional Leader Engage and Connect Engage and Connect Susan Berens Client Emails Client Emails Basecamp Define and Ideate Define and Ideate Deliverable 1 Deliverable 2 Deliverable 3 Messy Middle Basecamp Calander Develop Develop Primary Research Lisa Gahler More people know typical symptoms, but now they need to learn atypical symptoms Key findings Luke Hennen People don't think about strokes unless it happens to them, as the population of Shakopee gets older, they will need more medical attention Key Findings Jeff Tate The police force cannot do much to assist victims, their main role is educating people, especially the younger populations Key Findings Jeff Lanenberg The age of people experiencing strokes is becoming younger, more people are noticing signs Key Findings Secondary Research St. Francis Stroke Data Key Findings Broken down by stroke type, also has age range and average, youngest age was 31 AHA Family History Article Genetics aren't everything when it comes to strokes but paying attention to family history can increase personal awareness Key Findings Jeannie Bridgeman Video Now a survivor, uses her experience to spread awareness to a variety of platforms Key Findings Implement Implement Research Brief Research Brief Primary Research Secondary Research Flyer Elementary Presentation High School Presentation BE FAST Reflect And Connect Reflect and Connect

Final Client Presentation

Transcript: Final Budget Finalists Total hours spent combined: 310 2015 Entrepreneurial Business Award Winner . . . Yearly Timeline Sheehan Brothers Vending Sheehan Brothers Vending Living Laureate Oakview Farms Ohio Valley Surgical Orbis RD Holder RMT (Rosewood Mach Tool) Seepex Sheehan Bros. Vending Simon Kenton Inn SpectraJet Speedway Tech II True Inspection Svcs Posthumous 2015 Nominees Founded: 1956 Location: Springfield, Ohio What they do: They own vending machines in and around Springfield. Why they were finalists: They are constantly improving the cost and labor efficiency of their business with high tech innovations. How are they different from others in the same industry: They use cutting edge technology that many in the vending industry have not begun to use, such as credit card readers. Next step: Running all vending machines with Telemetry by next spring. Installing their newest concept, Micro Markets. Born on July 21, 1951 in Chillicothe, Ohio. Opened Kapp Construction in 1985. Kapp Construction was ranked one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies in the nation. Kapp Construction is a past recipient of the Entrepreneurial Business Award. Served on numerous boards in Clark County including the Clark State Foundation Board, and the Tecumseh Council Boy Scouts of America Board. Champaign Berry Farm Itinerant Simon Kenton Inn Sheehan Brothers Vending Oakview Farms Laureate Videos Why they are innovative: Micro-Markets Fresh food produced daily for vending machines Telemetry- monitors machine sales remotely Various Activities: Meeting with coaches Team meetings Initial research Site visits Initial interviews for nominees Laureate interviews Script writing Advertisements Panel meetings Organization and preparation Video for Sheehan Brothers Vending Total hours spent per person: 103.3 (average) *Filming and editing was done by Jim Kragel of Cedartree Productions* May 5, 2015 Sheehan Brothers Vending! Posthumous laureate Paul Helmuth Living laureate Randy Kapp Paul Hellmuth o Focus more on social media marketing rather than newspaper advertisements Stick to all the deadlines on the calendar and try not to have an extension on any project. o Start the nominee calls as soon as possible and set aside about an hour to make each individual call. o Make sure if a task is not clear to ask about it. o Don’t procrastinate!! o Be vigilant in getting back to people in a timely manner. o Start the binder early and steadily add information to it. o Set aside a specific time to meet each week, outside of the normal weekly meeting, to stay on top of projects and know what is going on with everyone. o Different members will have different levels of responsibility at times, so be conscious of that. o Communicate effectively not only with the team but with the coach(es) and the clients. o Speak up when you do not agree with something, and do not be afraid to be the devil’s advocate! SNS Advertisements Final Client Presentation Born in Springfield, Ohio Attended Notre Dame University and Harvard Law, fought in WWII Lived in Boston for the rest of his life but was involved in Springfield still Core Renewal - plan for revitalizing the downtown block of Springfield Randy Kapp To the future EBA Witt Consultants of 2016: Baker & Krizner Bundy Industries Cascade Corp Champaign Berry Farm Colepack Copey's Meat Market Dole Foods Esterline and Sons Mfg Hemisphere Coffee Roasters Itinerant Studio (note 1) Konecranes Yoder Concrete *Filming and editing was done by Jim Kragel of Cedartree Productions* Recommendations

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