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McKinsey Knowledge Management Development

Transcript: 1959--1980s Europe and Middle East N.and S. America Asia Pacific Africa INTERNATIONAL EXPORT ORIENTED FIRM the Commission on Firm Aims and Goals 15 Centres of Competence Practice leaders There are centainly more chemistries reactions than exhibit 1 and 2 have illustrated Our client Mckinsey and Company Clientele and Professional Development Committee CPDC All Partners Conference Client Impact Committee CST New career path - Mac lead his team to analyse: goals, strategy, policies, organization, facilites, procedures, and personel. - Consaltants synthesize data and think for themselves This page is reserved for Ken Andrey Practice Bulletins HIGH Knowledge management concepts proposal PDNet developement Since 1987: Firm size : continusly growing MNC Ken 1926 Chicago firm Adjust the firm's knowledge development focus Redefine the firm's key consulting unit from the engagement team (ET) to the client service team (CST) Career path: General Consulting, Specialized Consulting CSS Paths: Pracise Expertise, Practice Management Administration McKinsey Social Platform Part 1. Agenda Cencen S.America - Top management dedication for Knowledge Management Systems is essential - Individual consulting assignments across offices are important -Assignments accross offices create networks between consultants and is and effective way to transfer tacit knowledge - Events specifically designed for knowledge transfer - Knowledge olympics - Co-operation with universities for acquiring external knowledge Big MARCK Knowledge management Knowledge management concepts proposal NATIONAL RESPONSIVENESS Benifits of local differeciations Analysis of the current McKinsey McKinsey's knowledge transformation evolution Current knowledge transfer GLOBALLY INTEGRATED FIRM Growth path of McKinsey Practices Firm Practice Information System FPIS Practice Development Network PDNet Knowledge Resource Directory KRD Africa Industries and countries McKinsey Knowledge Management Development The 'Global Integration-loacl Responsiveness' Organization Framework Our client Mckinsey and Company Part 2. MULTI DOMESTIC FIRM Company structure support Europe and Middle East A computerized database of client engagements Knowledge that had accumulated in the practice areas Listing of all firm experts and key document titles by practice area Part 3. Big MARCK Ruzanna Mac trained cosultants with integrated approach 'General Survey outline'. HR TRANSNATIONAL FIRM Consultants publish their key findings Consultants' write two-page summaries of important new ideas Early 1980s Firm size: highly respected presence in Europe and America Pacific General Survey outline Dynamic capability Saturday morning sessions Company structure support HIGH Mikko 1926 We are glad to meet you! SWOT analysis Create a company internal, LinkedIn type of datebase on all consultants - Professional information - Publications - Previous client work - Etc. Knowladge database 2. Gloval interact Firm size: James McKinsey and some consultants Analysis of the current McKinsey HR McKinsey and Company Founded in 1926, McKinsey is now known as world-leading consulting company. LOW More suggestions Part 4. - Make it mandatory for each team to write a document with lessons learnt and best practices after each assignment - Introduce an upvote system for the documents written, and reward the best voted documents Part 3. McKinsey's knowledge transformation evolution Flexibility Creativity McKinsey Staff News Paper series Assumptions of the chemical reactions among the company's dynamic capabilities can be : 3. Part 1. Your consultants: N.America Part 2. Asia GlLOBAL INTEGRATION Benifits of global integration Currently Briefly, McKinsey's dynamic capabilities are: Consultants Enormous knowledge database Practices in variable cultures Part 4. 1. Recommit the continous development of members Help develop consultants Ensure the continued renewal of the firm's intellectual resource Buide a shared body of knowledge

Management Presentation - McKinsey & Company

Transcript: Clientele and professional development How Does Knowledge Create Value for McKinsey and Company ? Tacit Knowledge - context specific, hard to formalise and articulate, in the heads of individuals Explicit Knowledge - easily written down and codified (Gerami 2010) What is Knowledge? a quick success among the firm’s consultants. It offered the consultants a source to identify co-workers. It served as a “yellow pages”. These three systems are part of the knowledge infrastructure at McKinsey and all contributed to the idea of “One Firm.” They were utilized by the consultants in order to gather and share knowledge. a system created to store info on client engagement and it accessible to all members of the firm. The benefits, as we see them, are two fold: 1) organize and store historical data on client projects; 2) provide information on ‘lessons learned’, to be used as a benchmark for future projects. This type of system illustrates how tacit knowledge is transferred to explicit knowledge (Externalizaion). Recruitment was given high importance in McKinsey. The company recruited graduates from top-tier business schools. Before a candidate was selected, he/she was interviewed six to eight times by the partners and principals. Upon joining the firm, entry level business analysts can expect to spend plenty of time learning the basics such as data gathering, modeling, analyzing and preparing reports and etc.; but after two years of toil, opportunities for advancement will present themselves. However, McKinsey is notorious for an aggressive ‘up-or-out policy’, where those that don’t progress leave. This policy leads to intense competition but retain the talent people for company. The McKinsey dicide to create two new career paths for client service support and administrative staff. - The first reaffirmed a path to partnership for practice-dedicated specialists who built credibility with clients and CSTs through their specialized knowledge and its expert application. Their skills would have them in high demand as consultants to teams (CDs) rather than as engagement directors (EDs). - The second new option was the practice management track designed to provide a career progression for practice coordinators, who had a key role in transferring knowledge and in helping practice leaders manage increasingly complex networks. Valuable administrators could also be promoted on this track. No creative solutions Database systems are complex, difficult, and time-consuming to design Substantial hardware and software start-up costs Damage to database affects virtually all applications programs Extensive conversion costs in moving form a file-based system to a database system Initial training required for all programmers and users Client impact committee Knowledge Management Timeline 2. Value of McKinsey's Knowledge is Realised Through Knowledge Management KRD Changing the organisational culture is imperative in fostoring a knowledge based organisation Create a climate that consultants are willing to volunteer their creativity and expertise "Successful knowledge sharing is 90% cultural, 5% tools and 5% magic. All the technology and tools in the world wont make you a knowledge-based organisation if you do not establish a culture that believes in sharing" The disadvantages of McKinsey’s KM : Founded in 1926 by James "Mac" McKinsey. Originally an accounting and engineering advisory firm. Efficiency Experts, Business Doctors. Knowledge management can increase the corporate assets, such as management systems, brand image, customer information and corporate reputation. • Increasing opportunities for innovation, creating a free exchange of ideas and working collaborate to develop and create new knowledge. • More efficient knowledge capture and storage in relation to customers will enable company to build better relationships with customers through deeper understanding of their needs and how to provide the best service to them. (Huey 1993, pg. 72) McKinsey - people-to-people methods Stephen Dull & The Knowledge Resource Directory (Gerami 2010) The objectives of CPDC are replacing the leader-driven knowledge creation and dissemination process with a stewardship model of self-governing practices focused on competence building. - Develop ‘T-shaped’ consultants develop the consultants with deep industry knowledge and substantive specialized expertise McKinsey & Company Benefits Knowledge is intangible, dynamic and difficult to measure Disadvantage One firm policy Thank You For Your Attention. (Gerami 2010) Now ... Information is able to be measured and quantified 3. Critically evaluate the company’s hard knowledge management strategy limiting the value of knowledge by missing out on major pools of tacit knowledge Client service support and administrative McKinsey and Comapny's hiring practices do not promote diversity of consultants (McKinsey and Company 2012) 1. Knowledge is McKinsey's Product VS are there any questions? :) FPIS: Firm Practice

Final Client Presentation

Transcript: Final Client Presenation Ian Lowe Problem and Solution Introduction FMSN need a higher visual appeal to their assets. Their rebrand needed something new and fresh to grab eyes. We planned out that what they needed to enhance their rebrand was a standalone animation of their new logo and a couple pre-roll videos to distribute across social media and before their broadcasts on BG24 TV program. Additionally, I was tasked with researching brand models for promotion. Planning Falcon Media Sports Network (FMSN), previously know as BG Radio Sports Organization, is an organization dedicated to provided BGSU sports coverage to students and the city of Bowling Green. They are currently going through a rebrand, and they need a consistent feel with their rebranding. I previously created a logo for them during the spring semester, so I decided to continue my work as my capstone project. They were needing a fresh thing to grab viewers' attention, and I offered my video expertise to help. Process We mapped out what was needed and created a timeline. The plan was to first create the animation using the audio provided by another collaborator. This was set to be completed by July 7th. The next step was to storyboard ideas for pre-roll content, curate sports clips, and create the pre-roll videos. This was expected to be completed by July 17th. Finally, I was going to research brand promotion models and create a SWOT analysis regarding FMSN. This was expected to be completed by July 31st. Actual Process Implementation Along the way, there were a few things to create issues. The audio was originally expected to be completed in mid June. This expectation was not met, and the audio still has not been finalized. Therefore, everything had to be pushed back. We had to move the research phase to before everything. Progress was slow for a while, then finally, we were provided with an audio draft. This was enough to make some progress on the animation. I was able to create a rough animation based on the draft. The same follows for the pre-roll videos. I now have rough concepts for all the deliverables, and I am once again waiting for the final audio. Results As of right now, the project has not reached a close yet. We are still waiting on the final audio to completed so that we can move on. I have concepts, but unfortunately, that is all I can do at this moment. I am happy with the concepts and I think that it will truly enhance FMSN's promotion and branding. My client is happy with the concepts and is excited for this to be concluded. Results Lessons Learned During this project, I learned that: Things are likely to not go as planned. When depending on another collaborator, there is a high chance that things will not go as planned. I cannot control what others do and how they work and I need to be prepared for that. Another thing I learned is that I need to allocate my time better. It is hard to appropriately allocate time to the project, especially working remotely and with other things happening in my life. Time management has always been a struggle for me and this project confirmed to me that I need to improve it, as it is essential.

Final Client Presentation

Transcript: Motivation Coaching Inc. Mission: To create people development and system strategies for clients and companies that result in increased success and business sustainability leading to greater profitability and desired outcomes of the clients. Strategic: To provide a platform that allows clients to be more successful in their field of expertise focused on increasing bottom line profitability, leadership skills and team building for future growth and development. Overall Marketing: To expand the footprint of the company's reach through targeted demographic campaigns. Situation Analysis of M.C.I. Situation analysis Strengths: 1. Unique and customized coaching and consulting plans focused on achieving client goals and objectives with a proven track record of success. 2. Provocative questioning techniques that yield clarity of focus for clients to move from being “stuck” into action that leads to desired results. (Create environment that allows clients to being vulnerable and acknowledging failures.) 3. Communication flexibility and resource applicability to best assist the client through 1-1 executive coaching, workshops, team training and profile assessments to create options for success and development. Weaknesses: 1. Lack of staff to fully support objectives. 2. 100% referral based company. (While great, this could change at any time.) 3. Reliance on company principal for the majority of direct work with clients. Opportunities: 1. Maximize the usage of credentials and experience level that is a differentiator in the marketplace through employing an active marketing strategy. 2. Develop a “go to” website that creates a landing space for existing and potential clients to experience the company offerings and learn more about potential engagement. 3. Create marketable usage of intellectual property, including books, complimentary products and audio/visual applications (Ted talks, podcasts, blogs, vlogs, etc.) Threats: 1. AI-rapidly changing market with intro coaching opportunities including AI. 2. “What If” scenarios regarding potential lack of availability of the company principal. 3. IP-capturing intellectual property in marketable products and services before it is dated or duplicated by the competition (or both). Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats S.W.O.T. Through the use of email, social media such as Facebook, and a mobile website. This organization will expand its reach to as many organizations/individuals that it can to provide resources/services that can enhance success and sustainability. What are the Details? Digital Marketing Objectives Increase awareness of M.C.I. Improve Sales Conversion Rate To present core features of organization in a clear, concise, and understandable manner to clients. Provide content that is a balanced mixture of text, multimedia, etc. that is mobile appropriate. Mobile Website Objectives What are the Mobile Objectives? How does this help us meet Target objectives? Increasing awareness of M.C.I., increases conversion rate of clients. Providing a quality mobile website with clear-cut information ensures convenience for client and ease of accessibility to resources/content of M.C.I. Providing a balanced mixture of content ensures that M.C.I.'s message is delivered to client's with varying communication styles and time to browse for services. Increase brand awareness Increase reach to potential clients within target demographic. Increase traffic of organization's website. To increase messages/inquiries to organization. To promote video/ad viewing Facebook Objectives What are the Facebook Objectives? How does this relate to our other objectives? Promotion of videos and ads increases interest in visiting M.C.I.'s website, which increase traffic. Increasing inquiries of M.C.I's goals, mission, etc. introduces clients to alternative platforms or resources for enhancing both individual and business success. Being able to target the demographic desired allows for more reliable data on what types of ads/videos appeal to potential clients within the business field To inform companies/individuals of what Motivation Coaching Inc. is and what services/resources it provides. To attract potential clients that require M.C.I's services and to keep current customers. To guide the users to visit the website to learn more. To have a 20% open rate. To have a 35% click-through rate. To reach 10,000 potential clients with the email campaign To increase website attendance by 12% Achieve these goals within 6 months. Email Objectives What are the email Objectives? How does this help us reach our objectives ? These goals are necessary to expand the companies reach to potential customers. They align with the marketing objective of creating a platform in which customers have a resource to improve team-building skills , leadership skills, communication skills, etc., within a company or an individual. Here are my two creatives and why I built them this way. The Nuts and Bolts Creative Motivation

Final Client Presentation

Transcript: Stroke Awareness 2021 Riley Leadstrom, Grace Ciardelli, Maddie Meyer Quizizz Get to know us! Get to know us! Grace - North - Communication Specialist Riley - West - Project Manager Maddie - South - Functional Leader Engage and Connect Engage and Connect Susan Berens Client Emails Client Emails Basecamp Define and Ideate Define and Ideate Deliverable 1 Deliverable 2 Deliverable 3 Messy Middle Basecamp Calander Develop Develop Primary Research Lisa Gahler More people know typical symptoms, but now they need to learn atypical symptoms Key findings Luke Hennen People don't think about strokes unless it happens to them, as the population of Shakopee gets older, they will need more medical attention Key Findings Jeff Tate The police force cannot do much to assist victims, their main role is educating people, especially the younger populations Key Findings Jeff Lanenberg The age of people experiencing strokes is becoming younger, more people are noticing signs Key Findings Secondary Research St. Francis Stroke Data Key Findings Broken down by stroke type, also has age range and average, youngest age was 31 AHA Family History Article Genetics aren't everything when it comes to strokes but paying attention to family history can increase personal awareness Key Findings Jeannie Bridgeman Video Now a survivor, uses her experience to spread awareness to a variety of platforms Key Findings Implement Implement Research Brief Research Brief Primary Research Secondary Research Flyer Elementary Presentation High School Presentation BE FAST Reflect And Connect Reflect and Connect

McKinsey Presentation

Transcript: MAN 6327 McKinsey & Company BACKGROUND Background 01. 02. 03. McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm that serves a variety of organizations in different industries. The firm was founded in 1926 by a University of Chicago professor, James McKinsey. Marvin Bower is credited for being the father of modern management consulting. He is responsible for MK’s current company culture. CULTURE CULTURE - Performance - Feedback - Improvment Quality Is Key Quality Is Key Adhere to the highest professional standards The Right People For the Job The Right People For the Job Create an unrivaled environment for exceptional people Constant and Continual Improvement Constant and Continual Improvement Improve our clients’ performance significantly RECOMMENDATIONS RECOMMENDATIONS FOR ALIGNMENT CONNECTIONS CONNECTIONS Adopting a personal approach to management would add intrinsic value to the overall value proposition. TRANSPARENCY TRANSPARENCY Open dialogue with employees allows for a clear understanding of where the company is headed and reaffirms trust with the internal clients. CHANGE AGENTS CHANGE AGENTS Innovation and improvement are vital facets for business growth. Assess the changes and implement accordingly. CASE STUDY CASE STUDY Transforming a National Education System Background Information Background Information Loravia is a fictional Eastern European country Population = 20 million Government wants to restructure the education system, both quantity & quality Complete restructure in 10 years Current free-market economy -> decades of communism Background Information Government has just put in place a new economic plan Wants to compete with European neighbors Realizes importance of educating students to meet this goal Currently - all schools are public & student ages are 5-18 Your Job The first stage of this effort is to diagnose the current state of education in schools in Loravia to determine how best to meet the government’s future aspirations. QUESTION 1 QUESTION 1 What are the issues you would want to investigate in diagnosing the condition of the current school system in Loravia? Helpful Tips: -Take time to organize your thoughts before answering. This tells the interviewer that you think about the problem in a logical way. -Develop overall approach before diving into details. QUESTION 2 QUESTION 2 The following chart shows some important education-related measures for Loravia, and also for some comparison countries. Three sets of comparison countries have been used. What can you observe from this chart? QUESTION 3 QUESTION 3 One of the clients at the Loravian DOE mentions the ex. of neighbor country C, which outperforms all of Loravia's economic peers and neighbors in the international assessment. She believes that the more concentrated school structure in this country is a big reason for their success. She suggests having larger, less fragmented schools allows for more effective selection and training of teachers, leading to improved education outcomes for the students. What would be the reduction in the total number of schools in Loravia if it were to reach the same average school size as neighbor country C? Your interviewer can provide you with the following information if requested: - 15 percent of Loravia's population are currently attending school. QUESTION 4 QUESTION 4 Based on the issues and information discussed so far, what further issues would you want to investigate as part of the diagnostic of the current education system in Loravia? Helpful Tips: - Take some time to consider what has been investigated in previous questions and what the conclusions have been. - Summarize for the interviewer what has been determined so far. What further investigations might be necessary? - Keep your eye on the overall objective. Refer back to the set of issues that were outlined in question 1 as you answer this question.

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