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Transcript: Programs Membership Acquisition Engagement Students’ confidence in their abilities to do science-related work increased. Compared to the traditional science curriculum, the number of students reporting being overwhelmed by science class fell by 50% Male students visited course-related websites such as science websites and sites related to SL, etc. significantly more than female students did (t = 1.209, p< 0.005) Female students took significantly more snapshots (n=31.1) with their avatar in the pictures than male students did, which was 17.4 in average (t = 2.957, p<0.05) Kelly Czarnecki Learning Maps Teen Second Life Evaluation The Edge Project Cathy Arreguin Barry Joseph Digital Media & Learning Conference February 2010 Bitstrips Contact Info: Cathy Arreguin: Kelly Czarnecki: Amira Fouad: Barry Joseph: Beth Wellman: Advertising Ducks Unlimited Leveraging Our Web & Digital Assetts Fundraising Map Time! 1) Take out a pen & paper 2) Make a short list of the places you learn 3) Draft a visual map of the places you learn 4) Take pride in your work Fundraising Q & A 1) How do educators navigate the disruptive force of new media in education, both at an institutional and a personal level? How do the different cultures and pedagogies of civic and cultural institutions engender different responses? 2) In what ways do youth bring learning into digital youth media programs at civic and cultural institutions from other nodes, how do they perceive the ecology created (if at all) and their roles within it, and what can digital media afford them to make better sense of it all? 3) How does an educational program leveraging new media allow greater affordances for youth to draw upon their learning from across their distributed learning network? Fundraising Fundraising Beth Wellman Blogs Fundraising Online Revenue Anthony Jones: Director of Internet Services Who we are... Dream It Do It Amira Fouad Monthly Giving Fundraising StSL

Circle presentation

Transcript: Through History SGGK Circle Project Word Stout "Considering the spirited and stout way he stood, Audacious in his arms: his heart warmed to him." Definition: 1. Somewhat fat or heavy build 2. Strong and thick 3. Brave, courageous, and determined The way this word is used is in a descriptive way, in his situation Gawain is describing the Green Knight after he gets cut from the axes. I chose this word because it was a word that I was not to familiar with and it seemed like an interesting word to use. Symbols Axe "Heng up [his] axe". This represents that the axe was held over Gawain and i bileve this is for both physically and figerativley as it is held over his head throught the whole story. The Axe is a big addition to the Green Knights stout presence. Gawain uses the axe when he cuts the head of the Green Knight head off. The axe represents strength and also symbolizes the executioner were depended on by the king to be at the execution site and by the family to carry the ties to the job. Chapel The Green Chapel “For the place is perilous that you are pressing towards...At the Green Chapel he gains his great adventure.” The Chapel represents the courage that Gawain has for accepting the beheading challenge, Gawain stout is for going through with his agreement and entering the chapel which can be said as a courageous act for taking the axe instead of the king. The Beheading challenge The Beheading Challenge "Gawain gripped his axe and gathered it high. Advanced the left foot before him on the ground, and slashed swiftly down on the exposed part, so that the sharp blade sheared through, shattering the bones, sank deep in the seek flesh, split it in two, and the scintillating steel struck the ground." This shows Gawain stout as he cuts through and this quote shows the bravery that Gawain had as he was looked at by everyone in the court and no one knew at the time the aftermath of that decision. Themes Maturity This plays a big role in the story as Gawain stout grows he grows as a person and gets to know his true values "The first words the fair knight could frame were: "Curses on both cowardice and covetousness! Their vice and villainy and virtues undoing." Gawain stout has grown and this quote shows the disgust he has from lying and everyone calling him out on his lies and he wears it as a symbol of shame and disgust. This proves maturity as he knows his faults and will not let this go by easily. Honesty Honesty At the end of the story it is learned that honesty is the best policy and Gawain learns that the hard way. "The first words the fair knight could frame were: "Curses on both cowardice and covetousness! Their vice and villainy and virtues undoing." This quote also works for honesty as Gawain stout is tested right here as he is caught for lying and Gawain feels awful for it but is forgiven. He learns that he should have been honest the whole time instead of keeping the girdle. Courtesy Courtesy Being courteous is one of the chivalry codes and is important to Gawain and his way of life as a knight "He was concerned for his courtesy, lest he be called caitiff, but more especially for his evil plight if he should plunge into sin and dishonored the owner of the house treacherously." Gawain's stout was put to the test when the hostess was continuously pursuing Gawain and ask god for help.


Transcript: 1 m 2 p b Y g X F Engineering Faculty E Engineering is a broad term that covers a wide range of applications and industries. Combining mathematics, science and technology, engineers produce creative solutions to real world problems. As a result there are many different types of engineering degrees available. Some of the most famous engineering majors : 1- computer engineering 2- electrical engineering 3-biomedical engineering 4-energy systems engineering 5-software engineering 6-civil enigneering ,,, etc D Engineers design machinery, build skyscrapers, and oversee public works, but they address society's needs and problems on so many other levels as well. At a molecular level, they work on drug delivery systems that work inside cells. At a macro level, they quantify the particle flow of pollutants through soil to clean up oil spills, abandoned industrial sites and other biohazards. At a galactic level, they are designing spacecraft for other-planet exploration. At an atomic level, they are developing data storage that focuses on the spin of electrons in atoms. Clean drinking water, safe food storage, and the protection of our environment are also under the domain of the engineer. C what do energy systems study and do ? Energy systems engineers oversee complex energy conversion and distribution systems, work to improve energy storage systems, and manage the efficient use of energy in building, manufacturing, and processing systems. ESE professionals also study the secondary effects of energy usage from a local environmental impact, regional and national economic impact, and global climate change perspective. B Energy systems engineers pursue a variety of jobs and occupations. For example, they might be hired to do any of the following: -Manage operations of a wind turbine farm -Analyze efficiency of hydro-electric power systems -Oversee production of innovative fuel-cell technologies -Evaluate the economic viability of new solar power installations -Assess the environmental impact of alternative energy systems A Thank you!

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