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Business And Finance Presentation Template

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Business and Finance

Transcript: The study of relationships among countries Detects and analyzes an international problem, its causes and possible consequences, and proposes alternative solutions. Designs and evaluates plans, sectoral programs and projects related to international technical cooperation. Compromises all commercial transactions Gives ideas to the companies to make their business better. Education Call potential clients Meet with potential clients Check in with current clients Respond to emails Do necessary paper work Keep up to date it new insurance plans Regular Day/ attitude Business is involved in nearly all aspects of life Average Day Insurance Broker Earnings Earnings Earnings mostly from comission Age 30 around $50k-100k Age 40 around $80k-$600k Retirement $100k-$2Mil+ Age 30- 70,000 Age 40- 70,000-85,000 Special education is not required A collage degree will help: Business- Management Business- Marketing/Sales Business and Finance Retail Store Owner Store owner, manages the store and employes. Keeps Store current with new stuff Makes new ideas to improve store Make new marketing ideas Be good in math and puzzles About 4 to 5 years of college know at least 2 languages International Business Manage/ Open store Solve Problems Talk/ Schedule Make sales goals Help customers Marketing/ Innovation Have a good day Passion /(^.^)/ High School: Take atleast 3 years of math Passion Average Day Money $$$$$ Take math classes Graduate high school Be good with people Get a business or finance degree. Business and Finance The fact that in this career you get to work in all kinds of fields and know a little about everything is what makes me interested. and because i think that its is very important to know how our economy works. How To Prepare Study data think of negotiations be persuasive be nice to the negotiators always be prepare for anything be responsible Average Annual salary: 63k to 80k Sell Insurance to clients & businesses from many different carriers No college degree is required but a bachelors degree is strongly recommended. You should be good with people, decent at math, and have good time management and are organized Education

Business and Finance

Transcript: Business and Finance Fundamental Concepts and Tools of Business Finance Basic Concepts Finance Definition Categories Public Finance deals with the revenue and expenditure patterns of the government and their various effects in the economy deals with an area of general finance which is not classified under public finance concerned with the fundamentals of managing one's own personal money affairs. Finance of Non- Profit Organization includes private undertakings such as charity, religion, and some private educational institutions. Business Finance it covers financial management of private profit-seeking concerns in the business of service, trade, manufacturing, mining, public utilities and financing. Goals of Business Finance realizing the highest possible peso or dollar. when a firm decides on obtaining a higher rate of return on its own investment Maximizing Profit Subject To a Cash Constraint maintaining too large a cash balance reduces the potential rate of return while running out of cash is disastrous. The ideal set-up is to maximize profit while at the same time maintaining the cash balance that will satisfy both requirements. the objective of the firm is to maximize the current value of the company to its stockholders Net Present Worth is equal to the value now of the firm including values arising in the future. computed on its present worth and is added to the other values of the firm with the present. this concept indicates that money increases in value as time passes. Calculation of the Present Worth What is the value today of Php100,000 to be received next year? Assume that the prevailing rate of interest is 10% p.a. Seeking an Optimum Position Along a Risk-Return Frontier a firm can set a goal of achieving the best possible combination of risk and return. Definition of Return on Investment or Net Worth the net income generated by the use of investments or the net-worth of a firm is referred to as return on investment. (Rate of return when expressed in percentage.) Definition of Risk Risk refers to the uncertainty as to loss. When used in finance, the terms applies to the potential incurrence of loss of money or its equivalent. Calculation of Expected Value using Risk and Return the optimum position of risk and return may be determined by calculating the expected value of alternative decisions. expected value of a return on investment = return times the percentage of probability that will happen (risk factor) Natures and Aims of Business Any lawful economic activity which is concerned with making goods available as well as the rendering of useful services to those who want them. (Miranda) All effort primarily concerned with providing for the interested public’s legitimate needs, at the required time and place, at an equitable price, and with reasonable returns to compensate the businessman for his efforts and risks. (Ignacio) Any lawful economic activity concerned with the production or distribution of goods or services for profit. Involves providing and selling s product or service with the aim of obtaining rewards for the private owners (Oxenfeldt) Roles of Business Business firms and the government are oriented towards the provision of goods and services to the society. Business is largely responsible for bringing into the market a wide array of products which was not made available in the past. Kinds of Business Commerce buying and selling of goods and services trading, merchandising and marketing Examples: supermarkets, dry goods store, peddlers, sari-sari store, importers Industry mainly concerned with production of: *consumer’s goods – goods which are intended for ultimate consumption *producer’s goods – intended for use of business and industry Classifications Genetics Industries agriculture, forestry and fish culture Extractive Industries extraction of goods from natural resources (mining, lumbering, hunting and fishing) Manufacturing Industries convert raw materials into finished products (manufacture of drugs, plastics, food, liquor, footwear, motor cars, tools, office supplies household appliances, etc) Construction Industries building infrastructures (airports, seaports, dams and highways); construction of dwelling houses Services sells services to buyers Recreation movie houses, television and radio stations, theaters for drama and stage presentation Personal restaurants, barber shops, transportation, hotels, tailoring shops Finance banks, insurance companies, investment houses, financing institutions, credit unions, savings and loan associations Objectives of Business primarily for profit however, short-term and long-term profits are sacrificed in order to attain non-economic goals like: prestige and popularity; family control; social consciousness professional managers maintain that a business firm should attain the following multiple objectives: the creation and distribution of a product or service the satisfaction of personal objectives protection and enhancement of the human

Finance and Business

Transcript: Finance and Business Looking after your money? personal budget emergency fund contingencies to budget, budget to calculate= to work sth out, calculation to make cutbacks coming in per month ruthless and the total going out to subsidize sb, subsidy expenses to subtract/take away sth from sth Financial Terms Personal Finance global growth limited resources in debt shortfall (food,...), deficit (money) Are you good at looking after your money? profit#loss to keep your account in credit? all the time potential or sth friendly/hostile takeover to bother to do sth contingency plans/fund to take action the total amount of money to economize to bail sb out If there's a surplus, raise capital to have an annual turnover of X $ operating costs inflation is at X per cent. 1. the money to pay in tax 2. the activity of managing money to make a pre-tax profit of X $. To keep a record of sth Check all transactions. director of finance financial director cash flow problems to raise more finance to put money into bank account debit card payments underlying outgoings#income to pay interest to take out a bank loan to take your money out interest rate to withdraw your money to lose/keep track of sth thrifty # extravagant Companies in credit#overdrawn/in the red to squander Money Markets Why buy or sell shares? grow, growth investors large sums of money to have an overdraft contradictory=conflicting Share prices have soared/rocketed. to struggle, struggle/effect to put markets under pressure contradictory advice to pay credit card bills current account outlook=probable future underlying outlook is healthy. to invest in equities deposit/savings account I would be more cautious. to gain a share of the market Another hike in (the rate)#cut debt burdens the brand develops a reputation to change hands yield might be low The market is now expecting a surge in the value of the euro. to survive, survival to pay sth promptly I would be looking to buy. The dollar made significant gains/loss. credit bubble to contradict sb/sth, contradiction Do you allow debts to mount up? to underpin As the debt expands, to wipe off=remove to build up=accumulate corporate profit bank lending turnover increases to look strong to dry up to trigger selling turbulence, turbulent The yen will strengthen.#to weaken to break even current yields Financial Trends The pound rallied later in the day.=recover=bounce back a bumpy ride go up, rise, increase, grow rise, increase, growth volatile, volatility The market is still buoyant=healthy to sell shares to the public to take over a company, takeover (value) to plummet=plunge the market leader stability to slump=fall by a large amount a steady increase to peak in the third quarter a significant/noticeable fall a sharp fall economic slump#economic boom to reach a peak at slightly, gradually steadily significantly fluctuate, fluctuation sharply Business Activity Take sth On Take sb On to be out of your mind to live off to take sth over the rat race the dust settles to go under/bankrupt on each occasion self-sufficient to live in a dream world to turn sth into to cut corners a baker's to make ends meet to wind sth up It proved to be ... a vicious circle to bridge the gap up and running to step down/aside not take sth lying down to tip the balance imminent to feul fear/inflation to go down that road on the cards to set off to clinch a deal/victory mergers and acquisitions customers' feedback an improved takeover bid key factor poor recent dividends to keep ahead go down, fall, drop movements in markets remain unchanged/stable stay the same a slight/gradual rise to hand in your notice to lure (away)/entice sb to be forced clinch the deal recession to wriggle out of (doing) sth former president/boss verbs of change to adapt sht= to change sth so that you can use it in a different situation to refiine sth= to change sth a little to make it better to mount a fresh challenge A successful Business to manufacture, manufacturer business takeover overall demand to go out of business crucial to advertise, advertising, advertisement safety helmets skill, skillful for use at sea It would have to be to be aware of to reject,rejection shareholders to ignore sb/sth specialist skills to innovate, innovation to turn down sth contract to diversify to reduce, reduction bank statements to sell up to mount a campaign a new round of sth to assume to invest, investment to found, founder to respond to sb/sth regular outgoings The advice is to snap up shares while you can. to be in turmoil/confusion to slash sth=reduce by a large amount to opt out of a going concern to come up for sale to make a go of sth to have a long way to go to tighten your belt (battle) to be over to alter sth= to change sth, but not completely joint bid/account/venture, jointly Marketing in view of to present to be interested in opportunities and threats to target sb SWOT analysis surfboard, surfer reliable data demand for seasonal business market sectors realistic

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