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Transcript: Welcome to Indus Communities, I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge that you have a choice where you work and let you know how much we appreciate you choosing Indus. Indus was founded upon the principles of serving and caring for those around us. We specialize in taking under performing properties and repositioning them into successful, beautiful and thriving communities that our residents are proud to call home. By choosing Indus, you carry the responsibility and duty to help those that come through our doors find a home. What a wonderful opportunity each of us has to help those in our community. Whether it’s a prospect, a vendor or another team member, be mindful that we all have a common goal to be successful while continuing to provide a return to our investors. I mention investors and I am proud to say that 20% of our company is made up of our employee investors. Our mission is clear: We are committed to establishing communities where residents are happy and proud to call us home. I relate with many of our residents who are on a similar journey that me and my family took many years ago. Some of them are first-time renters immigrating to Houston and do not have any help. I am in the position to give back to my community and provide more resources to them. Our foundation, The Alka and Ajay Gupta Foundation, partners with all of our Indus communities to lend a helping hand many times throughout the year. In closing, If I could give any advice, I would ask that you to be considerate of one another and remember the following: Always give your best Be respectful to those around you Have enthusiasm and remember to enjoy your work Be forward thinking and think like an owner Be relentless in your quest to getting things accomplished Lead with integrity On behalf of my family, I want to welcome you to the Indus family. Together, great things are possible. Christmas Day Vision Morning Joe? Labor Day m g What we do... Memorial Day Vacation Time show and tell Other Company Benefits Thanksgiving Day Voting Leave of the Indus k In the Operations Team Video Surveillance and Telephone Monitoring Policy Employees are not allowed to have guests or visitors while at work unless prior approval is received from management. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. innovation Social Media Dental Welcome to Indus Milestone Departments New Year's Day J To put forth our full effort and concentration into our work, the following guidelines should be followed for personal telephone usage: No more than 2 personal phone calls during work. Your supervisor may make exceptions in emergency situations. Phone calls should last no more than 3 minutes each. Cell phones should be stored in your desk. NO TEXTING WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE WORKPLACE. Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Video Surveillance To promote the safety of team members and Company visitors, as well as the security of Company facilities, Indus MGMT may find it necessary to monitor and record work areas and Company facilities with security cameras when there is a specific job or business-related reason to do so, such as security or theft protection. Only authorized personnel will be permitted to view surveillance footage. Team members should not have any expectation of privacy on Company premises. Team member privacy in certain, non-work-related private areas, such as restrooms or dressing rooms, will be respected under this Video Surveillance policy to the extent possible and/or as required by applicable law. Telephone Recording Indus MGMT may monitor and/or record Company telephone communication for legitimate management and business reasons as applicable law allows. Such monitoring and/or recording of telephone communications includes calls made directly to or from a Company telephone or device, as well as calls forwarded from a Company telephone or device to a team member’s personal telephone or device. All Company information and communication systems/devices inducing, without limitation, Company telephones, Company cell phones, voice-mail, as well as information transmitted by, receive from, or stored in these systems/devices are the property of the Company. Team members should not have any expectation of privacy when suing Company telephones or cell phones, or when using personal telephone or cell phones to conduct Company business. Paid Holidays Vacation pay will not be issued to anyone unless time off has been taken. Vacation time does not accrue for employees who are on a leave of absence. Every applicable employee can carry over their accrued amount from one year to the next. All employees stop accruing vacation time once they have reached their maximum accrual. Vacation pay may not be used to pay an employee for more than 40 hours per week unless authorized by their manager. Employees with 12 months or more of


Transcript: By Billy Collins Billy Collins, dubbed "the most popular poet in America"*, was the United States Poet Laureate from 2001 to 2003. Then, from 2004 to 2006, he was the New York State Poet. Currently, he is a professor at Stony Brook Southampton. Universally Known Symbols The Poem 1. Smokey the Bear 3. Careless People Theme 2. Ranger's Hat Tone When Collins writes about how Smokey's hat is at a "disturbing angle", that gives the reader indication that something is wrong. Before that point in the poem, there isn't anything that directly shows anything wrong. The next sentence builds suspense because there also isn't anything wrong with it. The reader is left wondering why Smokey's hat is at a "disturbing angle". In the last sentence, the use of the word "professional" gives an impression of a job. In context, this is a twist to Smokey's real job, which is quite different. Smokey the Bear heads into the autumn woods with a red can of gasoline and a box of wooden matches. His ranger's hat is cocked at a disturbing angle. His brown fur gleams under the high sun as his paws, the size of catcher's mitts, crackle into the distance. He is sick of dispensing warnings to the careless, the half-wit camper, the dumbbell hiker. He is going to show them how a professional does it. Flames Born: March 22, 1941 Died: Not Yet Occupation: Poet * Weber, Bruce. "On Literary Bridge, Poet Hits a Roadblock." The New York Times. N.p., 19 Dec. 1999. Web. 20 May 2014. <>. Due to the lack of people in large wildlife areas, readers also know the common occurrence of people setting things on fire by accident. This provides another common base for the poem. When Smokey the Bear is mentioned in the very first line, everyone knows who Collins is talking about. This gives a base for him to expand off of, knowing everyone is on the same page. Another useful point of using Smokey the Bear, especially with this poem, is that everyone knows what he does. This is why it's a big surprise when the last lines show up. It also allows Collins to allude to what will happen next without ever actually saying it. The End Smokey the Bear's ranger's hat is also universally known. Every time Smokey is ever seen in a drawing, he always has the hat. Not only does he have the hat, but it is also always straight. This means that when Collins says it's "at a disturbing angle", when the reader tries to visualize it, there's something unusual. The main theme of the poem is the frustration of not seeing advice being heeded. This poem exemplifies that idea by Smokey the Bear reaching his breaking point. It shows that he went so far that he'll show the causers of fires the consequences of their actions by doing what he's trying to prevent. Doing this, he hopes that people might actually pay attention to it. Choice of Words The Poet (Billy Collins) The tone is what Billy Collins uses to get the theme across. In this poem he uses satire to make it interesting and keep the viewer reading it, in addition to twisting Smokey the Bear's job around. This is directly related to the theme, because what he's doing is the opposite of his regular job. One way Collins gets the theme across is by directly stating it: "He is sick of dispensing / warnings to the careless". Another way he gets it across is by Smokey's sanity: "His ranger's hat is cocked / at a disturbing angle." These all combine to give an overall perception of the theme.

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