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Board Of Directors Presentation Template

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Board of Directors Presentation

Transcript: Target & Accommodate Staff competency give us a shot! initial revenue Strategies Always have above average staff levels compared to the forecast Constantly train employees to continue increasing guest satisfaction and employee satisfaction Pay staff at least the average of the forecasted salaries if not more trying not to cut back on employee numbers or salaries We pledge to provide authentic hospitality, to maintain our state of the art facilities, and to be the first choice in accommodations for leisure, family, and affordable travelers worldwide. 3 Star Property *** Facilities: Fitness Center, Retail Shops, Travel & Tour Desk, Valet Parking, Lobby Kiosk & Bar Services: Parking, Phone, Laundry/Dry-Cleaning, Internet, In-Room Entertainment, Room Service, Concierge, Express Check In/Out, Transport Van, Turndown Service Modeled After Radisson/Ramada Low priced Hotel to aim efforts towards: Families Large Groups Aimed efforts on Leisure Standard, Leisure Premium, Tour Groups, Large Groups, and Small Groups. Spent: $200 per month on small and large groups using direct marketing. FInal revenue We will continue to be a global leader in providing consistency in hospitality, outstanding amenities, and unforgettable customer service. We will offer products and services in both executive business and leisure destinations. We will continue to be known for our unmatched hospitality, service and overall performance. We are committed to being the number one destination in the hospitality industry. Market share percentage Vision improved marketing efforts marketing strategy Occupancy Rate our philosophy Board of Directors Presentation Hotel 6 World 1 Lowered Food Costs Welcome To Our Hotel Lower Room Prices But Maintain Consistent High Occupancy Significant Profit Margin on F&B food and beverage Overall F&B continually became more successful Initial Revenue: $154, 818 Ending Revenue: $228,495 $73,677 difference between January and and September How did we do this? Lowered food cost Refurbished Restaurant and added Lobby Bar Altered Staffing and Payroll Initial (Jan): 49 F&B staff Final (Sept): 72 F&B staff Modified Training with different F&B staff Initially spent same $ amount for all staff Increased training of F&B manager Initial Training spent (Jan): $3,675 Final Training spent (Sept): $5,760 human resource philosophy Mission Initial Advertising (Sept): Large Group: $2,500 on weekday/weekend Package: $500 weekday/weekend Tour: $1,000 weekday/weekend Used online travel agent for Leisure weekday/weekend - $1,000 each Leisure Travelers & Families Tour & Contracts Large & Small Groups Why it's Important: makes guests feel reassured customer service is better when the staff is competent and happy Our Approach: Kept staff constantly training Salaries were always the average pay range or above Results: High guest satisfactions

Board of Directors Presentation

Transcript: Financial Summary NPV = $24,148,000 Threats Market Share - 0% Units Sold - 12.92% Customer Awareness - 7.25% Customer Accessibility - 19.74% NPV CAPM: 2.16% + 1(10.3% - 2.16%) = 12.7 Cost of Equity = 12.7% Cash Flow 2019 R&D Costs: $471,456 Capacity does not increase this year Promotion Budget remains at $1,200,000 Year 2019 Total Cost: $1,671,456 R&D Costs for Dweeb 2018: $473,000 R&D Costs for Dixie: $498,000 Strategy Moving Forward Low End Units: 3,282,669 Revenue: $56,614,500 2018 Areas Needing Improvement: Highlights 2017 Continue being the automation leader in the segment Maintain slightly higher price than competition Continue improving our product to meet customer needs NPV: $14,944,000 2,631,000 units Opportunities Performance Sector: Dot Questions? 2019 Performance: 9.0 Size: 11.0 Strategy: Bid: On specs Cid: On R&D cycle time and number of products Astro: First to market, capacity 2019 Corporate Mission, Goals, Business Definition Dixie: 712,000 units Dweeb: 594,000 units Total: 1,306,000 units Goals: -Increase stock price -Contribution margin -Satisfy customers -Lower employee turnover -TQM Initiatives Dune: Forecasted revenue: $29,737,500 Capacity investment: $4,000,000 Django: Forecasted revenue: $39,216,450 Capacity investment: $7,000,000 *Promo Budget past $1.2 million has diminished returns; not justifiable. *Sales forecasts and revenues calculated from base demand; no TQM additions. Dot's Standing as of 2017 Dune Weaknesses Successes: Automation Level of 8.2 Customer awareness is number 1 in sector Customer accessibility is number 1 in sector Second highest market share Second Highest Contribution Margin Digby Company $25.61/unit in 2017, 3rd highest in segment Goals: Traditional 2,481,000 units Market Share - 19% Units Sold - 2,631,000 Customer Awareness - 74% Customer Accessibility - 91% Units: 2,938,827 Revenue: $50,694,765 Capacity Investment: $15,520,000 Increase capacity for Dot by 200,000 units Increase Promotion Budget to $1.2 million Reduce variable costs Keep age close to 1.0 Bead Change from 2016-2017 2018 Goals: Automatic Door Sensors R&D Costs High End Raise Capacity for Dweeb Improvements Moving Forward: Improvements: Lower price Increase automation Increase Capacity by 300,000 units Digby Company Future Plans for Dot Low End Segment Dune Strengths Dune Threats Dune: Forecasted revenue: $34,638,240 Django: Forecasted revenue: $46,393,060 Successes: Sales Forecast Dune Opportunities Strengths Second highest market share at 20% Second highest customer survey Revision date of 5/21/17 148% plant utilization Sufficient forecast Highest sales budget of $2,027,000 pricing growth rate adjustments Lower price Better plant utilization Improve performance and size High End Year 2019 Automatic Door Sensors R&D Costs: $415,000 Capacity Increase: $4,700,000 *Promotion Budget: $1,200,000 Year 2018 Total: $6,315,000 Highest Customer Accessibility at 91% Differentiation Introduce Django to the size segment Stay competitive in the size segment while maintaining a competitive position in the other four segments *Sales Forecast Year 2020 Market Share - 19% Units Sold - 2,330,000 Customer Awareness - 69% Customer Accessibility - 76% Successes: Second-highest Market Share in segment (21%) Second-highest Plant Utilization (141%) Third-highest Accessibility in segment market (82%) 2018: 2,244,000 units ($54,978,000 in revenue) Second highest price in segment at $25.00 2020 Financial Summary ROI: 5% Stock Price - $57.07 Cumulative Profit - $28.5 Million ROE - 10.8% Current Ratio: 1.51 Inventory Turnover: 68.83 Days Debt to Assets: 45% Plant assets to long term liabilities: .28 $0 2019: 2,450,000 units ($58,800,000 in revenue) Total R&D Costs to increase Daze to our strategic specs: $1.01M Dixie & Dweeb R&D Costs: $471,072 No capacity increase Maintain Promotion Budget of $1,200,000 Year 2020 Total Cost: $1,671,072 Unnecessary to invest in more capacity (118% plant utilization 2016) Highest Contribution Margin at 44% 2018 Forecasting Methodology Baker's automation Baker's Customer Survey Score Able's Pricing Assumptions and Constants NPV: $24,944,000 Units: 3,666,742 Revenue: $61,422,250 Size: Digital Cameras, Smartphones Performance: RFID tags Traditional: Automatic Doors Low End: Light Switches High End: Spacecraft Maintenance and Medical Robotics Opportunities Highest Combined Market Share 2017 Mission Statement: To maximize customer satisfaction while increasing value within our company NPV: $2,444,000 Performance 2,781,000 units Low Awareness (57%) Capacity is lacking, stocked out Highlights 2016 Invest in Quality Function Deployment Effort to reduce R&D cycle time Invest Concurrent Engineering and 6 Sigma Training to reduce labor and material costs Invest in promotions for Dweeb to boost awareness NPV: $6,807,000 NPV: Overall Business $2,466,000 Only using 118% of capacity Resources Dune: Forecasted revenue: $40,336,770 Django: Forecasted revenue: $54,882,990 Daze Dell Dixie Dot Dune Dweeb

Board of Directors

Transcript: Sunday, Dec 29 at 3:00pm Aspen Film Thursday, Dec 26 at 5:30pm HER Saturday, Dec 28 at 5:30pm Special thanks to Aspen Film Volunteers Special Thanks to Our Academy Screenings Volunteers! Special thanks to Residences Viceroy Snowmass DeDe Brinkman Gregg Chaloupka Lita Heller Selma Spaccarelli LABOR DAY Toby Lewis Esther Pearlstone Chuck Wall & Nancy Wall Alan & Judi Altman Robert Brinker & Pamela Joseph Carol Craig Andy & Muffy DiSabatino Merle Dulien David & Sheila Fuente John & Jessica Fullerton Herb & DeeDee Glimcher Bush & Jamie Helzburg Gerald & Jackie Kehle TIM'S VERMEER Academy Screenings ALL IS LOST Special thanks to Toby Lewis SIGNATURE SPONSORS GLORIA Sunday, Dec 29 at 5:30pm BUSINESS CONTRIBUTORS The theater is cleared after every show. Please take all belongings with you when exiting. Thank you! STARS Special thanks to Esther Pearlstone DALLAS BUYERS CLUB Advance ticket purchase privileges Discount tickets + merchandise Festival passes with priority entrance + choice seats Tax-deduction & more Aspen Film Special thanks to the Caribou Club Jeffrey & Hyunja Kenner Bill & Sheila Lambert Bob & Nancy Magoon Larry & Susan Marx Steve & Lee Rittvo Alan & Sherri Schnider Robert & Deborah Sharpe Chuck & Joyce Shenk Billy Stolz & John Sisson Frankie & Skip Welfeld Friday, Dec 27 at 8:15pm Karen Morian Mona Newton Paula Nirschel Tom Oken Carol Pasternak Jill Radel Jane Robertson Louise Saulnier Tatyana Stevens Ned Sullivan Ruth Waldman D.C. Whitfield Barbara Young 20 FEET FROM STARDOM Thursday, Dec 26 at 8:15pm Four Dogs Fine Wines & Spirits Pyramid Bistro Rustique Bistro KSPN Special thanks to Chuck Wall & Nancy Wall BEFORE MIDNIGHT Aspen Film REEL PEOPLE Special thanks to Aspen Public Radio Thursday, Jan 2 at 5:00pm JOIN TODAY! The region’s premier non-profit film presenter Become a Reel People member Purchase tickets to Hollywood’s Big Night Aspen Film’s Winter Benefit Make a tax-deductible donation Join or give by Jan 2 + be eligible to win movie passes and more. Visit our information table in the lobby. Beth Albert Gail Block James DeFrancia David Marlow Esther Pearlstone Lee Rittvo Sally Spaulding THE PAST Vicki Bauer Bev Campbell Patricia Carey Barbara Carson Fred Carson Pam Cathcart Jill Cheslik Matthew Cull Sharon DeQuine Val-le Fuehrer Linda Gerdenich Barbara Goldstein Gary Goldstein Cheri Grinnell Alice Gustafson Cynthia Haines Special thanks to Aspen Film REEL People Monday, Dec 30 at 8:15pm Thursday, Jan 2 at 8:15pm Mel & Paulette Blumenthal Tom & Darlynn Fellman Marty & Sarah Flug Howard & Marcy Gross Neil Karbank Pamela Levy & Rick Crandall Adam & Melony Lewis Juliet Shield-Taylor FRUITVALE STATION Monday, Dec 30 at 5:30pm Academy Screenings DUAL STAR SUPPORT ASPEN FILM Special thanks to Juliet Shield-Taylor Academy Screenings Academy Screenings March 2nd, Caribou Club BENEFACTORS Howard Gross, President Mel Blumenthal, Vice President Frankie Welfeld, Vice President Maurice Emmer, Treasurer Joyce Shenk, Secretary Susan Sparks Judith Steinberg Doug Weiser Bonnie Wilke GRANTOR Special thanks to Marty & Sarah Flug FOLLOW ASPEN FILM ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER Special thanks to Ravenheart Gallery DESIGN PR & MARKETING DON'T MISS A SCENE! SUPPORTING SPONSORS THE BUTLER BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR Friday, Dec 27 at 5:15pm Saturday, Dec 28 at 3:00pm Monday, Dec 23 at 8:00pm Special thanks to the City of Aspen Aspen Film Monday, Dec 23 at 5:30pm A BENEFIT FOR ASPEN FILM Aspen Film Food by Pyramid Bistro available for purchase between shows in the Wheeler lobby Sunday, Dec 29 at 8:15pm ACADEMY CAFÉ membership offers NEBRASKA Dusty Hamrick Cheryl Hannah Linda Hayes Ann Hodges Becca Holland Kate Hudson Merry Keefe Jane Kendall Denise Lock Laurie Loeb Linda Loeschen Janie Lowe Tricia Louthis Sharon Mahoney Marlon McGann Mark McKeller Saturday, Dec 28 at 8:00pm Special thanks to The Aspen Times PRISONERS VISIONARIES Academy Screenings Visit our information table in the lobby -or- PHILOMENA ASPEN FILM BOARD OF DIRECTORS 12 YEARS A SLAVE Special thanks to Tom & Darlynn Fellman Academy Screenings BLUE JASMINE THE GRANDMASTER Wednesday, Jan 1 at 3:00pm Academy Screenings HOLLYWOOD'S BIG NIGHT PRESENTING SPONSORS Wednesday, Jan 1 at 5:45pm

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