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Board Meeting Presentation Template

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Board Meeting Presentation

Transcript: January 16 June 1 Business Relations July 16 Why Do We Sponsor Events? Town of Camillus 4th of July Celebration The Summit Federal Credit Union Large Community Sponsorships What's Next? June 25 October 15 Gain publicity, including media coverage and social media buzz Rochester Wine & Chocolate Festival Large Community Events Summit Employees who are Board Members / Volunteers Member Company Affiliated Events Events sponsored by Credit Unions Agenda WROC Channel 8 Community Relations Strategy Corporate Community Relations Categories Why Do We Sponsor Events? Large Community Events Rochester Wine & Chocolate Festival Guitars & Stars Town of Camillus 4th of July Celebration Danielle Downey Credit Union Classic Rochester Wine & Chocolate Festival Syracuse Wine & Chocolate Festival What's Next? November 26 2016 Community Events Drive awareness of The Summit or credit unions in general 2016 Community Relations Strategy Syracuse Wine & Chocolate Festival DDCUC: The Summit Cup mark your calendar! Buffalo Wine & Chocolate Festival Guitars & Stars Member Relations & Loyalty Corporate Community Relations Categories Questions? Wine & Chocolate Festival Good Day Rochester Showcase our commitments to the community / foster goodwill Community Relations Reach audiences that we would not normally have access to Rochester Wine & Chocolate Festival Guitars & Stars Town of Camillus 4th of July Celebration Danielle Downey Credit Union Classic Rochester Wine & Chocolate Festival Syracuse Wine & Chocolate Festival July 12 Community Relations will work as a 3 legged stool supporting our statement of purpose When: January 28, 2017 Where: The Adams Mark Hotel Time: 1-4 pm & 5-9 pm DDCUC: Lunch with a Legend 181

Board Meeting Presentation

Transcript: Glow-in-the-Dark Capture the Flag Presented by 6th Sense for PRM 486 Team Structure & Objectives Team Structure & Objectives Team Structure Team Structure Group Members managed different aspects of the event process the theoretical event the practical event Communication Communication Prior to the event Group Chat & GOogle Docs Day of Event Group Chat TIMELINE TIMELINE Day of Timeline: Days leading up to the event: Table for the HQ, Waters, Flags, and all other major materials get to Tim so come event day he can use his truck to bring everything to and from campus 5:15pm Setup starts, we arrive at Old Main and Tim parks next to old main to drop all the materials off and we set up the two fields on either side of the fountain making sure they’re equally sized. We’ll set up our Event HQ and Water table centrally to the two fields, so if anyone has questions or needs water we’re there. We’ll layout all of the glow sticks and lay out the flags for the teams for when they arrive. This should take 30ish minutes to set up with time for adjustments if necessary. 5:50pm Students should be arriving by now and we will start breaking them up into their groups and give them their glow sticks, we’ll wait on the flags until after explain the rules. 6:00pm All the students have hopefully arrived and are in their groups. We’ll bring to explain the rules of the game and other notes for the groups. 6:08 Teams are broken up and sent to their fields, a little time for strategy and finally notes is given here 6:10 First games start with Groups 1 and 2 playing each other, same for 4 and 5 6:25 First round ends and Groups rotate and have time to break to get water. Final scores from this round need to be tallied now for the final results 6:30 Second round beings with Teams 1 and 5 playing each other, same for teams 4 and 2 6:45 Second round finishes and the groups break for water and rotate. Final scores from this round need to be tallied now for the final results. 6:50 Third round beings with groups 1 and 4 playing, 5 and 2 on the other field 7:05 Third and final round ends, the groups will meet back at the HQ to get water and to rest. Final scores from this round need to be tallied now for the final results. Difficulties Difficulties Because there are so many people in the group, it was difficult to coordinate schedules in order to work on the project Internally More organized timeline and job responsibilites Externally More of a "glow" factor More organized rules Changes for Next Time: Changes for Next Time: Budget Recap Budget Recap Stuck very close to given budget- especially in early stages Amazon price fluctuations Gave up game of dodgeball- dodgeballs were removed Ended up going over budget after switching pizza from Little Caesars to Papa Johns Logistics & Operations Recap Logistics & Operations Recap Job responsibilities were changed from the initial outline Group members were assigned a responsibility originally, then also helped out by doing other aspects Job Responsibilities Job Responsibilities The location changed several times before it was finalzed. Last minute changes to our location plans Location Location Materials and Supplies Materials and Supplies Materials changed over the course of the class More materials might have been beneficial Survey; What did the people say? Survey; What did the people say? We received 28 responses to our survey from our event on Monday, November 20th. 1: 0% 2: 3.6% 3: 28.6% 4: 39.3% 5: 28.6% How would you rate this event? 1-5 How would you rate this event? 1-5 Not Really? 14.3% Kind of 32.1% Oh Yeah!! 53.6% Did you have fun playing the game? Did you have fun playing the game? 12/28 Responses included a variation of Rule Clarification How could we improve the event? How could we improve the event? Yes: 28.6 Sort of: 71.4 Not at all: 0% Were the rule we explained and understanable? Were the rule we explained and understanable? I don't know: 25% No: 10.7% Yes: 64.3% Would you recommend this event to friends? Would you recommend this event to friends?

Board Meeting - Presentation Template

Transcript: Presentation Headline Template by About " There's no wrong time to make the right decision. Dalton McGuinty Showcase Your Ideas A presentation template with a board meeting theme for introducing your business. Agenda Meeting Agenda Talk to people about your presentation Welcome Vote on New Secretary Eat Donuts Add More Details here.... Time Business Timeline Present important dates and events here Present important dates and events 1999 Present important dates and events 2002 Present important dates and events 2006 Zoom in for the fine print 2020 2000 Present important dates and events 2004 Present important dates and events 2011 Present important dates and events Sales How are the Sales? Business is slumping? Fire the guy on the next slide! Item 3 Item 4 Item 1 Item 2 Item 6 Item 5 CEO " A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them. John C. Maxwell Gallery Make a Gallery Show what's going on in your company Image #1 Image #2 Image #3 Image #4 Image #5 Image #6 Single Item Show more details of a single project here Funky Title Here "This is example dummy text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed dodes eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in repre henderitas in voluptate." Map Conquer the World? Display your new business ventures - Add details here - Add details here - Add details here - Add details here Team Meet The Team Who are in the same boat? Developer CEO Analyst Sales Bradley Sherman Sue E. Marquez Karla J. Walsh Gerardo M. Oliver Single Person View Show more details about one person Karla J. Walsh Senior Data Analyst This is an example dummy placeholder text area. Lorem ipsum dolor sit apisa kotiram ametis, cons iteecas tetureu adipiscing elit sed quia, Contact Contact Details How can People Get in Touch with You After a Great Presentation? +1-202-555-0184 Customize this template: Change colors, rearrange topics, add your own content Get this Prezi Template from:

Board Meeting Template

Transcript: Board Meeting October 9, 2017 Health Partners Commercial Contracts Commercial Contracts Blue Cross Metallic Blue Cross Metallic ___% rate increase for physicians (see Messenger document) Plan Summary Plan Summary New Terms: Reduction in Surgery, Radiology, Pathology and Medicine services applied to all doctoral level providers (see next slide) Mid-level/Allied Health rates will remain the same. Health Partners will be messengering terms shortly. Projected Rate Effect Projected Rate Effect Arkansas Municipal League Arkansas Municipal League PHO agreement has been mutually approved and is undergoing signature process ____% rate increase for physicians (see Messenger document) No change to Mid-Level / Allied Health Reimbursement Medicare Advantage Plans Medicare Advantage Plans Blue Cross Medipak Advantage Blue Cross Medipak Advantage HMO BC Proposed new terms effective January 1, 2018 Initial Proposal Initial Proposal Remove Exclusivity for Health Partners in Washington County Termination of Consulting Services Agreement with Washington Regional Striking “shared savings” arrangement Health Partners messengered these terms to Blue Cross and PHO providers responded by not having 51% agree to terms. This resulted in new proposed terms from BC. Follow-up Proposal Follow-up Proposal Update Update 2 Announcements PASSE Program Company news Company news News News Events Events New employees New employees New hire New hire Name, Department Start date New hire New hire Name, Department Start date Special dates Special dates NAME Years with company Department NAME Birthday Department What's next HIPG Plan January February March Timeline Keep in mind Keep in mind Changes Changes What's next Financials January February March Timeline Keep in mind Keep in mind Changes Changes

Board Meeting Presentation

Transcript: The Wellness Center Jena McCall, PA-C Shea Smith, PA-C Tatiana Hurtado, PA-C Ary Spilkin MPH, RD OUR TCSIG WELLNESS TEAM The Team 1 Medical Director, Supervising Physician 1 Administrator 1 Clinic Manager 3 Physician Assistants 1 Patient Advocate, Dietitian 4 Medical Assistants +1 Per Diem Medical Assistant 1 Phlebotomist What is a PA-C? What is a PA-C? Complete 2-3 years in a specialized medical-model training program to receive a Master Degree in Physician Assistant Studies Clinical experience in family medicine as well as sub-specialties Licensed health care professional. Trained to provide patient evaluation, education, and health care services. Collaborates with a supervising physician to provide high-quality healthcare to patients Jena McCall, PA-C Physician Assistants at TCSIG Shea Smith, PA-C Tatiana Hurtado, PA-C Ary Spilkin, MPH, RDN* Patient Advocate / Dietitian Importance of Nutrition in Preventative Healthcare Patient Advocacy by utilizing predictive modeling analytics Primary Care The Typical Primary Care Experience Management of Chronic Diseases Preventative Care Screenings Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Illnesses TCSIG Wellness Center Other Clinics Other Clinics - Wait list to be seen - Copay due at time of appointment - Extended wait times once in the clinic - Separate appointment and charge for in-office procedures - Off-site lab draw - Off-site pharmacy TCSIG Wellness Center Same Day Appointments No copay Generous allotment of time for appointments No additional charge for in-office procedures Phlebotomist on-site Medications ready to be dispensed after appointment Dietician on-site to successfully implement lifestyle changes and provide one-on-one patient guidance Patient Centered Wellness Center Vision Medical Home Patient Centered Medical Home Relationship-based. Orientation toward the whole person. Partners with patients and their families to meet each patient’s unique needs, culture, values, and preferences. Supports through each step of their care. Helps patients navigate the healthcare system. Health Team Dr. Campbell, the PAs, & Dietician lead the healthcare team in developing a life-long health & wellness plan that is personally tailored to meet patients needs, goals, and values. The Clinic Manager MAs, phlebotomist, and patient advocate ensure this coordinated. Specialists Hand selected specialists Community partners Referral packets Access Extended hours Additional Appointment Slots Saturday Clinic Healow App Dietician Lab on site EAP Line Care in Action Clinician collaboration Community collaboration Coordination of care Diverse EMR Access Scrubbing Charts HCM Why a PCMH is Better Fosters stronger relationships with patients and clinicians. Ensures patient's health is meeting the highest standards. Saves patient's and provider's time. Lowers healthcare costs. Where we are now HISTORY Improved continuity of care and patient centered care 07/2021: 471 patients seen (59% increase) and 11 new patients establishing care. >40% compliance with Colorectal CA Screenings 38% compliance with Breast CA Screenings 1st annual Wellness Challenge (122 participants) HPV vaccination campaign initiated in June 2021 (33 vaccines administered) Women's Health Month in October TCSIG Wellness Center Fragmented health care No HEDIS measures data available 2020 2013 2019 NOW 07/2020: 283 patients seen and 0 establishing care <1% compliance with Colorectal CA Screenings 4% compliance with Breast CA Screenings Wellness Center was opened to manage: chronic conditions physicals infections sprains wound care cold/flu etc "Great staff, awesome team work. Providers are very caring, polite and very knowledgeable above and beyond." July 1st 2019-June 30th 2020: 3066 patients cared for July 1st, 2020 - June 30th, 2021: 4395 patients cared for (increase of 1,329 patients) Thank you

Board Meeting Presentation

Transcript: Highland Lakes Tuesday, January 15, 2013 Monday, February 18, 2013 Good Girls Go to Paris with Torya Blanchard March 28, 2013 AIDS Testing & Information Fair Education Under Fire February 12, 2013 Open Mic Night Detroit is Afrotopia – An Afrofuturstic Experience February 15, 2013 Tuesday, March 12, 2013 Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Valentine's Day Open House Party (PTK) File Your Federal & State Taxes March 16, 2013 February 14, 2013 THANK YOU Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Yu Gat Culture? with Dr. Cathey Maze Events of Oakland Community College OCC Student Government: Student Action and Activities Alliance (SA3) Open Meeting File Your Federal & State Taxes Valentine's Day - Karaoke Friday, February 22, 2013 Southfield Tuesday, January 29, 2013 Friday, February 15, 2013 Wednesday, March 20, 2013 Auburn Hills Royal Oak & Southfield Prospective Member Information Session (Phi Theta Kappa) Orchard Ridge Thursday, March 28, 2013 February 20, 2013 In honor of Women’s History Month February 14, 2013 Annual Diversity Fair Bob Harris-Kiva Loans Woman of Distinction Award Ceremony Celebration of Jazz February 7,2013 Women's History Month Celebration: Great Female Artists of Detroit Pasta and Focaccia Bread and Wine Tasting March 6, 2013 Marvin Jones & the Marvin Jones Trio Women's Conference Health Fair/Blood Drive Blood Drive & AIDS Workshop Thursday, March 28, 2013 Orchard Ridge Workshops Auburn Hills Use sponsor code OCC13 at to register. Auburn Hills Americorps 101 Royal Oak Highland Lakes By Tori Ford Honoring Women at OCC Royal Oak and Southfield Campuses A Call to Wholeness

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