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Backpack Presentation

Transcript: Abbie Jones Ramsey Middle School JCPS Backpack Defense All about me * I'm in the 8th grade. * I am a part of the Ambassadors team. * I am a member of the Junior Beta Club. * I hope to attend the VA program at Manual High School. * I enjoy making art in my free time. * I get all A's and occasionally a B. * I am in the Yearbook Committee. MAP Growth READING Winter 2019 Overall RIT: 247 Spring 2019 MAP goal: 248 Lowest- Literary text: Key Ideas and details (238) I need to work on analyzing themes and predictions. MAP Growth MATH Winter 2019 RIT score: 238 Spring 2019 goal: 241 To raise my score, I'll improve my lowest strand. My lowest was Operations and Algebraic Thinking, at 235. Literacy This artifact, Colonist Justified or Not essay , is about the 13 colonies, and the breaking up of Britain and America. Through this, I gained a deeper understanding of why they split, The Stamp Act, and the Boston Tea Act. In order to successfully write this, I researched using the passages we were given, and decide whether or not i thought the colonist were justified. I wrote a rough draft, and then typed a final one on the computer. Standard: Conflict leading to revolutionary war. Colonist Justified or Not Essay System of Equations Numeracy The artifact I decided to use was the System of Equations writing prompt. I learned about the Three Systems of Equations, and wrote using the CEA format to a friend informing her how to use the system. This fits the Numeracy skill because in this I demonstrated my knowledge of the math standard, and how to correctly use it. Standard- Analyze and solve pairs of simultaneous linear equations. Globally and Culturally Competent Citizen This artifact is a brochure I made to spread awareness of issues in our watershed, and how to prevent such things. Along with presenting this to the class, I put brochures around town ( on poles, in stores, at a gym, etc.) This shows that this artifact is fitting for the Globally and Culturally Competent Citizen skill because I researched a Community issue, that is also a problem around the world, and I spread the news around so it will make a impact. Beargrass Creek Brochure Standard- Biodiversity and Human Impacts Effective Communicator I learned about the 13 colonies, and the breaking up of Britain and America. I did this to show my knowledge of America's split, and of how to properly express my ideas. This helped me become an effective communicator because I clearly explained and conveyed the idea of the colonist being justified. It also shows that I used correct vocabulary to communicate my opinion on the topic. "Were The Colonist Justified?" Standard- Explain how colonial resistance to british control led to revolutionary war. Emerging Innovator The artifact I chose for Emerging Innovator is a poster I made with a group, about Georgia when it was a part of the 13 colonies. I chose this artifact because with my group, we researched the 13 colonies, set up how we wanted the poster, made it, then decorated it. This shows that I followed through with a "design process," making it suitable for the Emerging Innovator skill. Standard-Reason people came to the colonies. Productive Collaborator Standard: Biodiversity and Human Impacts The artifact I chose is the Bear-grass Creek Watershed project. I chose this for Productive collaborator because I worked with 2 other people, and we organized the project so the research and work was split evenly between us. We also presented it to the class, so we split our speaking parts even among us. This shows I can work well, and fair with others, making this artifact suitable for Productive Collaborator. For Service Minded Leader I chose a drive I did in Jr. Beta Club. For this, my partner and I created a box where we collected toiletries and everyday essentials that people could benefit from. We collected these items for kids in need, and the box was donated to them through Beta Club. Service Minded Leader Title Service Minded Leader This artifact shows that I demonstrate the Service Minded leader skill because putting something together for a good cause is something you can't go wrong with. I took a small amount of time out of my day to make someones day, and that demonstrates being a Service Minded Leader. Transition Readiness - Applied to go to Manual (VA) - More confident with my work - come long way quality wise - More comfortable with public speaking. - Teachers did well in pushing me to go above and beyond on assessments - I have reflected on myself and if I really am ready for High School. Why am I ready? How did This Defense Prepare Me?

Backpack Simulation Presentation

Transcript: Final Balance Need to clearly understand what the customer’s needs and wants are to develop positioning strategy. It is a method of differentiation, but constant differentiation because competitors can add the same values to their product over time. The main value proposition elements of positioning are target market, brand name offering, and differentiation. Value is the most popular strategy because relationship of price and quality is one of the most important considerations when making purchase decisions. Increase CM/ decrease costs over time Low => Medium volume Positioning Identifying a market opportunity Communication with customers: Bulletin board helped our target customers understand the features of the product Clear understanding of customer needs : We positioned our product as a waterproof high-quality outdoor backpack Give a certain image to our product: adding water bottle, changing chest straps Final Balance = -$11,586.55 By Team 6A Focus on low distribution cost Target only outdoor market to other markets as well PLACE Key Learnings PRODUCT No preference => lower end promo PRICE Main reasons: Units Sold Net Profit Add important features Opportunity cost analysis Preference list optimization Turn-by-turn Strategy P O S I T I O N I N G Group of people that will best benefit from the use of the product Biggest market share Largest population of people looking for backpacks Highest growth Total Net Profit= -$21,586.55 Any questions? Initial Strategy Customer Satisfaction Process of defining the marketing mix variables so that target customers have a clear, distinctive, desirable understanding of what the product does or represents in comparison with competing products. Positioning is step number 3 of the Marketing Plan. This step objective is to identify and evaluate opportunities for increasing sales and profits. The positioning strategy can help communicate the product's value proposition, which communicates the customer benefits to be received from a product. Backpack Simulation Presentation Target Segment: Outdoor Enthusiasts PROMOTION Total Units Sold: 2,009 Marketing Topic

Backpack Presentation

Transcript: The Life of a Backpack Materials Materials What? Where? Common Materials Common materials Cotton Polyester Rip-Stop Nylon Cordura Places of extraction Places of Extraction Cotton fabric: Majority grown in Southern U.S.A. Polyester: Majority made in Asia ( Some made in U.S.A ) Rip-Stop Nylon: Majority made in China ( Some made in U.S.A) Cordura: Majority made in China (Some made in U.S.A) Manufacturing Manufacturing Fabrics pressed Sewed together Inspected for errors Next? Next Transportation Transporting Materials Polyester is flown in from Asia Cotton is driven by truck from Southern U.S. Rip-Stop Nylon flown in from China Cordura is also flown into the country from China Consumer Next Backpacks are put on shelves and sold to consumers Ages can range from 3 to 22 years old for school purposes. Hikers may need backpacks with more durability and size Durability Durability Cotton: Not very durable, not water-resistant in the least. Rip-Stop Nylon: As the name suggests this material is hard to be ripped or torn, it is water resistant for the most part. Cordura: Marathon Seat Covers claims it as 100% waterproof. Very durable. Polyester: Water resistant, water MAY pass through if enough force applied, or material is worn. After? After? Recycling Recycling Option 1: Reused for kids Option 2: Refurbished Option 3: Materials broken down Pros + Cons Pros Minimalizes pollution Conserves natural resources Cuts down needed amount of landfill sites Animals can eat the materials Wasting the materials that are still usable Materials go into the ground Cons After? The end

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