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Background For A Machine Learning Presentation

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Machine Learning for Beginners

Transcript: Learning = Improving with experience at some task Machine Learning? Hint: It's more than just zooming takeaways: choose your path with care explore the space! What is Learning is any process by which a system improves performance from experience let a metaphor inspire you Your prezi should always + Trigger an action! - Improve over task T, – With respect to performance measure, P – Based on experience, E ( It's your responsibility as a presenter not to waste that time. ) create structured text & overview keep it simple but sometimes it's just context Horizon Side 2 Side 1 tension? Like the metaphors and concepts conveyed in these templates: Here the templates have no specific metaphor or meaning, but help set the tone for the whole presentation. Convey perspective as you move to/from detail Lando Calrissian Darth Vadar Ewoks Han Solo The Intergalactic Empire MISSION: CONTINUE BEING EVIL Imperial ground forces The Rebel Alliance Mission: Blow up Death Star (again) Save Galaxy (again) Calamari Cruiser Emperor Palpatine Admiral Ackbar Characters : :Characters Ships: Ships: X-Wing Luke Skywalker Millenium Falcon Death Star Super Star Destroyer Tie Fighters AT-ST Walkers The overview structure implies the tension between the two sides - it can be conveyed even at a distance where we can't see the details Concluding with an overview (or final reveal) can be a great way to bring the context of your story together. the Path of your prezi is the journeyérica_Latina Here, there's no sense of space Here, we explore the space semantically travel in context no jumps, no spins use frames to zoom in and out Think like a photographer / filmaker when you move You wouldn't stand inches away and run your nose along this mural to view it You'd move out to see context then back in to see the details. best to tell a story that has meaning Creating a cinematic atmosphere can make for a memorable experience :¬) This part is all about creating a prezi that makes the audience... To create in your prezi it's emotion In prezi you write in space In general, to create an experience that feels positive your prezi should be Simple feels fast and easy to create reassuring and inspiring VS intimidating Background Middleground Foreground write a walk Spatial organisations can help people remember: "The method of loci is also commonly referred to as the journey method. In basic terms, it is a method of memory enhancement which uses visualization to organize and recall information. Many memory contest champions claim to use this technique in order to recall faces, digits, and lists of words. These champions’ successes have little to do with brain structure or intelligence, but more to do with their technique of using regions of their brain that have to do with spatial learning." The following tests were conducted using heat spots to indicate where the users' eyes focused when viewing a screen. The red color indicates more focus and time spent viewing a particular area; green areas show less focus. But why create scenes? Does my data really need sceneography? If you like to focus on details, yes. Prezi Slide Prezi brings the content to the center by zooming, it also removes other content on our canvas from view. As a result the viewer’s eyes are drawn to the center of the screen at each viewpoint, and are focused on one section of content at a time. The eyes focus mostly on the title, then the first bullet point. From there the focus diminishes as the viewer reads their way through the bullet point list. feel Do the 'squint test' on your Squint and view your overview from a distance - does it still make sense? Overview Example: If not, how do you expect your audience to understand? This overview has been blurred, but can you still guess the overall theme? For example, presenting to an audience of 100 people for 45 minutes = 1 week of human attention spent viewing your presentation. Yeah, easy for maps. But not everything can be organized spatially ?!? Order Order Structure TITLE Order Meaningful Structure This part is all about creating a prezi that's easy to... to an overview through path steps Always create an overview that helps people to understand Like a floor plan... It makes sense from the overview Narrative Storytelling Flow You need both What? You want to be here Order Order Thread Option You should have a That conveys the overarching point of your presentation understand at all levels, as you zoom from small details blah Order If your prezi looks like this, it's too rigid, and easy to lose context as you move around Option Progress Classic classic classic classic future? progress foundation blah blah Create structures that show relationships and context: if your prezi looks like this, please work a little more, scale up main points, place subtopics into larger frames, etc... Bullet Lists How to write in prezi Simple and stylish, but it doesn't give

Machine Learning for Medics

Transcript: Week 1: Intro to Python Week 2: Guided Machine Learning tutorial - classifying flowers Week 3: Independent project: cancer detection Run the following: import sys import scipy import numpy import matplotlib import pandas import sklearn # Check the versions of libraries def check_lib_version(): """ Checks the versions of various libraries used for ... :return: prints out versions of libraries ... """ print('Python: {}'.format(sys.version)) print('scipy: {}'.format(scipy.__version__)) print('numpy: {}'.format(numpy.__version__)) print('matplotlib: {}'.format(matplotlib.__version__)) print('pandas: {}'.format(pandas.__version__)) print('sklearn: {}'.format(sklearn.__version__)) checkLibVersion() Create your own cancer-detecting AI in 3 weeks 1. Intro to Python Introduction Course outline - Python: powerful in-built data analysis, graphing, machine learning, scientific toolkits, simple syntax - Function (programming): something that takes an input, processes it, and outputs - Library (programming): a set of functions that someone has put together - Python: many scientists, developers, mathematicians etc. have written many libraries for - essentially pre-written things including machine learning algorithms 1. Intro to Python: Setup - What technological challenges are companies, including medical, facing today? - Big data, machine learning, AI 1. Install python from 2. Install pycharm from or Linux cmd 3. Open pycharm and point pycharm to your python installation (File - Settings - Project - Project Interpreter - select python.exe where you installed it) 4. Install libraries numpy, scipy, matplotlib, pandas, scikit-learn, sklearn (under Project Interpreter click green plus in top right and install those libraries from the window) 1. Intro to Python: check install Data cleaning Machine Learning for Medics

Machine Learning for Business

Transcript: How and why to implement ML in your business 25/10/2019 Manja Bogicevic Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer About Who am I? 1. I am one of the first women Machine Learning Entrepreneurs in Serbia (Women in IT Awards) 2. I am on the mission to become NextForbesUnder30 (3 years to go) 3. I finished Economics and now pursuing my Micro-Masters on MIT in Boston 4. I am ex-professional tennis player and I have ran 4 half-marathons Kageera Clients Future Vision ML Workflow Level I Problem discovery Machine Learning workflow Level II Machine Learning Due Diligence Level III Gain Profit & Optimize performance Level I Problem discovery 1. Find out whether ML is good fit for your business 3. Collect Data and Define the Dataset 2. Make a plan Level II Machine Learning Due Diligence 4. Machine Learning Model evaluation 6. Continuously improve ML solution 5. Deliver ML live solution in less than 3 months Level III Gain profit and Optimize your business performance 7. Visualize & Present insights 9. Handover and make a decision 8. Long-term support Use Cases 1. Fraud detection Use cases in Finance 2. Churn prediction 3.Making portfolio management better and cheaper ML trends for Legal profession: 1. Review documents and better perform due diligence 2.Contract review 3. Predict legal outcomes The Team + + What does a great ML team look like? Consulting experience Engineer skills Data Science & Machine Learning knowledge Contact Info @manjabogicevic KAGEERA.COM Contact Details

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