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Architect Presentation Template

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Architect Presentation.

Transcript: Technology To be an architect, you need a Bachelor's Degree. architect's scale moleskine classic notebook linear pens tracing paper self healing cutting mat drawing storage tube Architect Presentation. Tools handheld laser distance meter LED light box CAD Programs Knowledge mathematics science geometry algebra physics programming By: Kaden B. Creativity Passion Confidence Easy Going Personality Education Links Work activities. Work Activities. Work Activities are: creating building designs and highly detailed drawings working around constraining factors such as town planning legislation, environmental impact and project budget working closely with a team of other professionals such as building service engineers, construction managers, quantity surveyors and architectural technologists Skills design skills and knowledge. knowledge of building and construction. excellent verbal communication skills. Pay $76,100 per year $36.59 per hour Abilities Change behavior in relation to others’ actions. Be aware of others’ reactions and understand the possible causes. Inspect and evaluate the quality of products. Trends Jobs will increase by 4%.

Architect Presentation

Transcript: Architect Presentation Kara Moncada His use of curvature, mosaics, landscaping The style is unique- quite different from most architects My favorite out of the three She does not have one specialty Her designs have a lot of texture Style of Architecture A. Modern Movement 1. “Less is More” 2. “Form Follows Function” 3. Principles at high levels of abstraction Part of the modernist movement Simplicity Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Style of Architecture A. Catalan Modernism 1) Centered in the city of Barcelona 2) Influences of architecture, nature and religion 3) Organic and archaic geometric forms of nature and catenary arch END OF PRESENTATION Antoni Gaudi Types of Materials Textiles- ‘Invisible Presence’ Carpets Wallcovering and flexible object Types of Materials A. Connected his buildings with nature by extending outdoor plaza tiles into the floor of a lobby B. Steel and glass enclosure Likes/Dislikes Likes/Dislikes amsterdam.htm Petra Blaisse Likes/Dislikes Types of Materials A. Stained glass, ceramic, wrought ironwork, plaster modeling B. Designed ceramic mosaics using waste pieces (Trencadis) Style of Architecture A. Interior Architecture B. Textile Design C. Urban Architecture D. Landscape Architecture

Architect Presentation

Transcript: Season 1 premiered 2014 500 square feet of living space or less Hosts: John Weisbarth, Zack Giffin Zack Giffin $1.25 Philosophy Tuesday, February 2, 2016 Philosophy & Style What is the Tiny House Movement? “In building, I am inspired by artists who spend their whole lives working, yet seek no external recognition other than the satisfaction of the work, and a good life for their family.” -Zack Giffin Tiny House Nation No solidified style—molds to customer's wants and needs “I believe the act of building Tiny Houses approaches so many topics that the world needs to address...By building small homes we unavoidably start conversations about broader subjects like 'How can we sustain the current path of living standards in a changing world,' 'how do we want to spend our time on this planet' and the big one–' what is it that really makes us happy.' By starting conversations we get to influence people’s behaviors without shouting opinions and pontificating. It is a very powerful form of activism.” -Zack Giffin Influence Style Vol XCIII, No. 311 Debt free Environmentally friendly Time outdoors Limited technology Family time Travel Reasons for Purchasing Zack Giffin: Asset to Tiny House Movement Increasingly popular movement in America Majorly downsizing homes 4-5 television shows featuring tiny houses 36 Two brothers Skier Active from 2013-present Builder on Tiny House Nation Built his own tiny house (112 square feet) Traveled more than 20,000 miles with his tiny house Travels and builds tiny houses all over the United States

architect presentation

Transcript: Presented by Jose Guevara The code for the first topic. A1 Can a architect help or change the world? Intro SUBTOPIC 1 Claims My 3 claims are... I am good at math I rather build a extraordinary sculpture for people to be amazed. And am willingly able to do blue prints because i like doing it. The code for the second topic. A2 Claim 1 To begin with, I am good at math. The code for the topic. A Evidence According to Use, “Mathematics is used by architects to express the design images on a drawing that can then be used by construction. Mathematics is needed to analyze and calculate structural problems. The code for the topic. A This evidence proves my claim to be true because architects use math making buildings by making images and shapes. Also, math is used to analyze and make problems better and be fixed. And I am able to do this because since I was little I understood l math really good and I still do and this can help me in this job for math problems. Support and explanation The code for the topic. A Evidence In you have to know all kinds of maths like algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Also, I have an A in math which is good for me and is good for being an architect. The code for the topic. A Support This proves that use math in blueprints, constructing, and designing the buildings. Also, using math will help me in the real world too in all kinds of stuff. Math applies to me a lot because it will help me in math problems and solving equations. The code for the topic. A Closing statement As you can see, you use math in architecture mostly all the time for buildings. The code for the third topic. A3 To continue, The best job for me is an architect because I rather build an extraordinary sculpture than a random building Claim 2 The code for the topic. A Evidence According to, it says that in NYC the Times square place is really popular because of show,news, also attractive sculptures and buildings. And just buildings are not that popular at all. But some buildings like the Willis tower is very popular not just because how it looks but the attraction there that is the Sky-deck attraction over 53.1 million people tour the place just in 2016. The code for the topic. A Support/Explain This evidence proves my claim to be true because… People rather look at a phenomenal attraction than a random building even in a big city like Chicago. Also, these facts help my claim by telling that building an attraction would be more worth it than random building because the company that is using that place will make more profit because of more popularity. The code for the topic. A Evidence According to WT it says “The World Trade Centers Association stimulates trade and investment opportunities for commercial property developers, economic development agencies, and international businesses looking to connect globally and prosper locally.” The code for the topic. A Support This means architects can help the US by designing the world trade center building so it can work right for the economy of the US also the international businesses. So architects not only help the company but help the whole world and the country its self. The code for the topic. A Closing statement As you can see, architects are really good for everything because of a certain building that they designed can change the country or world with the purpose of the companies idea. The code for the fourth topic. Thirdly, The best job for me is an architect because I like making blueprints and I am willing to do it for the job because it is very hard. Claim 3 The code for the topic. A According to Art , says Architectural renderings have the most value when they are the original drawings made for the purposes of a building's construction. Conceptual drawings made for the person or persons responsible for a building's construction also have premium value, especially when they were used as the basis for the building. “ Evidence The code for the topic. A Support/Explain: This evidence proves my claim to be true because blueprints or renderings are very important in architecture because this is the map of the building and foundation of the building which is the most important for the building to stand in all weather storms or resist it. The code for the topic. A Evidence According to Jeannette it says “Generally, a major remodel or new home plans can take 8 to 10 months to design, draft, coordinate through necessary consultants from when we receive drawings from our field measure consultant to submittable to the building/planning department. Sometimes it's less, sometimes it takes longer.” The code for the topic. A So making blueprints is very hard but I ] am willing to do it because it is my job and I need to do it for a profit and to live. Also, in making blueprints you need to have drawing skills and math skills and I am decent in both but better in math Support The code for the topic. A To sum it up,

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