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Transcript: What is the story about? a boy trying to record a samullori concert a ticket Mr.Kim hits the drum very quickly, and Ethan sees him. Watch the Video Clip 3.When Ethan goes to the concert again, he will take Free Download : Stealing 2. Samullori is a kind of traditional Korean Music. Ethan`s friends want to enjoy a video of the concert online. Can you guess? steal video musician Where is Ethan now? musician 4. We can record a movie or concert in the theater. 2. A boy makes a to put online. When he takes the music this way, he does not respect the artist`s work. his friends on the Internet. What does Ethan watch there? 1. Ethan watches Mr. Kim`s hands fly over his drum. reward Unit Schema Your friends are wrong to watch an online video. They should come here. What do you see? 1. People cannot watch a movie or concert on the Internet. 5. It is wrong to download a movie or music from the Internet for free. fill Ethan watches Mr. Kim`s hands fly over his drum. 1. People invite their friends to the concert. They enjoy it. The sound s the concert hall. recording Ethan is in the concert hall. 3. Samulnori Where should Ethan`s friends watch the concert? 1. To watch a samullori concert, we should buy 3. We cannot take someone`s idea because we cannot see it. 2. Your friends should not play online. They should come here for the concert. Ethan`s friends should watch the concert in the concert hall. What do we need? s play in front of many people. They work hard and enjoy the reward of their work. Why does Ethan want to record the concert? 2. Ethan should not upload the

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Transcript: These new type of shoes are already cool but they also have a few extra things including embellishments you can buy and interchange. Shoe for Tech. Ed. This shoe helps buy fitting the shoe to the exact shoe size of the buyer. Most of the time people aren't the exact shoe size as the shoes sold in stores. Now you can get the right size. Since it is a piece of fabric you an reset the shoe and form it again. The fabrics come in different amounts for children, teens, and adults. Add-On's Instructuions First, you must download the app on the back of the QR code card that came in the box. This must be done in order to form your new shoes. Piece of colored fabric Qr code card Instrutions To this!!! Fabric,d.eWE&psig=AFQjCNHH14ad4s2VjAeivDVg6cWvmkT8Tg&ust=1458311662089444 Possible Marketing Prices It goes from this... Final Shoe Download the app How it helps To this.. Adult--- $50.99 Teen--- $40.99 Children--- $35.99 Box contents Cites Cites 1. Buy the box 2. Download the app 3. Take the Quiz 4. Select the button "start forming" 5. Lay your foot on the middle of the fabric in the foot stencil 6. wait until your phone says done 7. Enjoy your new shoe,d.eWE&psig=AFQjCNHej4wWpUNMUHDFsfIHMsMkPTOfuA&ust=1458311748650889

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