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Annual Financial Report Presentation Template

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Annual Report Presentation

Transcript: Yes, I would invest in this company. I have used, and been impressed by its products and believe it has a solid business model. •Packbot – Versatile military robot •SUGV – Back pack robot (carries items) •1KA – underwater robot •110 – lightweight recon For their home consumers the company plans to keep innovating new robots that are useful in a broad range of every day applications, while also constantly improving existing products Trend/Comparative Analysis: With likely military budget cuts happening in 2013 It is possible to lose contracts. Future Plans: Verdict: Risk Factors Government Products: THE END Government/Industrial Annual Report Analysis of iRobot inc. Yes. I would loan iRobot money simply because they have consistently payed off their liabilties. Lack of Capital and Size and Brand: Current Ratio: 3.34 Profit Margin: 0.09 Return on assets: 0.14 Debt ratio: 0.27 Days in Sales Inventory: 41.51 Patent Infringement: Products This is always a threat when your in the business of manufacturing complex and creative products that have many different parts and components. “ the company cannot provide assurance that our products will continue to compete favorably.” Creating a universal system software for all their products fosters long term improvement across all products, and lays the ground work for new products to easily enter new markets. CPA Opinion Cons: Rush of new competitors Brand is still new On the bubble Government Consumer Products: Financial Info: Corporate headquarters: 8 Crosby Drive, Redford, Massachusetts 01730 CEO: Colin M. Angle, age 45 Co-founded iRobot in 1990, and has been the CEO since that time Invest? Home Consumers find more ways to effectively move human beings away from hazardous situations and replace them with efficient and autonomous robots. CPA firm: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP is the independent registered public accounting firm that iRobot uses. This CPA firm had a qualified conclusion that both the financial statements were represented fairly, and also they stated that iRobot had effective internal controls in the same report. Pros: Leader of industry Building brand name Plenty of room for growth Financial numbers improving Govenment •Roomba – floor vacuuming robot •Scooba – floor washing robot •Vero – pool cleaning robot •Looj – gutter cleaner robot Loan? Government Contracts: Would I Loan and Invest? The General info: Electronics/Software: Sony, Samsung, LG, Google, Microsoft Cleaning/Powertools: Dyson, Craftsman, GE Industrial Manufactures Military Contractors Competitors: By Nolan Podbielski Yes. No. Maybe so. Standardized Software Ratios:

Annual Financial Report

Transcript: Total Church Receipts Expenditure Goal Our recommended giving goal for 2015 is $464,513, which is $4,067 (just under 1%) higher than our actual 2014 giving. Special Givings Annual Financial Report Finance Committee meets monthly to monitor progress against our financial plan, making adjustments as required. We will communicate and promote PAR (Pre Authorized Remittance), including a new brochure, with the objective to increase utilization of this valuable program. Provide monthly and quarterly reporting of "Giving vs. Plan" Develop and communicate a strategy and plan for the Special Givings campaign. Working with HR, assess and fill the Treasurer position that is currently filled in the interim by David Clayton. Mortgage Balance Total Church Receipts for 2014 were $469,155, including building rental income. KPC Finance Committee 2015 Expenditures and Deficit KPC Finance Committee 2015 Total Church Giving of $460,446 was down quite a bit from 2013 giving of $497,070 and fell significantly short of our goal of $524,521. Our mortgage principal balance, as of December 31, 2014, is $155,541. Our 2015 expenditure goal of $622,013 includes a significant Capital expenditure, directed at parking lot improvements. Members of the Finance Committee: David Clayton Laurie Timms Sally Witty Stephan Paille Les Ferrier Dennis Giesbrecht (chair) John Fletcher (Session rep) (past members in 2014 - Elaine Taylor, Ralph Neil and Peter Stark) Thank you - please approach us and ask questions We are planning for a Special Giving campaign for Capital improvements. Total Church Giving Key Areas with Lower Expenses Our expenditures of $472,182 were significantly lower than budgeted. This resulted in a small operating deficit for the year of $3,027. 2015 Budget

Annual Report Presentation

Transcript: How do we Budget For Growth? By Facing our Challenges. Communication Volunteerism Time Consumerism Style Theology Others Mowing and Maintenance Contracted in 2014 (Paid With Designated Account) Snow Shoveling Contracted in 2014 (Paid With Designated Account) Top of the Peak Landscaping Contract Ends in May 2015 IN 2015 Extending our Snow Shoveling Contract Moving to hire or expand our sexton hours to pay an individual to: Mow (Canceling Mowing Contract) If funding is available due to growth sexton may also: Facilitate Sunday Morning Coffee Hour Set-Up / Clean-Up for some events Perform Minor Maintenance Outreach 30,000 to 20,000 Regional Pledge 13,400 to 5,000 WHY? Communication Coffee Hour Snow Shoveling Additional Things We Want to Fund with the Budget but Can't Nave Renovations Office and Business Expenses Clergy and Staff Expenses The Challenges We Face in Our Culture Different Beliefs Apathy Ignorance / Prejudice Generational Communication Volunteerism Time Consumerism Style Theology Others Are Their Ways to Meet our Challenges Outside of the Budget? Study and Learn to Live as Godly People Challenges Where we have had to Cut Rector's Annual Report Shifting Demographics Love one Another Set-Up and Clean up HVAC Contracts Reorganized Staff What is the Purpose of the Church? Funding is from the Capitol Improvements designated account NOT from the budget. Emails Social Media Standard Increasing Cost of Services Where we have been able to save 23K or 5% behind plan in pledge income in 2014 Mowing and Maintenance Pray Enhance Worship Create a more functional space Increase liturgical meaning and symbolism Gives Glory to God Touches on Consumerism, Style, and Theology Grow Increase Giving Giving potential of our area is unlikely to change. Online Electronic Giving Worship Help Each Other Additional Programs Designed to Create Growth. (Little or No Budget) Stephen Ministry Leader Training Ministry to the Air Force Academy Financial Organization Seminar Spiritual Stewardship Young Family Programing The Good News! St. Micheal's is a GREAT parish. We have the means to offer excellent programs that are attracting new members and families. We have the means to adapt to manage the challenges before us. We are poised for growth. Newsletters Share the Gospel of Christ Choir Section Leaders Additional Musicians More Funding for Young Families A Third Worship Service A Parish Van Short and Long Term Maintenance Projects Designated Accounts Outside Funding Other 2015 Budget Expenses to Consider Younger Population More Young Families Plenty of Visitors Less Giving Potential Less Volunteerism Different Needs Different way of Communicating Youth Programs How do solve the issues of giving and volunteering? Volunteerism Participate in the Sacraments Electronic Communications To Draw People to the Love of God. Kiosk and Online Sign Up


Transcript: BB APARTMENT To adjust the miscellaneous income still unearned. Land Accumulated Depreciation - Equipment (7) Unearned Miscellaneous Income 31 Allowance for Bad Debts BB APARTMENT 7,000.00 Accounts 25,000.00 15,000.00 10,500.00 25,000.00 2,100.00 37,100.00 November 31, 2014 December 2014 To adjust the used portion of the fixed asset. 20,000.00 5,000.00 2,100.00 200,000.00 Miscellaneous Income B. Bridges, Capital Totals (3) To adjust the office supplies still on hand. Building 35,000.00 15,000.00 Notes Receivable 1,500.00 9,250.00 Depreciation Expense - Building 5,000.00 Debit 2,000.00 Date 250.00 Depreciation Expense - Equipment 400.00 Allowance for Bad Debts 29,500.00 5,000.00 4,500.00 (5) 400.00 5,000.00 To adjust the accrued amount. Utilities Expense Notes Payable Dec. Interest Receivable Credit 2,000.00 17,000.00 Miscellaneous Income of Wages Expense Depreciation Expense-Building 7,000.00 To adjust the used portion of the fixed asset. Interest Expense Interest Income 1,500.00 500,000.00 Office Supplies 910,250.00 7,000.00 Unearned Miscellaneous Income Accounts Payable Bad Debts Expense (6) B. Bridges, Drawing Rent Income To adjust the increased allowance in bad debts. 20,000.00 (1) Office Supplies Expense 5,000.00 2,000.00 employees. ADJUSTING ENTRIES Bad Debt Expense 1,500.00 (2) Description ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT 400.00 7,500.00 Telephone Expense 25,000.00 Office Supplies Expense Interest Payable Debit To adjust the accrued amount worth P 350 per day for three days of two Trial Balance Wages Payable Office Supplies Wages Expense Cash Accumulated Depreciation - Equipment Interest Expense Depreciation Expense-Equipment 105,000.00 1,500.00 Interest Income Equipment BB APARTMENT Accumulated Depreciation - Building 2,900.00 Interest Payable Accounts Receivable General Journal To adjust an interest accrued on the notes receivable. Accumulated Depreciation - Building 2,100.00 Wages Payable (4) Interest Receivable 910,250.00 2014 540,000.00 2,500.00 Credit 5,000.00 200,000.00


Transcript: OUR PRODUCT MARKETING AND SALES STRATEGIES FINANCE HIGHLIGHTS SINENSIS is offering a product by the name ALCANE 1. Coastal Clean-up (ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM) MARKETING AND SALES STRATEGIES CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 3. • Personal Selling CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY WHY DO I DESERVE TO BE THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF THE YEAR? OUR PRODUCT 2. Publicity and Fund Raising Activities MARKETING AND SALES STRATEGIES 2. Community Merienda (PROGRAM FOR PEOPLE) SINENSIS is a Junior Achievement Mini-Company established by 32 Business Administration students of St. Dominic College of Asia. SINENSIS, A JA MINI-COMPANY CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY MARKETING AND SALES STRATEGIES COMPANY PROFILE AlCane has two sizes; 250 grams and 500 grams pack which costs P200 and P300 respectively. FINANCE HIGHLIGHTS ANNUAL REPORT PRESENTATION 1. Product selling to coffee shops around Cavite SINENSIS, A JA MINI-COMPANY END OF PRESENTATION FINANCE HIGHLIGHTS 4. • Online Marketing AlCane is made from natural sugar cane and undergoes alkalization process which makes sugar healthy and effective We obtained our product directly from Engr. Glen Castillo, a multi-awarded Filipino Inventor. MARKETING AND SALES STRATEGIES TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY FINANCE HIGHLIGHTS Our product is deemed to help those people who suffer from diabetes, cancer, pancreatic failure and other diseases, by using the process of alkalization which lowers the acidity in sugar and makes it less harmful

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