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Aero Space And Defense Background For Presentation

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Aero Space Egineering

Transcript: Job Description ME Salaries Conclusion From Top 5 most common areas of aerospace engineering Aerospace Engineering requires knowledge of advanced sciences and maths Includes classes such as general engineering principles, propulsion, stability and control, structures, mechanics, and aerodynamics Their main role is to improve flight safety, fuel efficiency, decreasing costs, and increasing speed More advanced level of this engineering require a 5 year program resulting in a masters degree Involves at least 4 years of college and qualification tests Aerospace Engineering Entry-level aerospace engineers need a bachelor's degree in Aerospace engineering or aerodynamic engineering Aerospace engineers apply scientific and technological principles to research, design, develop, and maintain air crafts satellites and space vehicles. Aerospace Engineering Passing score on Fundamentals of engineering, taken after given Bachelor degree and Professional Engineering exam after Masters degree Federal government national-defense research $110,860 Scientific research and development services 109,740 Laboratory research Navigational, measuring, electromedical, and control instruments manufacturing- Space shuttle work 107,510 Architectural, engineering, and related services 102,720 Aerospace product and parts manufacturing 97,560 These engineers need to be creative, always making new designs and good with math creating new equations measuring speed Requirements of Aerospace engineering Many engineers are taken to space stations for maintenance reasons... That would be pretty sweet

Aero space

Transcript: Some of Aerospace engineers responsibilities are supervising the assembly of airframes and the installation of engines,instruments,and other equipment.Modify designs to improve safety features or minimize fuel consumption and pollution.INVESTIGATING AIRCRAFT ACCIDENTS. Engineers direct and coordinate the design,test of aircraft,manufacture,,and Aerospace products.Engineers also determine if proposed projects will result in safe aircraft and parts.They ensure that projects meet quality standards. AeroSpace The current salary of Aerospace engineers The Working conditions of an Aerospace engineer KIND OF EDUCATION TO BE AN AEROSPACE ENGINEER i would not like to be an aerospace engineer because i want to play major league baseball when i grow up. type of work Aerospace engineers perform aerospace engineers need bachelor's degree,graduate degree,and a CERTIFICATION.IN HIGH SCHOOL THEY HAD TO TAKE PRE CLASSES SUCH AS ADVANCED MATH,A BACKground in physics,chemisrty,and biology. the end Would I like to be an Aerospace engineer DEMAND AEROSPACE engineer JOB IN THE FUTURE In Alabama the current salary of Aerospace engineers sense January 29,2016 is ranged from $60,368-$71,453 not including bonus. the working conditions of an aerospace engineers is they are employed in industries whose workers design or build aircraft,missiles,and aircraft.Aerospace engineers are primarily employed in Manufacturing research and development,analysis and design and the federal government Aerospace engineers job responsibles the demand of an aerospace engineer job is a 10-year growth 7%.employment of aerospace engineers is projected to decline 2 percent from 2014-2024.aircraft6s are being resigned to cut down noise pollution and to raise fuel efficiency,which will help sustain demand for research and development

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