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Transcript: Don Haskins: "The Bear" Haskins took over the UTEP program for the 1961-62 season. His first Miner squad notched an 18-6 record. His second UTEP team posted a 19-7 mark during the 1962-63 campaign and made the first of Haskins' 14 NCAA Tournament appearances. Haskins, who was nicknamed “The Bear,” was the head coach at UTEP from 1961-99, leading the Miners to 719 wins, as well as a national title (1966), 14 NCAA Tournament appearances and seven Western Athletic Conference championships. The Miners captured the NCAA title on March 19, 1966, shocking heavily favored Kentucky, 72-65, for the championship. That year Haskins became the first coach ever to start a lineup of five black players at the major college level. The achievement was documented in the 2006 motion picture Glory Road. Don Haskins was known as a man who did not see color. In the press conference after winning the 1966 National Championship he said " "I really didn't think about starting five black guys. I just wanted to put my five best guys on the court, I just wanted to win that game." This quote shows the the type of person Don Haskins was. He was a person who did not see race and wanted to win at all costs. Haskins, who announced his retirement on Aug. 24, 1999, ranks 19th among all-time Division I men’s basketball head coaches with 719 victories. Don Haskins one of the greatest coaches in college basketball history passed away on Sunday September 7, 2008. He was 78. Texas El-Paso 1965-1966 Men's Basketball Team Don Haskins took over the University of Texas El-Paso (UTEP) men's basketball program in 1961 The motion picture was released on January 13th, 2006. Glory starred Josh Lucas (Don Haskins) and Derek Luke as Bobby Joe Hill. On March 19, 1966 Haskins led the Miners to their first NCAA Title shocking heavily favored Kentucky. That year Haskins became the first head coach to start an all African American line-up. It was documented in a motion-picture named Glory Road. Don Haskins was inducted into the Naismath Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame on September 29, 1997 and the Jim Thorpe Association Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame on August 9, 1997 in Oklahoma City.

5 Minute presentation

Transcript: A Review on Cinematographers Roger A. Deakins & Rachel Morrison Emma Bernstein Let's Get Started Roger was born the year 1949 in Devon England. He attended both the Barth Art College and National Film school. Before getting into cinematagraphy his focus was still photography. Roger A. Deakins- The Beginning 1971 "The Take-off. Roger A. Deakins Rachel Morrison was born the year 1978 in Massachusetts, USA. In a 2019 interview with Rolling Stone, she said her love of the camera and story telling started around age 4. She attended both the Tisch School of Arts at NYU and the American Film Institute. Early on in her career she worked on short films. Rachel Morrison- The Beginning Roger A. Deakin's Cinematography Roger's Style His first film was a documentary called Welcome to Britain which was relaesed in 1975. Since then he has worked as a director of photography on 88 different film and TV production. Deakins film history is one that is very broad- he has shot movies of many genres and for that reason he is a very versitile cinematographer. "Cinematography is not about creating beautiful shots, its about creating a film that is beautiful throghout."- Roger A. Deakis Morrison's Cinematography Rachel's Style Morrison's first short film was called Alchimie which was released in 2002. Since then she has worked as a director of photography on 52 different film and TV productions. She has stuck to her indie film roots, which lands a good majority of her films in dramas. Her work is really focused on the human condition and getting the story to shine. "I believe in the story above all else and am most inspired when I am out of my element."- Rachel Morrison Roger A. Deakin's Contribution to the Industry Deakin's Achivements & Contributions Roger Deakins is an outstanding cinematographer that has been nominated for countless awards in his respective industry. He has won two Oscars in Best Achievement in Cinematography for his work in 1917 (2019) and Blade Runner 2047 (2017). His ultimate goal of creating a world for each film and veiwing the film as a whole rather than indiviual shots, has created his work in high demand among directors. Picture is from Blade Runner 2047 (2017) Rachel Morrison's contribution to the Industry Morrison's Achivements and Contributions Rachel Morrison is breaking barriers for women in film making. She was the first ever woman to be nominated for an Oscar in Best Achievment in Cinematography for her work in the film MudBound(2017) . She also was nominated for a Primetime Emmy in Outstanding Cinematography in the Netflix documentary called What Happened, Miss Simone(2015). But above all that, Morrison is representing women in a male dominated profession and doing it so well! Mudbound (2017) Work Cited Works Cited & Conclusion AlterCine. The BEST Cinematography Advice From Roger Deakins (His Philosophy of Cinematography). YouTube, YouTube, 18 Jan. 2021, Accessed 15 Oct. 2023. Deakins, James. “Roger A. Deakins - Filmography.” Roger Deakins, 31 May 2015, Desowitz, Bill. “‘Mudbound’: Rachel Morrison’s Cinematography Could Change Oscar History.” IndieWire, IndieWire, 17 Jan. 2018, Fetterman, Peter. “Roger A. Deakins - Biography.” Peter Fetterman Gallery, 2017, Rachel Morrison, 2023, “Roger Deakins | Cinematographer, Camera and Electrical Department, Additional Crew.” IMDb,, Accessed 15 Oct. 2023.

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