Prezi Video for Google Drive

Create and share engaging videos directly in Google Suite

Add to Google Drive

Works on Mac, Windows, Chrome



Meet just a few of the teams that use Prezi


Give crystal-clear assignments and expectations

Get creative! Create and share your videos directly in Google Drive, use Google Classroom to assign projects and post discussion topics, or present live in a Google Meet video conference.


It’s easy to make engaging videos your students will love

Prezi Video shows you right alongside your teaching visuals as you present them, letting you keep that vital human connection in online and blended learning. Just install it from the G Suite Marketplace and it’ll be waiting for you in your Google Drive, ready to use.

Create a video they can watch beforehand

Flip your classroom by sharing a video of the day’s lesson in advance, so students come prepared to get the most from your time together.

Give crystal-clear assignments and expectations

Help students succeed by outlining clear directions, due dates, and grading criteria in a short video they can view as often as needed.

Help them prepare with a visual test review

Give them a valuable visual boost that helps solidify key concepts, plus offer tips for studying and test-taking as you approach exam time.

Encourage them to make their own videos

Ask them to synthesize their learnings by combining words and visuals using Prezi Video, then share and discuss with their classmates.


No matter where you are, Prezi Video brings you closer to your students

Start creating videos

Works on Mac, Windows, Chrome


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I start using Prezi Video with Google Suite?

To start creating and sharing videos in Google Drive, add Prezi Video to your Drive from the Google App Marketplace. Log in to your Prezi account, or create one with your existing Google account — it’s free and easy. Now you’re ready to start creating videos!


How do I share my video in Google Classroom?

After finalizing your video, simply click the Share to Google Classroom button on the right side of the Video Admin page. Choose the class and type of learning material you'd like to make, then add a description and assign it to your class. To learn more about the feature, check out this article in our Knowledge Base. In addition to the Video Admin page, you can also share your video directly from its view page.


How do I share my video presentation live in Google Meet?

You can easily live stream from Prezi Video when video conferencing in Google Meet. Simply connect the Prezi Video desktop app to Google Meet and you’re good to go. To learn more, please read this article in our Knowledge Base.


Can I add the images and videos I already have in my Google Drive to my videos?

Yes — with Prezi Video, you can upload your own images from Google Drive. For more info, please go here.


How can I open a Prezi video that was shared with me via Google Drive?

In order to watch the Prezi videos others share with you via Google Drive, just make sure you have the integration installed in your Drive.


Can I install the Prezi Video integration for my whole company or class?

As an administrator of a company or class, you can also install the integration for your entire group at once so that everyone can create and view videos via Google Drive. Simply choose Domain Install instead of Individual Install when adding Prezi Video to Google Drive for your organization.