Presenting the end of dull presentations

Boring presentations are a thing of the past. Literally. Say goodnight to the slide software of yesteryear and wake up your audience with Prezi.


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The best presentations are conversations

Only Prezi’s unique format allows true conversational presenting, the ability to adapt your presentation on the fly to focus on your audience’s interests.

Research proves Prezi works better

A recent study by top university researchers found Prezi to be more engaging, more persuasive, and more effective than PowerPoint. See the study.

Prezi makes your data dazzle

Tell the stories behind the numbers with beautiful charts, infographics, maps, and diagrams you can include in presentations or share on their own.  


More ways Prezi makes you a great presenter


Know who’s viewing, what they’re interested in, and how to target your follow-up.


Cloud-based collaboration and commenting means you’re always on the same page.


Travel the world knowing your presentations are always at your fingertips, even offline.

It’s time to reach the Next level of presenting