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Big Fish Presentations is the presentation arm of the agency ThreeSixtyEight. Our mission is to rid the world of boring presentations.

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In 2011, two college students prepared to watch a Fortune executive speak to a large group of students. What followed, was the worst presentation either of them have ever seen. Gus Murillo and Kenny Nguyen decided to create a company that would stop brands and speakers from boring their audiences across the world. Big Fish Presentations is a full service presentation company that has worked with brands like: TED Global, Paramount Pictures, GE, Centurylink, Pepsi and NASA. Our presentation philosophy is broken down into content, design, and delivery, and we believe all three are needed to deliver an engaging presentation experience. Our services include storytelling, scripting, presentation design, Prezi design, animation, speaker coaching, and conference production.


ThreeSixtyEight created a presentation for an annual advertising effort. Based on previous versions and video footage, along with multiple drafts, they honed the messaging and graphic look.

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Big Ten Network Sports Media Group


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