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Connect with your prospects on a whole new level with personalized video emails powered by Prezi Video. Prezi Video shows your content next to you on screen, meaning you’re never blocked from view and can create more engaging videos that turn email prospects into interested and motivated customers.

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Nowadays, more people are connecting with teams and customers asynchronously through email and collaboration tools. This saves everyone a lot of time out of meetings, but lacks a sense of community and teamwork that people get when they work together. Next time, instead of sending another email update to your team, create and record a video in Prezi, then share it with your team through email or messaging apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack. Not only will it give them a better sense of your personality, your video will be more attention-grabbing and memorable than an email.

Personal introductions in an online setting
Personal introductions in an online setting

Prezi Video allows you to show your name, title, and business like a name tag at the bottom of the screen. Your customers instantly can see who you are and have that visual reminder throughout the rest of your video.

Consistent branding on every video email
Consistent branding on every video email

When you set up your brand kit in Prezi, everyone on your team gets quick access to your business’ colors, fonts, and logos and can efficiently create on-brand videos every time. You can set up multiple brand kits – one for your brand and more for your customers so you can build on-brand content for them in a flash, too.

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How to make video emails with Prezi
How to make video emails with Prezi
  1. Create a Prezi account and open Prezi Video in your dashboard.
  2. To create a video in Prezi Video, you can choose to make a quick record or get started with any of our professionally-designed video templates.
  3. Upload your own images, GIFs, and videos, or select free visuals from our Unsplash and Giphy right in Prezi.
  4. Add your presenter notes to write down main ideas or speaking points.
  5. Once you’re done with adding your content, you can practice and get ready to record your video.
  6. When you're finished, you can trim the video, add a description, edit the transcript, choose the thumbnail, adjust privacy settings, and share your video through email in any form that's best for you.

Create a video email with Prezi



Find the perfect template for your video email

Create a video that’s both engaging and memorable by getting started with a pre-designed template. Choose from one of our professionally-designed video templates, then customize the content with your own data and brand style.



More features that make video emails with Prezi great


You’re in the driver’s seat

License management
Add or remove team members, and transfer licenses with ease.

Content ownership
Keep control of your team’s content, even when someone leaves.

Privacy control
Publishing settings and overviews let you manage who sees what.

MSI Installation
Remote software deployment gets everyone the latest versions fast.

We’re your biggest supporters

Phone and chat support
Our customer support experts are standing by to help.

Dedicated success manager
Let your personal guide get your team up and running.

Branded templates
Get your own template with your fonts, logo, and colors.

Advanced training*
Get personalized trainings and webinars, plus the option to get Prezi-certified.

*Available with software commitment minimum

Your security is our priority

SOC2 compliance
We stay compliant and constantly up-to-date with SOC2 requirements.

Continuous monitoring
We constantly scan and test our infrastructure and application.

Cross-team integration
Our security, engineering, and product teams partner with each other closely.

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Frequently asked questions


What is a video email?

A video email is a regular email with a video embedded in it. Video emails empower you with a much more personal and engaging way to deliver your message, compared to text-heavy emails.


How are video emails used in sales and marketing?

Video emails can help you connect with customers quickly and on a much more personal basis than before. Incorporate videos into your email prospecting and in follow-ups after webinars or customer interactions.


I’m not in sales or marketing. How can I use video emails at work?

Emailing videos is a great practice if you work asynchronously with your team. You can be just as expressive over video as you would be face-to-face, but you don’t have to go through the trouble of scheduling a meeting. If you want to explain something like a complicated task, provide feedback, or make a company announcement, a video email might work better than a written email or meeting.


How do I email a video with Prezi?

Record your video in Prezi Video, then share it with a link or embed it in an email. You can also download the video and share it that way.


Are my video emails secure with Prezi?

You can choose your privacy settings right after you record your video. “Unlisted” means your video will only be visible to those you share it with, and “public” means it will appear in searches and will be available to anyone. We recommend setting your video to “unlisted” for more security.


Can I send video emails outside my organization?

You’re welcome to email your videos with whomever you like. You don’t have to be on the same Teams plan or in the same organization to watch a Prezi video email.


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Video emails are better with Prezi

Prezi helps you create engaging, stunning video emails that are perfect for sales, marketing, training, or internal communication. See for yourself – discover other cool features when you get a demo or sign up for a free trial.