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A nonprofit presentation needs to be more than just stark data or an earnest ask for funds. If you want to truly reach people, you need to deliver something that makes them feel your cause as strongly as you do.

Whether it’s a grant proposal, an annual report, a strategic plan, or something in between, Prezi’s visually dynamic and conversational approach will help you to grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged.

Check out our free nonprofit presentation templates to help you get started:

Conversational presenting

When you stand up and share one slide after another, there’s no room to create a genuine connection. With a shift in approach, you can easily turn a presentation into a dialogue, giving potential partners the opportunity to ask questions and learn at their own pace.

Visual storytelling

Don’t make your audience read what’s on the screen. Use powerful images to keep the spotlight where it should be: on you illustrating your message. Prezi’s focus on visuals can communicate information faster than a bullet point or a paragraph on a slide.

Remote Presenting*

Communicating with a global audience has never been easier. Spread your message to every corner of the world by creating your own password-protected virtual meeting room. From there, you’ll be able to host an HD remote presentation for anyone, anywhere.

*With Prezi Plus and above


I love using Prezi for our presentations at Healthy Schools International because it really reflects our particular mission and the values and the focus that we have.

Derek Reinhard

Executive Director, Healthy Schools International Inc.

The science of effective presentations

In a double-blind study of Prezi vs. PowerPoint, Prezi was found to be: 

More organized 

More engaging 

More persuasive

More Effective

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