Problem Solved:

Latinas in Tech needed a better way to both stand out when pitching for sponsorships and scale up their annual reports. Find out why they turned to Prezi to help them make a splash.





Meeting the needs of a rapidly growing organization

Latinas in Tech is a non-profit organization that aims to empower Latinas to innovate and lead within the tech industry. It now spans 20 chapters with 20,000 members across six countries, and the org also hosts the largest Latina tech conference in the world. But it didn’t start that way — in 2014, it was simply a meeting between two like-minded professionals.

“I met a Latina who worked at Evernote, and then we started getting together once a month,” says Rocio van Nierop, the co-founder and CEO of Latinas in Tech. “And then we went from 2 to 4 to 8 to 16, and before you knew it, we were filling out restaurants and coffee shops.”

The rapid growth has been exciting and incredible, but has also meant a bigger need for standout (and scalable) content. That’s where Prezi comes in.

Pushing the limits with Prezi

As a former Prezi employee herself, Rocio knows full well just how impactful Prezi can be. “I already know and love Prezi,” states Rocio. “I like the fact that Prezi presentations aren’t linear, so you can go in any order and then reveal the full picture.”

At first, it was only Rocio using Prezi, especially with uncertainty around asking for sponsorship in the early days. But now that Latinas in Tech is well-established, the team is ready to move full steam ahead with more engaging content across all of Prezi’s products. Rocio is using Prezi Video for her virtual keynotes, the team is using Prezi Present for sponsorship perspectives and pitches, and they’re also turning to Prezi Design for their reports.

"We’re at a safer space to innovate, and Prezi allows for more creativity,” adds Rocio. “We’ve already put our entire team on Prezi. "


Driving engagement on a global scale

With members and employees all over the world, Latinas in Tech is now planning to ramp up its use of Prezi for presentations and content. Over the next year, they have multiple sponsorship perspectives, a summit in May, and numerous keynotes.

They’re also using Prezi Design to scale up its reporting as it preps its fifth annual report. Previously, they had been using Illustrator to create all the charts, which was a time-consuming process. Now, though, they can use Prezi Design to create a more templated version of its report — while there’s some up-front work, they can simply copy the design and edit the data moving forward.

Ultimately, Rocio sees a lot of opportunities to use Prezi in new and engaging ways — not only internally, but with the organization’s members as well. “Prezi is really embraced by the Hispanic population,” adds Rocio. “Prezi is a more innovative tool and it’s outside the box, which Latinas in tech really appreciate.”